October Already

Hello again, well October has arrived and with it many places have had flooded roads and rivers are running high to overflowing here in the UK,  as for the last few days its done nothing but rain, rain, rain day and night.. 

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Cleared out the sweet corn and general tidy up The sprouts are now clearly visible standing to attention

 But thankfully before the rain set in last week, we had a wonderful week of sunny warm weather. Which my hubby and I took advantage of as we got stuck into more chores of clearing on the plot.. The sweetcorn came out and we cleared a space ready for the delivery of  manure which we order later this month.  You can see by the picture below just how the lettuce is growing and we have picked quite a few now, and the swedes are also filling out as are the carrots growing which will be weeded out once they get much bigger.

Lettuce on left, Swedes, and carrots, leeks, January Kings Cabbage and Sprouts far right

 We also reaped in our Butternut Squash and have stored around 24 largish Squash so we are very happy with our harvest of these as you see below. 

Butternut Sqaush

I also cleared out the borders on the front garden of the summer flowers which had gone past there best and also took down the hanging baskets and replenished the wall containers with winter pansies and cyclamens..  Which I forgot to take photos of.. Maybe next time..  I planted lots of chrysanthemums in various colours as well as dwarf daffodil bulbs. My intention is to fill the front border with more perennials next year so as to help with lower maintenance of Summer and Autumn planting..  

But there is still lots of colour in the  back garden and these fuchsias were made into standards by my husband are now three years old taken from one plant as cuttings. They have now been moved into the greenhouse as we have a pending forecast of frost for Wednesday..  

Rainbow light from hanging crystal

Since my  husband cleared and cleaned the pond in the spring its done really well, the fish are happy and the waterlily he cut back hard, and its produced many more flowers this year.  I think in total this year we have had nine or ten  blooms in total, where as in other years we have only had a couple. 

Water Lily in our pond.

You may remember a few months back I began knitting an Aran sweater, It got shelved in July when I went on holiday and upon our return we then started decorating our home and then had to catch up with the neglected plot, so this now knitting project has been completed. And I am very happy with its fit.

My hand knitted Aran sweater .

Have you any projects unfinished? Or have you about to start some..  I am being urged by my inner prompting to start painting again now the garden chores  have been caught up with.  So I will leave you with a gallery of some of the flowers still in bloom and the Dahlias are still in wonderful flower until the first frost hits them on the plot. 

 Until Next Time

  Take Care and Enjoy All you Create

Be it in the garden or in arts and crafts. 

💚 ENJOY! 💚



70 thoughts on “October Already

  1. Well done on the sweater; well done on the garden! We are moving in April, so my winter will be filled with projects preparing for the move. Yesterday I cleaned up the garden and cut back berries. Last night it froze for the first time this fall. So much to do and so little time. 🙂

    Wishing you a brilliant October my friend!



    • Thanks Bill, yes I hopped over to see your news, and landed upon your old/new site to be too 🙂 We had a frost last night, ice on car windscreens. You will have your hands full downsizing and preparing for sure… Many thanks Bill for your lovely compliments.. And Hope October is gentle and peaceful your way 🙂


  2. Hello lovely, Sue. Blink and here’s October..now how did that happen!! Your butternut squash and water lily are beautiful and I can see the many hours of work that have gone into your plot and garden. Your Aran jumper is stunning and ‘hats off’ to you. Here’s to many hours we will spend on happy projects. Hugs for you and your hubby. xXx ❤ xXx ❤


    • Yes I have a feeling the rest of the year will vanish in an instant as well Jane.. Many thanks and yes my fingers are itching to paint or pick up a new knitting pattern.. I have lots of wool to choose from… 🙂 In fact I have to now use up the wool I have and stop myself buying anymore wool bargains… lol I will most definitely be passing on your compliments to hubby… Sending Hugs right back and thank You. ❤

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  3. I am always in such awe of your talents Sue. The healthy, beautiful food that you grow from your garden, your knitting and art pieces……….such a pleasure to be able to take a peek into each.


  4. You are a woman of many talents, Sue! I love seeing the flowers and plants in our yard, it is healing to an empathic soul, like myself. Thanks for sharing your garden and sweater, all beautiful creations. Blessings, Lisa xx


  5. Your garden looks so well kept, dear Sue 🙂
    Your flowers are beautiful and nice for you with all the lettuce too.
    I really like your sweater, it might keep you warm in the winter.
    We have had up to 36 C. here in the afternoon. It is just too warm to me.
    Much love to you ❤


