Creating With Mother Earth

I thought it beyond time I opened up my garden blog again. Some of you already may know I took a long-extended break from blogland. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened, as I swapped the computer for my crafts as I absorbed myself in my creations.  And the longer I was away, the harder it seemed to return here.  

 I have sorely neglected this my garden blog, and now more than ever, people need their gardens in which they can ground themselves, as they re-connect back with Mother Nature, along with her gifts of beauty and bounty.  We have so many wonderous gifts bound within nature, that many of us still take for granted. So I thought it about time I shared some of these precious gifts we all can learn to participate within, as we merge in nature, be it growing things or just relaxing in it.  

The Pause I took, I know was due to something shifting deeply within, for while I was creating with my hands, I was taken into a place of bliss, where peace and calm ran like the threads of  yarn I was using to create, as I allowed my mind to drift into its own rhythm of creation, away from the chaos I was seeing unfolding in the outer world.  

I felt alive within the patterns I wove, absorbing each thought, each download of wisdom, as thoughts filtered through, as I tried to fathom out a world which to me was no longer making that much sense. For what I saw unfolding was contradiction after contradiction, and as our world and our rights dissolved with leaders whose strings were tied into their own dark tethers of intentions.   So, as each stitch was formed within my creations, I tried to sort out within my own safe haven the heartache of all I was experiencing around me.    

Did I succeed in clearing that heartache? In part yes, in part, no..

For we are all learning, each of us are all growing, and like the seeds we plant, we have to nurture and give them the right conditions in order for them to thrive.

So, within my creative quiet time, I saw ourselves each as small seeds, all cast down onto this Earth within our various circumstances. Some got planted in the rich earth of plenty, while others were cast upon the rocks, who often it seems have to strive harder than their neighbours to survive, as they send their roots out to find nutrients to sustain them, as they struggle in overcoming their various obstacles and circumstances.

But all of us, were here to learn how to grow.

Yet ALL no matter what conditions they find themselves in, they are each given that which enables their inner light to strengthen. For all are in need of the Light, no matter how deep in the dark they have fallen into the cracks of despair. We are all striving towards the light, no matter how hard or harsh some are finding it in their own dark shadowy places, we all need light in which to mature and grow. And we all started out in that dark lonely place at one time or another.      

 All of us I feel in the not-too-distant future may need to learn and start a garden, or at least support a local communities or farmers markets, as we see the value of how growing our own food and keeping our seeds pure will be so important in the future.

Many too who are awakening, are seeing the value of clearing and cleaning our energies centres, as we not only need food in the physical sense to sustain us, we also need to cultivate our inner garden, as we re-learn how to nurture and cultivate our inner world.

To do that we need to open our hearts, as we embrace and unify our fellow travellers who find themselves in troubling times.  We must also remember to also be very gentle with ourselves, as we learn to navigate newly ploughed ground which may still be rough and full of stones underfoot.  For we are all going to be walking upon newly turned earth as the old earth gets turned over ready for us all to plant new seeds, new ideas, new solutions to the broken systems we now see falling by the wayside.

Things in our reality may for a time feel more confusing, but a garden cannot be maintained unless we are prepared to put in the hard ground-work, clearing out the weeds, and thorns, as we lay new foundations, planting new seeds of truth, that are not poisoned by the chemicals which not only pollute our Earth Mother, but pollute the minds and choke our freedoms to grow and thrive within this God’s Earth we call Gaia. To which we were all born free to experience.    


 This garden blog has been dormant for far too long, its now time to open up this garden once again, as we plant our new seeds, new ideas, new solutions into BE-ing, as we bring our Dreams into reality as we walk our walk and talk our talk…

Dreamwalker’s Garden is now open for the growing season of New Earth.

Happy Gardening within and without

110 thoughts on “Creating With Mother Earth

  1. Good to have you back online again, Sue! Such a lovely garden, and yes, one reason I post about my garden is also to encourage others to grow their own. We are entering times when these skills are more valuable than they’ve been in many decades. The garden holds so much wisdom, abundance and beauty! much love, Laura

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    • So true Laura, there is a magical energy unique to any garden.. And like you say Laura, we are indeed entering times where such skills are going to be of value to communities… Thank you kindly for your complimentary words my friend… Our gardens bring us much joy … Much love right back ❤

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  2. Thanks for trip through the garden! Love it! You guys are going gang busters! So much done and I’m just starting as it’s been too cold to put starter plants outside…Oh well…At least it’s starting and seeds are growing. Better late than never. Looks like it’s going to be a good year for you! Yay! As you mentioned, we all need our gardens now. We must create the worlds we are wanting by taking action! No more following along to insane orders! NO!!!! Break free and live again. Glad you are doing garden talk again DW. Love seeing it all. Happy digging and planting! Hugs and much love to you….VK ❤

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    • It was long overdue dear VK… Hopefully I won’t allow the weeds to gather or the cobwebs to clutter the WP pages . I have a few bits and bobs I can share now and again here.. As I have a few ideas on my Garden blog going forward again.. Thanking you dear VK,, your seeds will soon catch up with all the love you give them.. ❤

