Garden Blooms In May.

 Hello my gardening friends. How have you all been?…

Here in Dreamwalker’s Garden, there has plenty to keep us occupied. And the big bonus here in the UK has been the weather has been exceptionally warm and dry over May.  It has meant lots of water carrying too and fro on the plot. But I have enjoyed even that, as we go early in the morning..  And it takes with both of us carrying water about an hour to water completely.. 

If you click the photos they should enlarge in a new window.

Dahlia’s now out of cold frame, waiting to be planted in their permanent position

I will start off with the Dahila’s… We had several over night frosts at the beginning of May and despite us having to move the Dahlia’s into the cold frame as we needed more room in the greenhouse as the Tomatoes were getting ready to pot on, The Frost caught the tops of several of the large plants… But they should bounce back.. 

We have now moved them out of the cold frame into a sheltered position between the raspberries and where I planted the sweet-peas, as hopefully as we near the end of the month fingers crossed we will get no more frosts…  Next week we intend to plant them into their flowering positions.  

Here you can see the Tomatoes and Cucumbers now in place in the Greenhouse

The Strawberries are the new plants we bought last year, They are now getting more established this year and already lots of fruit is forming.

Strawberries forming.. I have since put straw under the plants to help protect the fruit.  


The Peas in stages of growth, so Harvesting them is staggered You can also see the Lupins in Flower.. We planted these all down the side of the plot, as they attract blackfly, and aphids  and I would sooner them eat the flowers than be on my veggies 🙂 

On the Home Garden, I got busy with the paintbrushes and painted the sides of the garage with wood preserver.. We had this Charcoal grey paint left over from the garden fences we did last year.. So I painted the border in the dark corner near the garage as well as sprucing up the fairy doors with a new lick of paint…  And if you wonder how those fairies climb the distance from the ground… They fly of course!!! Silly… 🙂 

Fairy Doors

And last but not least, I made a little video of the garden blooms within my own garden in flower this month of May… 

I Hope you Enjoy and  Happy Gardening as I send Love and well wishes to All… 

80 thoughts on “Garden Blooms In May.

  1. Oh, Sue! What a way to begin my day! You took me away! I laughed out loud when I saw your fairy doors …. how creative and I’m sure those fairies love them! The amount of work you put into what you do, yet it truly is a labor of love. Thank you so much for contributing to the Peace Movement upon this earth. Your light and your efforts are so vital. Much love to you this day! Oh, that video is glorious! Great job!! xo

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  2. Ah – I always love seeing your garden and your yard. Alas the rain is continuing here all week. It has been so hard to get our garden started. Have planted things several times. Something – bugs, rabbits, whatever is eating the plants – so frustrating. Always great to see your photos and enjoy your success in your great yearly garden. Love and hugs to you my good friend.


  3. So beautiful, I love the strawberry plants. My mum has loads, they grow like weeds in her garden!
    I’ve just spent my morning lugging soil home from Wilko’s and re-potting some of my plants that have grown a lot. It’s such an amazing feeling to see the plants flourishing!


    • Wonderful about your mum’s strawberries Kathrin.. Good luck with your repotting your plants they will thank you for it… And yes its rewarding to see things grow and flourish… You should try perhaps growing tomatoes on your window sill.. 🙂 Although its a bit late now for planting seeds.. Did you know you can save the seeds out of your shop bought tasty tomatoes you like… Dry the seeds on kitchen paper.. save and plant them … 🙂 🙂 Many thanks again Kathrin… much love and thanks your way 🙂


  4. Ahh lovely, Sue, just the respite I needed today. Thank you. ❤ I love your fairy doors and your blooms video. I am sending you both much <3, always and wishing you soothing for your tired arms from all the water carrying. ❤ ❤ Lovelies ❤ xXx


    • Thank you Jane, just what I needed… You should see my biceps LOL….. 🙂 carrying two, two gallon watering cans at a time… I should be fit to drop any time soon… LOL… 🙂 hehee… Sending LOVE and see you when you are all settled.. in June.. ❤ Hugs ❤

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            • I walk on the lawn in bare feet. It’s a delight to watch the trees and listen to the birds sing their joy. I sit and soak it up between scrubbing and unpacking. Ohhh Sue, today I rested and took a book outside to read in the shade, as my washing blew in the sunshine. I feel like I have woken up in a different life. Much love flowing to you both, always. Xxxx 😘 💗 😍 💗

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            • Just WONDERFUL Jane…. just how I spend my days .. Its been glorious weather… And today we get a day off from watering… Oh JOY… LOL… 🌦☔ So guess where I am… LOL…. 🙂 So happy for you Jane…. May your different Life continue Jane.. ❤ 🙂 Much love to you from us Both ❤ ❤ ❤


            • Thank you, my love. Bet you are knitting in your conservatory? My parched lawn is showing bits of green already. It’s amazing how quickly it perks up. Lots of gifted furniture arrived today and I feel so blessed. This little story made a new neighbour chuckle… I had to bend down to get the serial number off the electric meter and my body had had enough…protested and I got stuck down there. 😂 It took a while to get upright again. 🤦 WiFi ought to be installed tomorrow, so it’s an adventure back into work. Oodles of love flowing to you both. Xxx ❤️🌹❤️


            • I am sure you must have given up on my reply… I had five pending and not one showed up in my alerts notification bell for my gardening blog… I really will have to keep coming back physically here to check…. My knitting yes when you posted this comment I was knitting… I have for the moment since competing back and two fronts put it aside for the time being… As I got out my paints instead for a while… Now the painting is done my knitting may well start up again Jane.. Though I must admit I have my head in a good book at the moment.. So I am going with the Flow lol.

