July Update~ Where Did June Go?

A Mornings Harvest

Peas, Broad Beans, Strawberries, Raspberries, Broccoli, Yellow Courgettes which are hiding, and Sweetpeas.

Hello My gardening Friends, Well this is a new experience here, as I battle with the New Editor and get to learn its control system…  I ended up with more blocks than I knew what to do with and could find no way of deleting them other than keep pressing the undo arrow… And this is supposed to be progress… 

Already just spent over half an hour writing these simple words and adding One picture…  I finally found the Classic Edit to which I now have in the above screen, if I don’t press anything I shouldn’t as it disappeared on me when I tried to create more room for me to see what I am writing without the side panel of Blocks… 

So  to save myself any more stress, I am going to upload if I can my photos using the Classic tab and hope the slide show and Gallery will still be there. So this post is going to be a bit of an experiment of Old and New Editor.. As I try out this and that button.. Its the only way to learn as I click and GO! 🤣😀😂

Peas, Already we have had three bucket loads and froze a lot.

Broad Beans

Click onto the smaller pictures to bring into the Gallery to view and see what is growing.


Remember the Sweetpeas I planted in the video I shared. Well here they are to the top of the trellis. And already I have had around six large bunches of blooms from them.. Which Not only have I enjoyed their beautiful colour and fragrance, but so have my family and neighbours.

The Blueberries are also maturing If you look closely through the net. As the birds soon devour them.

The Dahlias are now starting to flower, growing along side the marigolds

This is just one of our Fuchsia’s which my Husband and grown from a cutting over the last couple of years to train into a standard. We keep over winter in the greenhouse.

Well this has certainly been an educational experience… It’s taken patience and perseverance as I learn to navigate my way around.. And what would have taken me perhaps half an hour to complete my post has taken me over two hours of trial and error.. But I got there in the end..

And that is what counts, at the moment we are all of us experiencing set backs, problems, and anxieties of one form or another as our world before our eyes changes, in ways we never thought possible . What we have all got to learn is not to give in, or give up… Those of us who grow our gardens, know only too well we have good years and bad, as our rotation of crops sometimes give us bumper crops and other times they fail.

We have had most of our Parsnips fail to germinate for what ever reason. We set twice and still they didn’t germinate… only the odd one here and there… So we hoed and planted more beetroot instead. and another row of Chard.

I Will leave you with this thought.

What we sow now we will reap later, Make sure you also plant the seeds of love in other peoples hearts. For in doing so, we will all harvest a more harmonious and peaceful world for our Children’s Children to inherit.

Love and Happy Gardening.. Sue

54 thoughts on “July Update~ Where Did June Go?

  1. I found that journey too Sue. I loaded a tinyMCE plugin and converted it back to the old setup. Such a relief to be able to use a real editor. This new ‘block’ system was like trying to use Windows 10 all over again. It was a piece of software that you have to click more times to do the same thing on Windows 7, and even then it was most certainly not ‘user friendly’, there is no flow in its use at all. I spent most of the time trying to repair half the edit 😀
    Regardless dear lady, it is good to see your ‘veggie patch’ so green and blossoming nicely. Thanks for the share 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋


    • I found that too, I have been told an easier way to get rid of the blocks by Eugenia with via the three dots ontop of the Edit page, and Renee said you can keep the old Classic version, though I have yet to find out how to revert it back :-)..
      Happy Mark that you could don on your Wellington Boots and walk the plot with us also… And Wellies you need this week.. None stop rain almost all day and night for 3 days… But the Potatoes are loving it… 🙂 💚🙏 Thank you again 😉

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  2. Beautiful garden photos. I decided not to use the new editor because I feel it is too complicated and I do not like the ‘boxes’. You can choose to stay with the old editor if you wish to as I talked to someone at WordPress. It is easier for me to use and less stressful because I know where everything is. I wish you much luck if you decide to continue to use it. Take care. xoxox


      • I contacted them but they told me that you can use the old Classic if you choose as it is still there. But they did switch it for me so if you cannot find it then there is a place to speak to them online and you can ask them to do it for you. The new one will not go away but the old one is still there as well. Big Hugs your way! xoxox

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  3. Your allotment is looking fantastic, Sue. I will add my thoughts of “God helps those who help themselves” and “the Devil makes work for idle hands.” It always helps to channel your energy into positive and external things that benefit others as well as yourself. In my experience, people who focus inwardly in times of trial suffer the most.

