Golden Paths~ Taking Time To BE…

This may go some way in explaining how I have been feeling since I wrote this post on my other blog back in 2019. And the longer gaps here on my gardening blog. I have felt the urge to go within and in many ways disconnect, while reconnecting back to nature, and my authentic self… My inner guide which has taken me back within my arts and crafts..

My next post here I hope that I can show you more, of those painting and crafts. But I am taking the internet in bitesize chunks these days… So for those of you still with me here within my garden blog.. I thank you …. Its now time I feel all of us got reacquainted with our Inner Selves and those skills and dreams we put to one side…
Much love … Sue ❤

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Golden Paths

Hello my friends, So what has been happening in Dreamwalker’s World..   Well I have been surrendering to the higher power and those intuitive feelings we are all a part of..

I am seeing many of my WP friends who are also embracing their intuitive feelings as they too step back to go within their own space to BE.. 

For me I am no longer feeling the urge to be communicating here as often..  Why is that?… I am uncertain.. Whether it’s the changes within me, or the collective needs to regain its balance..I am not questioning it… I am just following the flow of my own compass, concentrating upon my Inner Being… I am playing my part in finding my own inner balance.. After all, the only thing is this world I can change is ME. 

Maybe if we all of us took responsibility and went within…

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44 thoughts on “Golden Paths~ Taking Time To BE…

  1. My writing has been cutback considerably, for much the same reasons as you stated. I find great solace being outside, walking with the dogs, working on chores, and the idea of sitting at the computer, flailing away with the English language, does not appeal to me as strongly as it has for the past ten years.

    Perhaps things will change back to the way they were, but I doubt it. I’m enjoying the solace of just being. It is lovely!

    Wishing you peace, blessings, and sending hugs and love from Olympia, Washington.


    • Indeed Bill.. Today a prime example here in the UK of being a beautiful day, so time spent outside in mother nature.. Keep enjoying your Solace Bill, and your walks my friend. Sending peace and well wishes back Bill…. I know however there is plenty of books yet within you my friend.. Many thanks for walking a while within this Garden…. Hugs right back ❤


  2. A beautiful and timely reminder that we must recognize the importance of all the aspects of our beings. So many gifts we have and neglect , we need to turn to those things and occupy our days with the things that fulfill us. Thinking of you dear Sue and sending love. ❤️


  3. I’m trying to become more creative again, Sue, to get back into the flow of things… I’ve been playing with colour today which has pleased my Inner Child immensely!
    But I still need to take myself away and sit still and silently and just be. There’s time for everything if we allow it!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Sue.


  4. We live in a culture of avoidance and alienation. We are being lulled by a culture of consumption in which the avoidance of oneself and of social problems or alienation is fostered through which we occupy ourselves so much with something that we withdraw, we become alien, to ourselves. In this culture it is encouraged to be asleep, that is, unconscious of our reality. We have evaded what required our most committed attention or because we have alienated ourselves in aspects or dimensions of life that separate us from our truth, that make us live with ourselves as strangers. That is why it is so important to do, as you are doing, what we really like to live our own inner reality.
    Excellent reflection that leads us to stop for a moment and look within. Good week to you Sue.

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  5. Hi Sue, yes, I know what you mean. I have taken a very long vacation from blogging – not really sure why, but the need to go within has been prevalent. There is so much information out there right now, it’s overwhelming. I’ve learned to cut way back and remove myself from ‘input’ as much as possible. Nature is in full growth mode – so nice to see!! Take care! Much love, Donna


    • I know when you return Donna, you will have something important to impart to us my friend. I have never been one to blog, just to create a post and keep to a schedule.. If I have something to say and share… And I feel like sharing I do.. Otherwise, I am content to observe .. You are right Information Overwhelm and this too causes friction, anxiety, and confusion…. All making us doubt what we are told, and what to believe..
      Sometimes the best way of discernment is to allow ourselves to BE!….. Listen to our inner compass, as to what our Hearts are telling us. Lets hope dear friend as we reconnect back with Nature and our hearts we can learn to be as nature… She doesn’t live in expectation, she doesn’t judge, she just continues to grow and BE….
      May we all learn to BE…. in our own moments… and learn to Grow..
      Lots of love dear Donna… ❤ and Thank you