              Wonderful that you are settling in and yes I can imagine on the body protests, I did chuckle while reading about the electric meter episode lol… I need the use of a kneeler with handles in the garden.. I can get down on my knees no problem.. Its getting back up again like you say that harder ..
              Sending lots of love right back to you Jane.. Thank you for your comment.. and again so sorry about not seeing it sooner.. ❤ 💖🙏

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            • Dearest Sue, it’s alright lovely, as some drop through the notification net with me on other blogs too. I’m in the middle of switching my blog over to, as I want all my things in one place. Is it going smoothly I hear you ask? No! is the short answer. I have felt drawn to do this for some time and didn’t know how, then a fellow blogger showed the way.
              I too have been knitting and am now tackling a rather complicated crochet pattern. I usually make them up, so this is a first.
              The first blooms are coming through on the butterfly planters. i hope your plants are alright with all this heavy rain and hail?
              Enjoy your book, lovely and here’s to our loving steps forward. Much love to you both. ❤ Xxx ❤ ❤

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            • Good luck with your transfer… I follow Debby on her dot org site, but unfortunately from the org site of hers I do not get replies in my notification I have a real problem there.. Lets hope yours will have no such hicups..
              As for the crocheting hope its working out well also…
              Yes some flowers took a battering like alot of the Rhodi’s petals fell off the bush like alot of my fox gloves… But they are still standing upright lol.. 🙂 Love and Hugs my friend and thank you ❤

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            • I look forward to seeing your painting, Sue. ❤ With the .org you have to sign-up to receive comments for each blog post that you have commented on. It's not straight forward. Thank you my friend, as you have given me pause for thought there. Plus the export of my old blog to the new is not runnign smoothly at all. I may need to put a little more thought into this. Sorry, I'm flying off at a tangent on your gardening blog!! Huge hugs and here's to a lovely day. I have hung washing out hopefully….huge grin. ❤ ❤ to you both, always. ❤

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  5. I’ve enjoyed the lovely slide show of your beautiful garden, dear Sue. Loved the little fairy doors. Happy gardening and creating, my dear friend. Stay safe, happy and healthy. Much love and hugs ,(ノ´∀`)♥♥♥♥♥


  6. Very lovely garden! This might be my favorite time of the year because of the new growths. It’s been a rainy May here, so we’ve had to be careful about watering. The strawberries are doing quite well, and the potatoes threaten to take over the garden.

    All is well and I hope the same for you, my friend. Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Gardening!


    • All that rain is going both the potatoes and the strawberries good…. We have even been watering the potatoes as its so dusty and dry… I know the other year we were in the same boat in spring.. it never stopped raining… You never seem to get the happy medium… But that is nature and gardening.. Each year brings new challenges.. and we rise to them…
      Thank YOU dear Bill, So happy to have you on the plot… Enjoy your own weekend Bill… Take care 🙂


    • Oh my goodness I have five comments here pending for almost 3 weeks and only just saw when I logged back into my garden blog.. They never showed in my alerts… So big apologies Robbie… Thank you so much.. Lots more have grown since then… sending many thanks and hugs ❤


  7. Everything looks so healthy. I always plant Marigold around my vegetables. I’ll consider adding lupine. We have blackfly and aphids. As for the fairy doors…OMG! My neighbor has two very small children and they have a fairy village around the base of a tree near the road. Razz and I have to check it out every time we walk. As a child, I would have been so enchanted by it.

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  8. You and your husband are Aquarians the water bearers when it comes to water the garden. A lot of carrying. Beautful garden, beautiful flowers from my beautiful friend. Have an excellent weekend. I am sure revelations will come to you while gardening ❤

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  9. At least your delightful post brings some sanity back into the world of your WordPress friends Sue, the reality of what is really important to all mankind, and that is respect for our Earth and our interaction with Mother Nature, in the boiling pot of life our existence always returns to our life blood.
    Thanks for the enjoyable post Sue.


    • Indeed Ian… without the sanity space of the garden and the allotment plot… I doubt I would be as sane lol…. Its always hard work and time consuming in the early spring when planting, watering especially this hot dry spring here, planting and weeding.. But once on top of things a couple of hours each day maintains it…
      As for the world.. Well…. what can you say…. Other than what we have already known would one day come to be.. we didn’t quite expect it to unravel as it has…
      Sending Huge hugs you and Ana Ian… Love and blessings your way…. 💖💚🙏

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  10. Fabulous!! I love seeing your garden photos and reading your posts! Transports me into your growing, blooming and blossoming world. ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️


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