Creating With Mother Earth

I thought it beyond time I opened up my garden blog again. Some of you already may know I took a long-extended break from blogland. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened, as I swapped the computer for my crafts as I absorbed myself in my creations.  And the longer I was away, the harder it seemed to return here.  

 I have sorely neglected this my garden blog, and now more than ever, people need their gardens in which they can ground themselves, as they re-connect back with Mother Nature, along with her gifts of beauty and bounty.  We have so many wonderous gifts bound within nature, that many of us still take for granted. So I thought it about time I shared some of these precious gifts we all can learn to participate within, as we merge in nature, be it growing things or just relaxing in it.  

The Pause I took, I know was due to something shifting deeply within, for while I was creating with my hands, I was taken into a place of bliss, where peace and calm ran like the threads of  yarn I was using to create, as I allowed my mind to drift into its own rhythm of creation, away from the chaos I was seeing unfolding in the outer world.  

I felt alive within the patterns I wove, absorbing each thought, each download of wisdom, as thoughts filtered through, as I tried to fathom out a world which to me was no longer making that much sense. For what I saw unfolding was contradiction after contradiction, and as our world and our rights dissolved with leaders whose strings were tied into their own dark tethers of intentions.   So, as each stitch was formed within my creations, I tried to sort out within my own safe haven the heartache of all I was experiencing around me.    

Did I succeed in clearing that heartache? In part yes, in part, no..

For we are all learning, each of us are all growing, and like the seeds we plant, we have to nurture and give them the right conditions in order for them to thrive.

So, within my creative quiet time, I saw ourselves each as small seeds, all cast down onto this Earth within our various circumstances. Some got planted in the rich earth of plenty, while others were cast upon the rocks, who often it seems have to strive harder than their neighbours to survive, as they send their roots out to find nutrients to sustain them, as they struggle in overcoming their various obstacles and circumstances.

But all of us, were here to learn how to grow.

Yet ALL no matter what conditions they find themselves in, they are each given that which enables their inner light to strengthen. For all are in need of the Light, no matter how deep in the dark they have fallen into the cracks of despair. We are all striving towards the light, no matter how hard or harsh some are finding it in their own dark shadowy places, we all need light in which to mature and grow. And we all started out in that dark lonely place at one time or another.      

 All of us I feel in the not-too-distant future may need to learn and start a garden, or at least support a local communities or farmers markets, as we see the value of how growing our own food and keeping our seeds pure will be so important in the future.

Many too who are awakening, are seeing the value of clearing and cleaning our energies centres, as we not only need food in the physical sense to sustain us, we also need to cultivate our inner garden, as we re-learn how to nurture and cultivate our inner world.

To do that we need to open our hearts, as we embrace and unify our fellow travellers who find themselves in troubling times.  We must also remember to also be very gentle with ourselves, as we learn to navigate newly ploughed ground which may still be rough and full of stones underfoot.  For we are all going to be walking upon newly turned earth as the old earth gets turned over ready for us all to plant new seeds, new ideas, new solutions to the broken systems we now see falling by the wayside.

Things in our reality may for a time feel more confusing, but a garden cannot be maintained unless we are prepared to put in the hard ground-work, clearing out the weeds, and thorns, as we lay new foundations, planting new seeds of truth, that are not poisoned by the chemicals which not only pollute our Earth Mother, but pollute the minds and choke our freedoms to grow and thrive within this God’s Earth we call Gaia. To which we were all born free to experience.    


 This garden blog has been dormant for far too long, its now time to open up this garden once again, as we plant our new seeds, new ideas, new solutions into BE-ing, as we bring our Dreams into reality as we walk our walk and talk our talk…

Dreamwalker’s Garden is now open for the growing season of New Earth.

Happy Gardening within and without

Nature and Crafting

As promised I will share some of my crafting over the last few months, and recent weeks along with how things are growing on the Plot.. April has been very dry here in the UK, and cold. With heavy frosts first thing in the mornings. So things in the greenhouse have been covered in fleece.. Tender plants are still vulnerable so holding back planting out some tender plants in the garden until later on in the month of May.

So here in picture format is just some of what is growing, If you click on the images they will enlarge .

So that is what is growing above. Below is what I have been creating . I have been painting, and creating knitting and crocheting. You will see a large crocheted blanket , and some small knitted and crocheted jumpers / sweaters/ tank tops for some teddy bears. And I recently had bought me a Mandala crocheting book from my daughter for my birthday and so I am now enjoying creating some mandala’s in crocheting.

The first is a bag I have done and crocheted the outside.. I made from a canvas back and created some pockets inside

So my friends, that is what I have been doing while I have been absent from blog land.. I feel the need to be creative. I hope you also embrace your creativity .. Enjoy ALL you create.. All you grow..

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

May you never stop Imagining into being that which you wish to create..

Update on Knitting and Weird Skies and Contaminants

Hello to all again, and yes another month is over as we embrace Autumn, her falling leaves and those spooky Halloween Costumes again. There have been some lovely days and we made the most of them, I planted the wall-flowers, though have not taken photo’s of them, I was too tired at the end of all that kneeling and bending as I planted out my front and back garden.

Here you can see the mirage effect of the Sun very weird

Halloween was not the only thing spooky going on over here in the UK.. For the day Ophelia made landfall here in Britain, she also brought some rather spooky skies..  As she brought in a sand storm that turned the sky yellow and the Sun Red..  Everyone was snapping photo’s of the sky.. and a deeper report can be found here, in a BBC News report.

This was taken a few moment later and it had disappeared back to one

I was also clicking away and ran outside to take these shots.. As my husband shouted that there were two Suns in the sky.. Not believing him, I grabbed my camera and this is what we saw. But in a matter of seconds the shadow Sun disappeared and became one as this image shows..