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  3. Nice post, Sue. Charlotte does look quite the character! 🦊
    And a nice post full of the Light Energies we need to move us forward; a good reminder that however ‘dark’ we are told it is out there, we just need to take ourselves away, and look at what’s good within to dissolve those dark clouds.
    Welcome back to the Garden, Sue! 🙂

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  4. It is an interesting place inside us much further after our awakening. A peace and calm as we more and more let go what was dear lady. We think we have found us but there is much to that awakening, the clearing out, like your beautiful grounding garden, always has more to give, more to understand…the more we let it go. A strange place in the beginning but so profound in what we are becoming. A lovely burst of you and what is within dear lady, be it in helping things to grow in your garden, or you in sharing that love in your craft, that peace inside is smiling in them all 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    • I thank you Mark… indeed, learning to let go, as we weave with hands or our thoughts, or as we dig or plant… Each task shows you what needs to be accomplished within our Earth Garden of Eden..
      For every flower, every plant was but a seed, like our thoughts are now, as we venture into the unknown…
      We plant, trusting it will find nutrients, and be nourished.. and enough water and light.. We wait patiently for it to mature, before we harvest either its beauty or goodness..
      So too this Earth is turning over new ground, and we are learning and being tossed within her also…
      How we turn out all depends upon the heart of that seed..
      I have faith in Humanities hearts to grow and flourish going forward….
      We may be all a little in the dark right now…. But we are all heading upwards towards the Light..
      Many thanks for your lovely comment dear Mark..
      Love and Blessings dear friend ❤ 💚✨💜

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  5. Wow Sue. I am so impressed at your beautiful garden of sustenance. And go you for creating the video! Not coincidental in the world we are living in and experiences shortages in ‘this and that’ I’ve been reading many articles of people urged to grow their own gardens of essentials. You are well ahead my friend. ❤ xx

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    • Thank you Debby.. we have grown our own veggies and fruit for many, many years…. Now as things are the trick will be to harvest it before its taken… So I will be gridding the allotment plot with a little protective energy, from fingers that help themselves… Sadly that too is the world we live in… And we get produce taken every year… This year I think a lot more will vanish into needy mouths.. Which is why we always grow more than our needs and give the surplus away… But I would sooner give it away than people take.. If they ask I would give it freely… Sadly not all people are of the same mind.. and only want to take..
      Happy you enjoyed your visit and my attempts at the video…. 🙂 ❤

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  6. It’s good to see your garden blog growing again, Sue! We reap what we sow in more ways than one. Let’s hope the bounty whether edible or spiritual makes lives more manageable and joyous. Peace and light, dear Sue. 💖

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  7. This is beautiful Sue. Both your garden and your words, all creations which form an inspired foundation on which to grow and thrive. It’s nearly winter here now and I find myself out in my overgrown winter garden clearing, pulling out weeds and cutting back all the old growth, feels so therapeutic. Inside I’m decluttering big time and donating many of my daughters soft toys, much like your wonderful fox creation. For everything there is a season. Thank you for sharing your wonderful garden and such an uplifting post. Mother Earth holds many answers if we’re just willing to do create with her. Enjoy getting back into garden/blogland again. Much love my friend. 💚❤️

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    • Indeed Miriam, a season for everything.. and decluttering and starting new projects with good intentions are just the thing I am told during this phase of our Moon.. I find Gardening even the heavy work like clearing vey therapeutic.. A garden teaches us many things…
      The season to sow, the season the be patient while you watch and wait, while things grow.. the season to harvest and reap the rewards, and the season of rest… while winter puts our garden to bed, while the worms and nutrients have time to replenish … And so the wheel goes around..

      As a collective we are somewhere in the middle season… Still lots of weeding out to do, Lots of re-planting of ideas, and putting the right plants in the right conditions.. the right leaders with the right intentions…. But its all coming together for Autumns harvest of sorting the wheat from the chaff..

      I feel next seasons planting will be totally different, lol…. Get ready, we will need to rest… and gather inner strength.. But the ploughed furrows are deep and are turning up some gems of information….
      I feel we may all look at our world and what has been planted in the past with new eyes in the not too distant future my friend..

      Sending love and well wishes… and I cannot wait to binge on your posts … and see where you set up camp next.. Love and Hugs dear Miriam… and thank YOU.. ❤

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      • Wise and true words indeed dear Sue, there’s much to be done but all in good time. Slowly but surely weeds planted will sow new ideas, opportunities and creations for us all. But you’re right, patience is key. I’ve not been blogging for almost a month as I’m immersed in my new job and lifestyle within these mountains. But I’m happy and feel almost ready to write again soon. Thank you for your love and best wishes. Sending them back to you tenfold my friend. ❤️

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  8. It’s perfect timing for reopening your delightful Garden Blog. This Gemini New Moon looks
    forward quite favorably to anything started with heart. And here we are looking at beautiful
    gardens made of heart and hard work presented with love! Thank you Dreamwalker!
    Love, hugs, Eddie

