Nature and Crafting

As promised I will share some of my crafting over the last few months, and recent weeks along with how things are growing on the Plot.. April has been very dry here in the UK, and cold. With heavy frosts first thing in the mornings. So things in the greenhouse have been covered in fleece.. Tender plants are still vulnerable so holding back planting out some tender plants in the garden until later on in the month of May.

So here in picture format is just some of what is growing, If you click on the images they will enlarge .

So that is what is growing above. Below is what I have been creating . I have been painting, and creating knitting and crocheting. You will see a large crocheted blanket , and some small knitted and crocheted jumpers / sweaters/ tank tops for some teddy bears. And I recently had bought me a Mandala crocheting book from my daughter for my birthday and so I am now enjoying creating some mandala’s in crocheting.

The first is a bag I have done and crocheted the outside.. I made from a canvas back and created some pockets inside

So my friends, that is what I have been doing while I have been absent from blog land.. I feel the need to be creative. I hope you also embrace your creativity .. Enjoy ALL you create.. All you grow..

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

May you never stop Imagining into being that which you wish to create..

Easter Creations With A Difference..

Dear friends… So how are you all doing? Have you managed to get into your gardens, have you been creative with your hobbies…

I began a new knitting project, a cardigan… Though I chose to do a different stitch pattern to the one on the  pattern below

As you see the stitch pattern is different, but quite easy only for rows to complete one pattern..

We have been on our daily exercise every morning in our plot… And the weather here has been beautiful and sunny and dry…. So dry that we have already had to start watering.. Our nearest water cistern was quite close but its broken and now dry so I counted my footsteps yesterday in strides and it was 82 strides to the next nearest and 82 back.. When you are carrying 4 gallon in two gallon watering cans at a time… My arms were more than aching..  It certainly puts into perspective those who have no water in their countries who carry every drop in searing heat over long distances… My gratitude for water took on a whole new meaning this week.. 

So I decided to give you a little treat in my other creative skills I am still learning, and that is to share a short video I made of our allotment plot… Its far from perfect and I will add below the video new pictures taken today of our planting of cabbages and where I mulched after shredding some of our conifers and cutting back some shrubs we needed to clear for repairs to our garage roof..  You will also see how this week the Sun has brought out the blossom which I didn’t think was there on our apple trees when I made the video as we transplanted and moved  both trees in the autumn to a new position in the plot as they were not thriving where they were.. 

Enjoy your time my friends as much as you can in your restricted zones of lockdown… Create as much as possible… as you try to detach from the daily news.. Breath in Nature as much as you are able… And create your own inner peace in all you do.. 

Click onto the photos to enlarge..

Happy Easter Everyone!






October Already

Hello again, well October has arrived and with it many places have had flooded roads and rivers are running high to overflowing here in the UK,  as for the last few days its done nothing but rain, rain, rain day and night.. 

Click on Photos to Enlarge . 

Cleared out the sweet corn and general tidy up The sprouts are now clearly visible standing to attention

 But thankfully before the rain set in last week, we had a wonderful week of sunny warm weather. Which my hubby and I took advantage of as we got stuck into more chores of clearing on the plot.. The sweetcorn came out and we cleared a space ready for the delivery of  manure which we order later this month.  You can see by the picture below just how the lettuce is growing and we have picked quite a few now, and the swedes are also filling out as are the carrots growing which will be weeded out once they get much bigger.

Lettuce on left, Swedes, and carrots, leeks, January Kings Cabbage and Sprouts far right

 We also reaped in our Butternut Squash and have stored around 24 largish Squash so we are very happy with our harvest of these as you see below. 

Butternut Sqaush

I also cleared out the borders on the front garden of the summer flowers which had gone past there best and also took down the hanging baskets and replenished the wall containers with winter pansies and cyclamens..  Which I forgot to take photos of.. Maybe next time..  I planted lots of chrysanthemums in various colours as well as dwarf daffodil bulbs. My intention is to fill the front border with more perennials next year so as to help with lower maintenance of Summer and Autumn planting..  

