Exercise on Lock-down~ Creative Time.

Another Month has gone, and either ‘Time’ is flying for you right now, or it is dragging out… So what are you all doing in your Lock-down time? Have you taken up your artist brushes, or you ladies, sewing or knitting. Or maybe you found some DIY jobs you needed to do if you had the materials in before the lock-down… If you are lucky enough to have a garden have you been busy in it enjoying getting out in it as Spring starts to bloom. 

 Have you been creative??  Have you been bored? Why not give something new a try… 

I felt like creating something different, and found myself painting in aboriginal art form. This is just part of that watercolour painting

Or are you perhaps seeing this time as a time to reflect and put into perspective all our blessings..  Maybe you are volunteering your time helping others, or maybe you need help.  If you do need help, then do not be afraid to reach out to your neighbours, never be too proud to ask.. There are many who are willing to help right now..  I am witnessing some wonderful neighbours within my own community and a band of volunteers are organising through our neighbourhood watch scheme, and its heart warming to see..  What ever you are doing, where ever you are, I hope each and everyone of your are well, and stay well. 

Have you been able to walk the dog, keeping your social distancing? or have you found time to dig your plot and garden and prepare your gardens ready for the growing season?

We keep on Walking.

We count ourselves very fortunate in that our allotment plot is only a five minute walk away, and when we go early in the morning we hardly see anyone or meet anyone. When we do, we respect each others distance and get on with the job in hand of planting our crops..  ( If you right click the photo’s  you can open up to view larger ) 

We have been busy busy, as those of you know this is sowing time.  So In went the potatoes.. Hubby did this in gradual steps, digging two rows each morning, digging out the deep trench mucking/ putting manure it and placing potatoes in.. Covering up… Hard work, and when you are Three score year and ten plus it doesn’t get any easier.. 

Hubby has now put in Nine rows of potatoes. Two early variety is called Foremost, and seven main crop are Picasso.

While Hubby was busy digging in the potatoes, I got stuck in one morning and planted the onions and shallots..  The quality of the photo below is not good.. It was pretty cold that morning, as off came my gardening gloves to click the photo. 

Onions and Shallots setting, I planted Two rows of each and one row of red onions. Which are Turbo, and the shallots are Golden Orbit.

The next morning while the potato rows were growing, two by two πŸ™‚  I set too and planted a row of peas.. Growing in the cold frame. 

First lot of Peas sprouting, It was the second lot which the mice ate..
These are Hurst Green-shaft.
My row of Pea planting.. I would be lost without the kneeler. My knees did take the toll. Hubby later came to the rescue with his rolled up jacket as a cushion on the kneeler.

 These I set in rows of three..  And boy did I know about it with my knees and back.

Once the row was set, Hubby helped me put metal steaks in and we put wire netting either side of them. This is for support when they grow

Peas now in neat rows with wire netting each side to help them grow up and support .

Remember the  sweater I was knitting and making up as I went along with left over yarns.. Well hubby took a photo of me wearing it as the peas we netted and I was raking the footprints we had made… 

Me raking up my messy footprints after the pea row is planted and covered with nets until they get a little bigger to flower… Otherwise pigeons and sparrows love young pea-shoots.

Another morning I put the nets in place along the trellis which was where for years we have grown loganberries.. But as these have not been there best for several years, so we decided to dig them out in the autumn.. And I had a plan to plant sweet peas along the row… Hence my dismay in my last post when the mice got in and nibble their way through them… But my new plants are now growing and in the cold frame. This is where they are going.

I mucked under the trellis work in the beginning of January, and now I put netting up for the sweet-peas flowers to climb up when big enough to plant out.

 The greenhouse on is still full of seedlings, brassica’s and leeks, lettuce etc. 

Seedlings and dahlia tubas. There really isn’t a lot of room.. But some now are out in the cold frame.
My Flower bed in the allotments.. Space for Dahlia’s at the side of the sheds.

Well my friends, that’s all for now Stay safe and well and See you next time.

74 thoughts on “Exercise on Lock-down~ Creative Time.