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  9. Hi Sue, your garden is gorgeous and your fox is absolutely adorable! I’m reminded of the lime green puppy and red plaid frog my mom made for me when I was young. 🙂 Thank you for your inspiration and uplifting words. Sadly, since we’re in a drought and don’t have the time with work, we’re not planting anything new this year. We’re just trying to keep the flowers we have alive. Plus, gophers have inundated many yards on our block, so they are annoying and affecting some plants and the grass. Things have shifted in the last two decades since we moved here. But we do our best. Hugs to you! xoxo 🌸🌻

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    • Yes it seems the topsy-turvy- weather-patterns are upside down inside out at the moment.. With Queensland Australia getting huge amounts of water and flooding.. while other places have droughts.
      One thing I am very thankful for, we do not have Gophers!!…. I doubt if we did anything would be left.. While we have rabbits in the nearby fields, they seeem to leave the allotments and veggies alone… Its the pigeons believe it or not that do the most damage.. as they eat the young plants if they are not covered by a net..

      All any can do is their best Lauren… and if we do that, then that is good enough..
      Sending love and pray you get some rain soon.. ❤

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  10. I’m a bit tardy in arriving for this. My goodness, look at the loyal following you have. It took me forever to get to the bottom of the comments section. 🙂 Sorry for my tardiness. I am quite busy working on my new direction and new project, and I’m afraid I need to be better at carving time out to comment on quality work.

    And this is quality work. From the beautiful photos to the beautiful message, this is quality, just like the person who wrote it. I feel refreshed reading this, dear friend, and I feel energized as I take on the challenge of my new project.

    I send you a hug and love from distant shores.


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    • Bill you are busy, and goodness knows I am never first to arrive anywhere in blog land… Far too many projects and things we enjoy in the outdoors to be behind our computers all day.. I enjoy your visits when ever you can spare the time.. So I thank you, I feel honoured very much for your lovely compliments, I must hop on over to see how your own new blog is coming along.. And what you are up to…
      Good luck with your new project too..
      Many thanks Bill… Hugs right back 🙂


  11. Hi Sue! Think I originally posted in the wrong place!! lol Sending a hug!! 🥰
    Great post Sue! As above so below – as God planted us, yes – whether in rocks or fertile ground, we are all learning and growing. Some days it feels like trying to grow through boulders!! lol. But we get what we need – when we look. Being creative helps channel our energy into something wonderful – I love Charlotte the Fox!! How wonderfully transformative!

    I also believe in growing our own seeds and Times are calling for it. It also helps us get back in touch with nature, the ground and being productive. It’s a reminder that God is indeed in charge – he has the arms to hold it all – as you gave the example of a seed growing through rocks. Looks like a miracle to me!! Much love, Donna

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    • I agree Donna, it does seem like we are trying to grow through boulders some days. I don’t think I could navigate this thick soup of density if it were not for my crafts or our garden or nature to help me focus my intentions on positive creativity.. We only have to look out into Nature to see God IS in charge. All that is required of us, is to trust, and respect, love and honour both nature, ourselves and others… And if we all did just that, we could transform the world in not time at all.. 🙂
      Many thanks Donna.. I thank you for your comments on both my blogs.. I will have to go and check if I answered your other comment.. I know I read it… LOL…. I can be in such a brain fog lately Lol.. 😉
      Many thanks and much Love ❤

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  12. How lovely to see you back, Sue. The photographs and video of your allotments and garden are a delight, as are you. ❤ It is soothing to visit your loving world and I love your Fox. You are an inspiration, my lovely. Much love to you both, always. ❤ XxX ❤

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  13. There is so much here, I don’t know where to start! That is one huge allotment. There is no real dirt where I live and the growing season is very short but I have been in contact with our community garden. I could only make a financial donation as I’m no longer able to do the physical work myself. My upstairs neighbor walks to her plot early mornings to care for her little spot. We are finally getting a few drops of rain. I am so impressed that you can do so much work each year. Then still keep your home garden growing. Yes, we will be very sorry that we don’t all have a garden and canned food put away. We can all see it coming. I absolutely adore Charlotte and her wardrobe. I can see you getting lost in the creation of it all. Very meditative, I’d assume. Loved the video and the slide show of pictures. Wow! You really do have a green thumb. Trying to catch up here. Probably won’t though since I’m so far behind. I’d love to sit and play in the dirt again.


    • Aww thank you Marlene… Lovely to have you on our plot… And its good that you can support your local garden community even if you can no longer get your hands in the ground lol… But I am sure a few potted plants would brighten up your new home and still give you much pleasure… I have several orchids and green leafed plants around my home… So yes the Green thumb is ever present lol..
      Thank you about Charlotte… I loved creating and there are several more patterns of animals in the book to work upon that will keep me busy no doubt in the winter months…
      Sending love and well wishes Marlene..
      Look after yourself…
      Lots of LOVE to you… ❤ ❤ ❤

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