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    • Agreed… Service to others instead of service to self.. 🙂 We gave away three lettuce again today and a small broccoli to neighbours … And we took our daughter some veggies in the week and will be taking my Son some on Sunday.. And I enjoy being in the allotment tending it… So Win Win, all round 🙂
      And agree with your quotes also Robbie… 🙂 Big hugs and many thanks 🙂


  4. Lovely photos, Sue and thank you for sharing. If I may share, I created a veggie plot at the end of the garden when Emily was little and the first year, filled it with sweetcorn. It was like I was back in Africa in my childhood and we had delicious sweetcorn for lunch every day. Heart memories. ❤ Sweet peas are among my favourite flowers and my Grandad grew the most glorious dahlias. I love these visits to nature's abundance from your home and plot. ❤ ❤

    Now to those blocks….apparently, this has all been done to improve search engine operations. Progress?? Me thinks, it's all part of the 'patience testing' and we will endure.

    Much love flowing to you both, always. ❤ ❤ ❤ xXx


    • We have grown sweetcorn for a few years now Jane and we love it… And What a lovely childhood memory back in Africa.. My Granddad also grew SweetPeas and that is where my first love of them blossomed… I remember vividly being allowed to pick them on his plot and carrying them home to give my Grandma.. In fact my Granddad’s allotment I think sparked my interest when I was very young.. In later years perhaps when I was 8 or so my Dad started a plot in our village.. And I remember digging over the Earth, learning what were weeds and how to remove twitch… It was a much needed means to keep a family of seven going back then… Also we would go mushrooming too… Dad knew what was what, and what not to eat… We would also go Hazel nut gathering in Sept and make Elderberry Flower Wine, and Elderberry Syrup… I may even have a recipe of Elderberry Syrup on here some where as I know I posted picking the berries one year.. 🙂
      Haha to the blocks.. Well I will see how I go… if its too much, and you can revert back to the Classical…
      Have a great weekend Jane.. And much love back from us Both 💖💖💖🙏

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      • What lovely memories, Sue. ♥️ We soak it all up like sponges when we”re little. ♥️ My Grandad used to watch me and say ‘Get that child’s hands in the soil’. Your Dad was a wonderful teacher. ♥️ The sun is hiding today but I’m going out to start creating flower beds. I know you can feel my.love flowing to you both and I wish you a lovely weekend. Xxx 💕💗💕

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  5. Your garden is lovely, Sue. Regarding the new editor, to get rid of a block there are dots at the top along with the other tools – paragraph, bold, etc. Click on the 3 dots and scroll to the end of the panel where you will find the remove block option. Your post looks excellent. Peace and light. ❤️


    • Fantastic info Eugenia.. I really need to spend some time in there playing around with all the different things… Thank you for sharing that Eugenia I really Appreciate that… As I couldn’t see a delete.. So then had to just backtrack the undo button I was familiar with… But I did expect the picture text block to be something special, and I was not really impressed with how it looked, except the title of the block was larger.. And I managed to make that a different colour, I did fathom that… I thought also with all its bells and whistles you maybe could change the Text font… but that is fixed, or so it seems… From what I have heard others say, you either love it or hate it… I am still deciding lol… 🙂
      So thank you for your compliments on how the post finally ended up looking… It was more luck than judgement hahaha… ❤ ❤

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      • It takes time to and practice to master it. Also, WP keeps making improvements so it is an ongoing work in progress. I don’t see where you can change the font in the draft but you can change the font using the customizer. I started using the new editor in the beta mode and learned it step by step. It has its advantages but it is not a seamless experience, IMO. Good luck and I will help if I can.

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        • Agreed Eugenia about it not being a seamless experience 🙂 And thank You for that offer of assistance .. I know where to call if I get stuck… I have always explored things myself, with the greatest teacher being when you make mistakes you avoid them a second time Lol.. I think I will keep this blog in the new Editor and explore some more… But if my main blog over at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary changes on its own, I think that I will convert back to the Classical…. I cannot be doing with spending too long on my computer the best of times, as the WiFi and I do not get along… 🙂 Many thanks again Eugenia ❤

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  6. Yes, there is nothing more rewarding than the harvest of our hard work in all aspects of our lives. It is amazing the hard work you both put into your garden at home and your allotment. Kudos from a beautiful garden and to my beautiful friends. May your weekend be filled with peace. ❤


  7. I see you’ve bean busy and reaping sweet peace, my dear Sue. LOL! I have yet to change to the new editor. Think I’ll just stick to the old one. Wishing you a relaxing and restful weekend, my dear friend.
    Much love and hugs, ♡♡♡♡♡(ŐωŐ人)

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    • Thank you Steve, Your June, French-12lb Cannon also looked well and ready to fire 😉 .. Thought I would leave a comment here as your comments are closed on that post now.. Hope all is well with you too, And thank you, 🙂 This rain has certainly made things grow 🙂


  8. LOVE your final thought, Sue!! Thank you for the uplifting photos and posts. It made me bloom inside. Much love and happy planting, MW 🙏


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