    • Thank YOU dear Wendi…. How are you my friend? I have yet to visit you in my catch ups… Its hard work this time of year, but we will be smiling come harvest time.. And we planted more this year for sharing with family and neighbours.. πŸ™‚


  1. Your gardens are having loving care and although your knees don’t like you, your plants will adore you. πŸ™‚ I have been working in my studio, reading and today I will write. I am going to try and put here my latest canvas for you to see. I’ve not done this before. xoxo madrone-trees-butterflies-and-waterfall-3.jpg Let me know if you can see it.

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  2. I love your sweater, Sue (it has happy energy) and all your planting. Such hard work and it’s nurturing of you to plant to share with your neighbours too. The neighbourhood schemes that are running are wonderful to see. Potato planting is back-breaking work, so ‘Hat’s Off’ to Hubby too. Thank you for sharing your loving work in nature. ❀ ❀ ❀ My friends are taking bets on how many things I cover with crochet in this time… Much love flowing to you both. ❀ xXx ❀

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    • Thank you Jane.. the picture a bit blurry, but it will suffice.. πŸ™‚ I enjoyed knitting it.. We normally leave excess veggies and tomatoes with neighbours.. But this year we have deliberately planted much more than we need..
      We do expect some to go missing… That was why I was raking our footprints over.. Already heavy boots have been imprinted which are not ours up and down the plot. So people are looking and seeing whats what… It happens every year.. But I guess it will happen all the more as people hit harder times.. And that’s ok… if they need it. and enjoy eating it… So long as they are not too greedy… Like one year ALL our onion row was stripped not just the odd couple.. But that is life…
      Big smiles at your crocheting lol….. One thing Jane… You will be getting down that Wool stash lol… πŸ™‚
      Sending love your way and Thank YOU for your love and your comment… Take care of yourself..
      Much love my friend from us both .. ❀ ❀ ❀

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  3. You two are always so busy. Love seeing your garden. We have not been able to start our garden yet due to rain – the garden is too muddy. This has been a very wet year in Arkansas so far. Last year when we planted potatoes – the rains came and the potatoes rotted. I have been trying to eliminate privet from our yard – a large bush that takes over if not controlled. Have been doing jigsaw puzzles on rainy days. Went for a few short rides. Have been cleaning and de-cluttering the house. Find myself cooking more and making sure my husband gets his blueberry muffins every week. Will be glad when the isolation is over – have not seen my daughter and her family for awhile. Trying hard not to catch or spread this virus.Loved all the photos in your post. Have a good safe week – hugs and love to you.

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    • I can imagine… Thankfully our soil is sandy based and not clogging with clay, or we too would have been mud… The rain and floods in England worst in many years… Many properties of business and homes totally flooded out…. Farm land too… So crops late in the ground if at all planted due to the conditions.. So I feel for you..
      You will have had your work cut out with the privet.. LOL to the cooking more… Not doing my waist line any favours at all as I bake more… Those blueberry Muffins sound delicious ..
      I have been able to ring my granddaughter on using the face to face feature on phones… We like you miss the contact of family..
      Keep safe too Peggy… Look after yourself.. πŸ™‚


  4. Sue,I have had no problem while on lock-down. This is my normal life. I always have writing and chores and walks with the dogs. It’s still a bit too cold for planting here, but a couple more weeks will cure that problem.

    In the meantime,I will just keep on keeping on and try not to annoy my wife too much.

    Hugs and love from Locked-down Olympia! Stay safe and be happy, my friend.

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    • Nothing much has really changed for myself either, we keep ourselves to ourselves most of the time.. You remind me of hubby as his Motto in life has always been to say.. ‘Keep Going”… Luckily.. we have gone past our annoying each other stage… LOL….. When I finally retired nearly six years ago.. Hubby had already retired for two years.. The first year… Well its a wonder murder wasn’t committed… πŸ˜²πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜, as we would drive each other mad being at home all the time…….. lol… We now laugh alot… Banter, make jokes, and take life less seriously… One day at a time…. Thankful for all we have…
      Sending lots of Hugs and love over the ocean from the Middle of England.. Robin Hood country..