We can often get sand in the rain, and other bits and pieces, as my hubby found in our pond as he cleaned it out for winter.. We found lots of little bits of metallic debris just a little bit larger than glitter in the silt at the bottom of the pond..  As both of us see lots of Chem-trails above our heads on certain days, we know are not the usual flight paths of planes..  They happen over head at regular intervals, and we both concluded that what goes up, must come down and on investigating further I discovered this article about Chemtrail Syndrome.  On learning more you will see metallic bits are what is in them.. We have long known this goes on, though many are denial that this is happening, it is  a Fact..  So those of you who wish to do your homework on your own investigations, you  need to follow-up the link and do your own research, but it’s not good news for us or the planet, which ever way you want to look at it.

So finding so many little pieces in the pond was disturbing to say the least.. There is not much I can personally do about it, but be mindful of it and  makes sure we double wash our veggies even more. Peel our apples etc..

Back of Waste-coat now finished sorry its a bit blurred

OK now onto something much Lighter.. I finished my waistcoat, all I need now is to purchase 3 buttons, its made up and sewn together, but here is the back before It was joined.. I will show a completed photo when I get the buttons,

Ratty the Book Mark


As well as doing that, I crocheted a book mark in the shape of rat, or mouse.. lol.  My granddaughter loved him and we named him the three R’s, Roger, the Reader Rat. ..  I really had fun creating him. So THANK YOU Mrs C..  🙂

Close up of face.

I got this idea from Mrs Craft.. over at .. Crafts and Other Crazy Plans       Where she provided a link to the pattern and any one wanting to see just what kind of things Mrs C gets up to I recommend go over and see her amazing skills, she not only Gardens, she knits, crochets, and makes amazing cards..

Have Fun everyone on Halloween.. and thank you to all who are following.

  Until next time

Happy Gardening, and Creating!





Creativity~ Large and Small.

Where oh where are these weeks flying to.. Already it is mid October and soon Halloween will be here..  So here is just a quick update of what I have been doing. 

The weather is being kind to us mid October as all of a sudden it has decided to become warmer again.. Most welcome as we get those last-minute tidy up jobs done in our garden..  ( Click the images to enlarge  and read full text ) 

Here you see all is safely gathered in . We have dug up the geraniums and re-potted.. Also taken some Fuchsia cuttings and more Hydrangea cuttings..
The Begonias we have left in their pots to die back naturally then we save the tubas.. Store in sawdust until next year..

So the geraniums have been lifted and potted back up cuttings taken and I even managed to plant up 7 large tubs of Spring Bulbs.. As well as trim shrubs, and dead head some amazing blooms still in the garden giving us lots of Autumn colours. 


The main crop of Leeks are in front of the Dahlia’s and still they keep flowering as I cut them for cut flowers..

As you can see from the above photo, the Dahlias are still in full flower and will be until the first frosts.. I keep making sure I pick them and dead head them to help encourage their flowering.. 

The second cloche is where we have planted the Broad Beans for next year.
The left over Leeks I had planted in the raised beds all took.. The Strawberries need sorting out yet. 

While I had an hour to spare, My granddaughter had expressed her wish for one of her dolls to be a mermaid. So this was the result of a few moments with the crocheting hook..

While the weather has had its ups and downs, I not only finished my second cardigan but I also began another knitting project..   I started a waistcoat.. This wool  has got to be around 15 yrs old if not more.. A lady gifted it to me, as she left to live in Australia. She got the wool intending to knit it for her sons, who both emigrated out there.  In fact she gave me several bags of wool, hence the dark colours..  The brown cardigan was also from this stash of gifted wool.. So the cost to make, has only been to buy the  buttons.. and the cost of the pattern for this waistcoat.

This is my ongoing project at the moment. I am now half way through the back since taking this photo..


What have you been filling your time with on rainy days? 

Until Next time.. Enjoy Your Autumn 




Indoor Plants and Crocheting

Hello February!.. Where on earth did January fly too?  I can not tell you how quickly the  month of January  has flown.. Which in a way I am pleased it has..  For January often seems to drag its heels as those cold dark short damp days hold us in its gloomy grip here in the UK. 

I am looking through the seed packets and seeing which are wanting to be torn open and planted.. And Next week I may well be planting a few to get them going indoors. 


Today I planted some sweetpea seeds.. I took the pods from last years flowers that I let go to seed.. I dried the pods out and left in a brown envelope.. I got the seeds from the pods today and now they've been planted in compost.

Today I planted some sweetpea seeds.. I took the pods from last years flowers that I let go to seed.. I dried the pods out and left in a brown envelope.. I got the seeds from the pods today and now they’ve been planted in compost.


My shall, I made it up as I went along.. This is my 'Granny bed Shawl' lol as I created it to keep me warm while I often wake up to read or write in my journal.

My shawl, I made it up as I went along.. This is my ‘Granny bed Shawl’ lol as I created it to keep me warm while I often wake up to read or write in my journal.



So I have been filling my time with a crocheting project.. I am not such an expert on Crocheting as I am at Knitting.. And so set about learning a few new stitches.. I did this by creating a shawl, which I had no pattern to.. But made it up as I went, while following what I hope is the right stitch patterns following a beginners Crochet book..  I started with the little granny squares and then strung them together and built up from there then did the lacy type edging.. 

Also I have been painting again in watercolours.. but those can be found on my main blog here 

So, as promised here are some of my house plants..  If you click onto them they should reveal more info 

 I can not wait for the better weather to be here so I can once again get my fingers in the Earth.. In the mean time where ever you are

Happy Gardening.