  6. I know I have said it before that I am totally amazed by the work your hubby puts in the garden and also your work. Your home garden and the plot are deserving of a magazine entry. I do miss using my creativity in my own garden. This too shall come to pass despite at the moment looking in it will never happen but I have confidence it will. Being in the situation I am in I went to the little supermarket down the street and saw all the fall vegetables coming in and wished I could do some canning again. Anyway, this post isn’t about me lol. You have such creativity and I miss using mine. Looking at all you have harvested from the plot this year minus the thievery it is admirable the yield you have harvested. ❤ Your post are a feast for the soul. I hope you are well and having a great start to the week ❤


    • I will most certainly pass on your kind compliments Joseph, I don’t know about a magazine entry, but we are proud of it for sure, and are enjoying all the harvesting too.. And I would love to hear what foods you have canned over the past years.. Anyhow you are embracing your creative side Joseph with your book!…. How creative is that? lol..
      Many thanks my good friend and you too enjoy the rest of your week … 💚


  7. You have done great Sue, a wonderful crop indeed, garden and craft 😀
    Um, may I have a little of your rain, we’re still in a bad drought over here. You know its bad when even the coastal area grass has died. Water restrictions everywhere as the dams have dropped so badly. Mind you, we have had a couple of wispy showers which brought back a tinge of green but no run off to fill the dams.
    I only need about 20 inches is you have some to spare 😂 😀


    • Bless you Teagan, I am amazed at how fast time is spinning this year, more so even than I think in previous years… And I feel there is more to that also than meets the eye lol… But that is for the Alchemy of thoughts for another day lol..
      I am hoping to put aside some time later this week to read with unbroken interruptions more of your series as I need some Magical Light to uplift the repression going on in the world right now.. So Hugs on wings and I look forward to my long awaited catch up.
      Love and Mega Hugs returned ❤


  8. I love your garden and your flowers, Sue. The water lily is gorgeous! We have already gotten two early frosts…unexpected, really, for they usually come later in October. But my daughter had to rescue some of her veggies from the garden and cover others. But then today the sun came out and she had to uncover them again. I am working on and off on my studio I told you about. I have insulation in, drywall up, tape and mud and am waiting for it to try so I can sand. I had electrical installed so that is much better. Once I get the sanding done I can paint, put in trim and floor. I want to get it done before it gets really cold so I can use it during the Winter months. I do have to pace myself because as good as I might look on the outside, I do have the artificial heart valve and just turned 67yrs old in August. My energy is not what I would like to be due to the blood thinners I must take. But, that said, I am pleased with what I have done thus far. I love your sweater. Nicely done. xoxo


    • Wow Renee that sounds like you have been busy and hard at work kitting out and lining your work cabin. You are remarkable in what you are achieving my friend.. So you should be proud of the energy you have, I know, being two years younger than you it takes effort to sustain.. And I have a healthy heart and take no medication.. So well done you Renee..
      I am delighted you are at last getting the private place to create all ready and will be a cosy bolt hole in winter too…
      Many thanks for your kind compliments Renee… I have to say I too am proud of that sweater… 🙂

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  9. Your garden is a joy to see – you have had a successful year and reaped a good harvest for all your work. That is a beautiful sweater you made. Enjoy the upcoming winter season and enjoy relaxing and painting. Love n hugs to you and your husband

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    • Many thanks Eugenia for saying so… We all of us have those same talents, when we trust in them and try… I remember watching my Gran knit when she taught me when I was a young child.. Never did I think I would be able to achieve a complicated pattern such as this.. But anything is possible when we try.. and that is all I do to anything I give my attention to.. lol… And I am secretly very pleased I managed this pattern lol..
      Much love your way ❤ and Thank you again ❤

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  10. Awesome harvest and fall haverst growth/future harvests! Sorry about the floods – Rain sounds, even in the way you describe, delightful, because after our own ‘bounties’ gifted here, we have quickly descended back into ‘high wind’high fire danger’ – -once more – even after weeks of regular afternoon rains and deluges, following an above average snowfall year – :). Sweater is BE-A-Utiful! Just a plus that it fits ya! :). Touching base and sending loves from Colorado, USA 😀

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    • I would most certainly choose rain than fire any day Tamrah Jo. And yes we are blessed where we live in many ways.. So close to nature, with open countryside and Sherwood Forest ten minutes away. Along with the opportunity to grow our own food on allotment plots..
      I so couldn’t live in a city or in a highrise building.
      Thanks again for your compliments.. My knitting starts in earnest this weekend. As I have given my self a Christmas present project to complete.. It also involves an Aran type pattern. Mega hugs ❤ back

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  11. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photo’s of your garden Sue. October is a beautiful month, here it is still summer but a cold (cool) wave is coming through next week so we will get a taste of fall at least. Such a beautiful article Sue, I love to visit here. Love, Holly ❤

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  12. Wonderful harvest Sue…no better way to eat than growing your own..YOU know exactly whats been used on them 🙂 Beautiful garden as well.. Love the fuschias.. pretty pink 🙂
    Thank goodness the rains have stopped for now.


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