  6. Ah dear lady, it is but that inner truth and guide showing you a heart that has been through that growth of sharing what you are, and now becoming something ‘other’. Reaching a point of ‘your’ understanding so it no longer requires re-affirming to you or others, and wants to sing in your flow, that place where you enjoy digging or sewing or just ‘being’. And slowly behind it all is something very profound…to understand that it is truly going where it needs to and we no longer have to ‘push’ or ‘pull’ in where we are…to just be. Don’t worry, the urge will still come upon us, and it will ‘attract’ accordingly. But it is the ‘let go’ that will slowly take precedence, that realisation that we have indeed gone and done exactly what was needed to be as we now become something else. Your journey has indeed faced many things kind lady and at the least your heart feels that need to just be you…no longer carrying what to you now, no longer needs carrying…it is going exactly where it needs to…and you can rest in that ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    • Mark… dear friend…. You understand perfectly that need of solace and yet at times we need that validation as to what we are experiencing is the process.. lol..
      You just confirmed we are indeed all of us doing exactly what we should be doing… And just allow ourselves to be led by the flow… I trust my heart, and my inner guidance and yet the old conditioning of pleasing others and letting others down often rears it head…. But then I know too… That all who visit here and my main blog know me by now… And so yes.. I need to just allow Me to be ME… And let things flow when needs be.. lol…
      A new kind of peace has surrounded me lately, which I know I need not explain… Today in the blue Cloudless sky, a rarity here in the UK… The air felt pure, my heart rejoiced in Nature as birds built their nests… All is well….
      Sending thoughts that all is well with you and where you are Mark… Many thanks again… 💛🙏💚

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  7. I think I know for you maybe but for me changes within oneself brings changes within me. I don’t go on my blog as much. I have been changing exponentially and I feel Spirit has something to do with it. These changes are bringing tremendous insights and many epiphanies. In doing so changes begin. Sometimes like you I don’t know why but after a while it is shown to me. I honor your change. I feel I went from an activist now to an observer. Much love. Hope you are having a restful and excellent sunday.

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    • I see many of our old blogging friends Joseph, moving, shifting, and no longer in need of reaching externally out with their blogs dear Joseph.. Instead I feel many of us have felt the more urgent call to reflect inward.. Putting our inner house in order then is mirrored in our outer world.. Observing is something we each now do, as we Witness the changes occurring both within our own natures and that of the Earth…
      We will need to observe and keep our inner strength as we will witness many things which will try to divide and bring down our spirits.. This is why I feel we are now gathering our inner strengths…. because we will be needed to heal and guide and comfort.. Thank you Joseph for being a friend on our steps through this timeline.. Have a beautiful week 🙂 🙏💛

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  8. I haven’t slowed down my writings as it is a way to express my feelings. “If you know where your spiritual center is, and you neglect it, peace will always allude you.” – Val Kilmer Take care dear, Sue. ❤️

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    • Oh I write too Eugena every day in my Journal…. love the Quote… I will not neglect my spiritual centre… be assured lol.. Just an explanation of why I neglected my garden blog for months.. Sending HUGE hugs and much love my friend ❤


    • I agree dear Michel, what better way that our gardens are the centres we meditate upon as we go within… Enjoy your own lovely garden Michel…. May the sun shine as you enjoy your refreshment and relaxation… ❤ Hugs back


  9. As I sit here writing these words, I ponder about what you wrote, dear Sue, and couldn’t agree more with you. We’ve not been “here” before and to just BE in order to process it all, at times means silence and pulling away from the internet. So many changes, so many decisions, so much to focus on in order to maintain Balance and Peace. Loved your words as they mirror mine. Thank you for refusing to allow anyone or anything to take your essence from you. (((HUGS))) xo

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    • Thank you dear Amy… we at times just need to find our inner space to regain our balance to maintain our own inner sanctum..
      We just need to follow the flow of our own hearts.. And we will be guided to our own inner heaven on Earth.. For what we create inward, we project outward… And so it is.. ❤

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