  5. What a lovely garden, Sue, and obviously you’ve been busy! We are spring cleaning and even more spring cleaning! I finally finished my third book! We have a new cat and she keeps us entertained. Take care and stay well. 🌸 🌼 🌻 🌞

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    • Wonderful to know you are also spring cleaning…. And Wow to your third book… Congratulations.. And your new cat must bring you so much joy… They are tremendous company and loving… Especially when younger in their games and antics…
      Mine use to have hours of fun in a paper bag and cardboard box… diving into them … Let alone the woollen Yarn balls she would chase … Or dive under the edges of the rug .. Hours of JOY!!!… ENJOY and you too dear Eugenia.. Take care and stay well.. ❀ πŸ’–πŸŒˆπŸ’–

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  6. WOW you have been busy my friend πŸ₯°and isn’t it lovely to have your own produce and even more valuable this year!❀ well done my lovely Sue.. I cant wait to see them all fully grown! YUM! πŸ˜‹
    Thank YOU for leaving me that lovely gift πŸ™‚ πŸ™πŸ»

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    • The time will fly by before we know it… Next week our newly planted second setting peas should be ready to plant into the soil in rows… And its given warmer then so… Already Thursday here and April… Where did March GO???? πŸ˜‰
      Love and Hugs your way CT… πŸ™‚


  7. HI sue, it looks like a lot of hard work but at least you can escape being locked in, we have been in our garden and started sorting out the perenials coming through. I see on the tv tonight that over 500 people have died in the last 24 hrs, we all have to take this seriously otherwise there will be a lot of gaps in a lot of people’s lives..

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    • We are very fortunate.. We should all have the best gardens when this is over, which I doubt any time very soon…
      Yes the virus here has not reached its peak and it is said to get worse before it gets better which is why its important to respect our distances and follow guidelines…
      Take care yourselves Steve.. πŸ™

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  8. Sweet! Your soil and mine now look more alike πŸ˜‰ The former owners of this land left me a sizeable garden, all raised beds, all kitted out with net stretchers to put over the beds. Grateful. Just need more topsoil! Which I will get, once we move here permanently. Have fun! Love! xoxo

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  9. Beautiful painting, dear Sue. And good to see you and hubby keeping busy at the allotment plot. Sow much work. LOL! I would love to move next door to you. I know I’ll never go hungry cos there’s always an abundance of fresh produce. Btw, you look nice in the sweater. Stay safe and healthy, my dear friend,
    Much love and hugs β™₯(Λ†βŒ£Λ†Τ…)

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  10. Your garden is enviable. My gardening buddy is working long hard hours so I am doing all my puttering inside. I start with prayer, breakfast and typical morning routine. Walk on the treadmill with a knitting podcast, start planning dinner. Then I walk dog-dog, prepare lunch and settle in with knitting, tea and maybe a quick snoozle. Then it’s dinner prep and a nice cozy night with my guys. I love my routine. If the sun comes out, I can rake the beds; that is always satisfying.
    Can I just say, your painting is STUNNING!!! I love your style. Do you typically work in the traditional style?


    • Waking up in gratitude is wonderful… We have all so much to be grateful for and its not until our lives come to a cross-roads we suddenly realise our many blessings compared to others..
      Your day sounds as if it has structure and positivism Regina.
      Many thanks for your compliments.. My painting styles vary, from the mood I am in…. I just sit and paint..
      Maybe I will do a post on my garden blog showing some of them…. It may give others in our lockdown time inspiration to dabble with their pen, pencil and artbrush… πŸ™‚ Thank You so very much…
      Happy knitting, gardening and happy Snoozles πŸ™‚ ❀

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  11. It is lovely to read such a happy and positive post, Sue. I am glad to see you so busy with your planting. I am also busy, more so than usual with overseeing the home school as well as work, writing and blogging. It is better this way as times passes quickly.

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  12. Sue, I honestly do not know how you do all this. I don’t. I KNOW what I go through with my gardens. I’m in awe of you and hubby. And no it does not get easier with age …. this I KNOW too. I warned hubby this morning as he got out of bed …. move slowly! (smile) With movement the aches gradually faded and now I’m ready to proceed to another garden, take some shots of my Daffies that are just about ready to open, and perhaps go to the forest today. We’ll see. I only have so much time and so much energy to spare. LOL I applaud what you are doing!

