A Little Time for Craft.

First thank you all of you who  have recently subscribed to my Gardening blog, I was amazed to see the numbers had jumped since January.. So thank you.. If you make yourself known, I will repay the honour of your visits as time allows.. 

Many may already know this is my second blog that I use to devote more to my Gardening and my Travels and Craft more then anything else.. And it often gets neglected when I am busy with other things which has been painting recently. The results of which are found here. https://wp.me/p16xW7-2uA 


So some of you may remember just after Christmas I started upon building the model Greenhouse.  Well I am still making it.. Piece by piece, It said the model could take ten or more hours to make.. Well believe me I have spent more hours than ten on it already and its still not completed.. But it is keeping me quiet when I am in the mood to concentrate upon minute bits of paper to make into individual flowers.. 

Here are some photo’s  of what I have been up to 

If you click onto the photos they should enlarge. 

Here you see a paper seed bag at the bottom. The brown card, you can see are boxes and plant pots which also have to be cut out and bent and glued together

Here you can see me making some tiny seed bags.. Each pieces is cut out and then stuck together with paper glue. in the finished bags you see

Here you see after cutting out these leaves how they were assembled on wire before gluing in tiny bead pots.

This gives you an idea of assembling paper pieces cut out from the patterns.. This is a watering Can.. the measurements are cementers

Here is the little Watering Can which was made out of the Ten pieces of separate paper In the previous photo.. Also here you can see the plants I made.. If you zoom into the photo on the instruction page you will see how the flower are each individually made from wire, yellow and pink paper I cut out.. The Banana Palm as well as all other plants made this way.. Which took time..

Here you see books each have little pages with pictures of flowers inside.. You also see a rush mat, two bird houses and a storage box with cover.. The cloth on top also has a fringe around it.. You have to tease out the threads to make the fringes I hope if you enlarge the photo you can see this.

You can see how time consuming, but absorbing this has been.. And I already made the furniture in wood which came in small pieces too,  which I posted here   on my blog

On the gardening front.. My hubby has made a start.. He planted Shallots in separate little pots along with seeds for Cabbage and Broccoli and Cauliflower seeds in trays to start off in the green house.. The English weather is Wild and Wet right now.. Not knowing whether to snow, hail or sunshine from one moment to the next.. 

What hobbies have kept you busy over Winter? 

Until Next Time..

Happy Creating!. 


We all need Colour in our Lives..

We all could do with some added brightness in our lives right now, and just because Winter is upon us it doesn’t mean our gardens have to be drab either.. 

Front garden still has some colour

Front garden still has some colour

This past week has been hit and miss with the weather, Gales, rain and sunshine.. So I took note of the forecast and made the most of my gardening days, and managed to plant out Wallflowers, and  Sweet Williams which we grew in the allotments from seeds.. All are now in place and I have planted in between the snapdragons so we can have more colour for Spring when the bulbs start to come through too.

Front garden

Front garden apologies it is blurred

The reason I took this image is to show how the red Chrysanthemums are dying on the front near the pavement compared with the redder ones to the rear left.. A couple of weeks ago a Council street cleaner came up clearing the gutters, it sprayed what I can only think of a weed killer as it also made a neighbours lawn die at the edges where it caught our gardens.. and one across the street also..   

making sure all secure for the frost

making sure all secure for the frost

 My hubby tied up this Yukka type plant, I am sure Maria  from the The Tropical Flowering Zone will know its name, but we lost the Mother plant a few years ago in heavy snow.. It had grown to a splendid height like a small tree to around 5 ft in height.. But the snow killed it.. My husband left the root in the tub.. Accidentally  we just covered the tub with some old empty plant pots, and in the spring we had new shoots spring up around the base of the old trunk.. The image on the left is the result, All tied up they will be covered  with some  sacking later on.. 


We have  winter pansies and cyclamen also in tubs and on our fence to add some colour. 


And to fill those rainy days, remember this knitting I started..

Now all finished .

Now all finished .

Well I finished it in a week, it took another week before I purchased the buttons, and As I had lots of wool left I decided to knit myself a hat.. The pattern I adapted to match the waistcoat. 


Waistcoat and Hat completed

Waistcoat and Hat completed

I have also been painting with my Granddaughter she is not yet 5 until December, and she wanted to copy a painting that hung on my wall that I painted some years ago.. So I got it down and below is the results.. I was impressed with her interpretation, along with the flock of birds in her sky she added, that she had seen..

Granddaughters Artwork

Granddaughters Artwork along with her cheeky fun grin. 

 I hope you all have a Fun Week, And Live Life in Love and Harmony..  

Happy Gardening