Sowing Seeds.

This is the time when we get busy again with our plots and gardens, as we prepare the ground to plant our seeds and soon we will be planting our  early potatoes at the end of March..

Now I could have shown you rows and rows of seed trays we had set.. We set our pea seeds and I set my Sweetpeas in February. My hubbies peas were just starting to sprout, when we had a little visitor sneak into our allotment plot greenhouse and who merrily nibbled their way through every tray… 

So we have had to both resow again… And I alone set 100 sweetpeas, as I bought lots of different varieties this year… So we had to repurchase and start over… And its amazing how mice will nibble through the harder husk of the peas and take the tender centre and leave the husk on the surface of the compost…. Any how Hubby has found where he/she or them were getting in and so far so good.. But I am not risking my second sowing of sweetpeas being eaten again so they are now on my home window sill.. 

While the weather has been up and down, I have been merrily knitting.. And while it may look at the moment a mixture… I know what I am doing as I make it up as I go along… lol.. 

I know this looks a bit strange at the moment… But it my own made up abstract design.. lol

I just want to leave you with a little bit of Spring that is now starting to bloom, through the wet soggy days.. 

Take care of each other…

And Sow LOVE not Fear my friends… 



65 thoughts on “Sowing Seeds.

  1. It was in the 20’s all last week here, ground frozen solid. I’m afraid the sowing of seeds will have to wait a spell for us. As for sweet peas, they grow wild all around here, but I have never successfully grown them in the garden. But hope springs eternal, my friend.

    Enjoy your garden time. Thanks for giving me something to hope for.


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    • Its a bit strange weather wise Bill.. I woke up in the night, we had a frost, then the wind got up and the frost vanished and we woke to more rain… Sweet peas like plenty of manure… So I put plenty in a trench where I am going to set them once they are big enough.. I then pinch out the two top leaves, this helps them branch out to produce more flowers… 🙂


  2. LOVE YOUR abstract waistcoat my dear friend 🙂 Thank YOU for the BEAUTIFUL Spring cheer 🙂 Hope the sweetpeas will soon be back in the greenhouse once sprouted 🙂 those little mice get everywhere..I’ve even had them nesting in the warm compost bin! lol
    HAPPY Gardening dear Sue 🙂

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    • Seems I have to keep rescuing your comments from the Spam folder here… that is the third comment I have rescued of yours.. If your comments disappear, as the happy engineers to take a look… and you can quote my site as it being sent into spam CT..

      So far the mice have not got back in since hubby blocked up their entrance… Fingers crossed and they didnt eat all thankfully as today I spotted a few of the first set seeds to be sprouting… Thankfully Hubbies Peas he sets in batches so we harvest at different times.. He sows about three weeks apart.. the first lot were already through and in a place they didn’t get in.. Just our second sowing which took a hit…
      Yes Mice will get anywhere… And thank you… Loved having you on the plot CT… ❤

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  3. Good for you to have enough time to resow, when needed Sue. Mice can be tough to new plants. Try to close their access to the new plants, as they remember very well, where they found good food.
    Your Spring flowers are beautiful 😀
    Much love to you ❤

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  4. this is the time of year i miss the plot the most, i love seed sewing and pricking out, makes me happy with all the new life coming on, we have the corona virus just up the road from us so we are being careful..

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  5. Your weather seems similar to our on the west coast of Canada. Little nibbler and its shenanigans. I hope it doesn’t come back. Put it on a checklist to plug every hole for the winter. It is amazing the tiny hole it sneaks into. The spring fever pitch must be hitting and waiting for that warm weather. Lovely spring flowers and they are the same we have been seeing for a couple of weeks. Happy soil preparation. I would love to see your garden and also happy knitting and painting. Most creative. Happy start of the week. Be well my friend and sending you love and healing. ❤

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    • Thank you Joseph…. Yes hubby came home quite put out as only the day before he proudly saw the shoots of his peas finally poking through… But that is gardening often unpredictable… and always swings and roundabouts in we win some and lose some…
      Many thanks my friend.. And you too have a great new week… And may spring bring forth those new shoots of growth not only for our gardens but for mankind as well.. 🙂


  6. Your work in progress looks just fine to me Sue, but I like abstract.
    I hope you get a bumper crop this year without any further pesky incursions!
    Have a great rest of your Sunday.

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  7. Colour and warmth is sprouting dear lady. So sorry to hear of your ‘visitors’ in the green house increasing your work load. If it happens inside on your window sill you will be worried.
    Enjoy the new season Sue, may it blossom in everything 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  8. Today’s weather tends to give us those problems. Unfortunately, things happen like with peas.
    As always, the photos of the flowers are great. As if to tell us that spring is already very close to there.
    The fabric you have made is the best. One more star in your splendid things that come out of your hands.
    My greetings
    A hug

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  9. Fed the wildlife (hope you have local area farm style cats that help keep the ecosystem in balance! LOL or, um…garter/bull snakes? Sigh – I’m not even a snake lover, but don’t mind those two for pest controls! – ) And…the sweater is BEE-A-Utiful!!!! Course, it’s in shades of my fave side of the color wheel – so I’m biased – – :).

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    • Yes we have cats which visit the allotments, as there was a rat population at one time due to hens on plots.. However those particular hens have now been removed by their owner… LOL… And thank you for your LOVE of shades… of my knitting TamrahJo.. You can be bias anytime.. ❤ Special hugs and speak soon.. ❤

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    • Dearest Peggy, I have clicked again your link here and its still connected via your old site.. You may have to go into your picture logo on top of your WP screen on the right upper side of your site.. near the bell.. And look to change it there… once clicked in look in your Account Settings for your site address… 🙂 Hope this is what the problem is.. ❤


    • Thank you Robbie, yes to the mice… but its got positive results means I bought more and so they are now all through and the ones they didn’t eat are also through now.. So I have more than I intended… 😀 My Knitting I completed this morning…. And I am happy with my chunky new jumper.. 🙂

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