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  13. What a great use of your time during the lockdown. I remember many childhood hours spent in the garden with my mother, digging up potatoes and weeding the flowerbeds. I always had my own little garden corner where I could plant, dig and play with snails as much as I liked.
    Now I’m living in the city, so I don’t have a garden – just a few lovely potted plants. Instead, I’ve been doing some online teaching, setting up my blog and chatting to a lot of friends and family members. Everyone seems much more willing to talk at the moment and I’m getting more calls than usual.


    • Your childhood as I just discovered from a visit to your blog must have been wonderful, and it’s those kind of memories that stay the course when we look back.. I remember being given rides in my Granddads wheelbarrow to his allotments and my love of gardening has been in my blood as I would spend alot of time with my dad on his allotment too…
      I hope you can share the joys of my garden through my eyes this spring..
      I agree with you about communications…. Our neighbours have always been friendly, but now even strangers while distancing will speak and ask how is everyone…
      While there is a lot of negatives if we focus upon them during this time.. I see this as a positive time of change and a real opportunity for people to go within themselves and discover who they are…
      I choose to focus upon the positives… Keep smiling, and thank you Kathrin.. πŸ™‚


  14. Beautiful refreshing post Sue, and some great ideas to keep both the body and mind active, a real necessity at this time, I sense a feeling of stress and depression and resignation starting to appear in the elderly in our community, even I have seen my moods change, enthusiasm seems to be waning. Ana has been knitting profusely, I will do a post on her latest work, its a flower with about five layers of knitting on top of each other depicting stems, petals and the core of the flower, we didn’t know what to do with it so had it beautifully framed, I know you will appreciate it when it’s posted, kind regards to your Hubby and both stay well.


    • It can be a very distressing time for certain individuals.. Hubby and I have always been isolated in away.. Not that we do not get family visiting in normal circumstances etc… But we are quite comfortable in our own space, in our own little world… And we often like our own little bit of solitude, so nothing has really changed except you can no longer go for walks on whim, or a drive into the country… Which we did a lot.. So we are very thankful we have our home garden and our allotment…
      Loved what Anna has done with her knitting projects Ian.. So very clever..
      Sending my hugs to you both Ian. And hope you survived the shopping gauntlet.. Hubby came home on Monday after doing our weekly shop, which he said he wasn’t going to do for at least a fortnight again LOL… πŸ™‚
      Sending Huge Hugs your way Ian and to Anna.. .. πŸ™‚

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  15. The allotment is looking grand Sue πŸ™‚ Everything is so organised and tidy.

    I’ve been lost in my art but attempting to catch up with everyone! Easy when the weather is keeping us indoors a bit more πŸ™‚

    Lots of love from our family to yours x

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    • I can see why you have been lost in your art Mrs TP…. Beautiful drawings…. And like wise, I have been outside mostly, reading in the sunshine, gardening, and taking a break from the computer world for a while… Like you say there will be plenty of rainy days for the computer and our blogs… Much love returned Mrs TP….
      Huge hugs your way ❀ πŸ™πŸ’š

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    • Thank you Regina… I posted this way back in March and was messing around in my Posts Trying to organise and pressed something or other and it said it had reposted, so you may have got an update I don’t know… Lol…. Thank you… I wore my thick Aran jumper again today as it’s turned cooler . Hope all is well with you Regina…. I have not been in my WP as often while the weather has been sunny here in the UK…. Now the days are shortening, I may spend more time on the PC.. πŸ™‚
      Sending Love and Hugs your way ❀


  16. So wonderful to check in with the soil and the garden! I’ve been enjoying walks at chanticleer – a pleasure garden 5 minutes from me. A small voice is urging me to set up a painting station for the winter ahead. We shall see! Stay well my friend πŸ’•


    • That sounds a wonderful idea Val…. This post was accidentally reposted….as I was exploring the new Editor controls.. lol…. We should all keep listening to that still small voice within Val…. Sending love and Hugs dear Val.. ❀


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