Growing Season Within & Without

Hello to my gardening friends… I have been absent for a while… But I have not been idle… I thought to share some philosophy here combining both blogs today with my gardening world one… Love and well wishes in your growing season.. Sue

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Hello again to those of you who bare with me through these times of shifts and changes. So much is happening within our world, both within a consciousness level, and within our own personal lives. In which so many lives have been tipped upside down within this Upside Down World.

We each have had to learn to navigate through these changes and shifting energies as best we can. And while the outer world is plunged within the fear, I have for the most part been able to ground myself within the growing season of planting and tending our large allotment plot. As well as connecting back within, to the things my heart is guiding me to, such as my painting and crafts.

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12 thoughts on “Growing Season Within & Without

  1. Hi Sue! I too have been absent for a while. I was up to date with my main blog and I needed a well earned rest, in more ways than one. I too enjoy my garden. I hope to learn how to add pictures, paintings, drawings & crafts etc. to my freedom from heavy duty postings. I’m enjoying writing, what I call, Mind-mapping in rhyme…. Dare I call it poetry? Seeing as a picture paints a thousand words, that is my aim. I’ve missed you…. Your the only blogger I’ve really had any meaningful conversations with. Lots of love SIBYL C.Anne Xxx (I’ve changed my name)


  2. Your immense garden is spectacular and robust, Sue! Certainly tremendous effort but well worth the rewards you will reap. Much like the continual positive energy and thought you offer to the world. Sending a bountiful bouquet of love and gratitude to you today. Warmest wishes —

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  3. So good to hear about your progress, my friend. Your garden looks fabulous, as does ours.

    Oddly, we have flourished during this past year. We have been very productive. We have found new interests. We have used change to foster change, and it has been good for us. I feel terrible for those who have suffered, and who continue to suffer, but that certainly does not describe us in 2020-2021, and for that I am grateful.

    I hope this finds you well and healthy. Sending you best wishes from afar.

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    • Likewise with both of us too Bill…. We for the most part keep to ourselves… And I have used this time to create more, and so pleased to hear your gardens have been productive…. Change is constant.. and we have to embrace the flow….
      We are both very well… Sending you both our regards and well wishes too Bill…
      Happy Gardening… πŸ™‚


  4. Missed you sweet Sue!! β€œWe need to tend to our thoughts right now, and weed out that which we do not wish to create…” Amen, amen! Fabulous photos of your amazing garden. Abundant love and blessings to you…MW πŸ™β€οΈπŸ™

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    • I do remember you Alison…. Wonderful that you reconnected my friend… Hope we can stay in touch.. I have been taking a long break from WordPress these past few months… and only now just returning since July…. Lovely to find you here…


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