But there is still lots of colour in the  back garden and these fuchsias were made into standards by my husband are now three years old taken from one plant as cuttings. They have now been moved into the greenhouse as we have a pending forecast of frost for Wednesday..  

Rainbow light from hanging crystal

Since my  husband cleared and cleaned the pond in the spring its done really well, the fish are happy and the waterlily he cut back hard, and its produced many more flowers this year.  I think in total this year we have had nine or ten  blooms in total, where as in other years we have only had a couple. 

Water Lily in our pond.

You may remember a few months back I began knitting an Aran sweater, It got shelved in July when I went on holiday and upon our return we then started decorating our home and then had to catch up with the neglected plot, so this now knitting project has been completed. And I am very happy with its fit.

My hand knitted Aran sweater .

Have you any projects unfinished? Or have you about to start some..  I am being urged by my inner prompting to start painting again now the garden chores  have been caught up with.  So I will leave you with a gallery of some of the flowers still in bloom and the Dahlias are still in wonderful flower until the first frost hits them on the plot. 

 Until Next Time

  Take Care and Enjoy All you Create

Be it in the garden or in arts and crafts. 

💚 ENJOY! 💚



Keep Busy~ Creating!

Its been a while since I posted here on my garden blog. I have been spending more time off the internet and more time with my hobbies. 

I decided after knitting the finger-less gloves  and snood in my last post to use the same burgundy wool to knit myself a beret.  I found a pattern in our local wool shop and set about knitting it.. nearly each row was different, and needed full concentration and record keeping of where I was when I put it down.  But I was very pleased with the end result. 

Hand knitted Beret.

After the Beret was finished my next project was to paint.. Now  my usual medium I enjoy using is acrylics.. But I had been following Steve on his blog, his love of oil painting and  through his encouragement to give it another try, and already had the oil paints in stock, I gave it another go..  

One of the things which always put me off was the drying time of paintings in oils.. But it also then has its advantages of blending areas where you see mistakes or you need to change. 

So I decided to paint one of my favourite little animals who are at this time of year hibernating, which is a little Hedgehog. 

I called it Hedgehog in Spring 

Hedgehog in Spring in Oil Paints.

Here you can see one which was active in my garden last year

Today as I type this the temperature outside is minus -4°C which is 24.8°F which is cold even for us here in England, and we have freezing fog outside today 

So I thought to show you the little bit of Spring we have in our garden at the moment as some of the primroses are out, and indoors is another piece of Spring in the form of these  Hyacinths bulbs on my kitchen window. The aroma of their perfume is wonderful and greets you each time you open the kitchen door. 


At the moment I am snuggled nice and warm, reading books brought from the library. While the knitting was underway, I bought audio books to listen to. But I am well into Book one, of a trilogy of books, in the Cousins O’Dwyer series  starting with the first one by Nora  Roberts entitled The Dark Witch.  And I was lucky enough to find in stock in the library both two and three at the same time. So lots of lovely reading to be doing in this cold weather. 

Dark Witch (The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy) By Nora Roberts

I am also in the midst of putting a collection of my poetry together, in the hopes to get it self published.. This is something I promised my self long ago, and now feel the need to complete this particular project.   A sample of  my poems can be found mainly on my other blog over at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary, the  link can be found on my side panel of my blog. 

I hope all of those in the USA who are in the ‘Polar Vortex’  (The link provides temps across USA, and sky phenomena with the Light and Sun halo’s)  So, keep safe and warm.. I know your temperatures are far, far, below what we are experiencing and its cold enough here and minus four, so goodness knows how you are all coping in the extreme cold..

Take care all of you thank you for reading and welcome to those who are new followers. 

Happy Creating



A Little Time for Craft.

First thank you all of you who  have recently subscribed to my Gardening blog, I was amazed to see the numbers had jumped since January.. So thank you.. If you make yourself known, I will repay the honour of your visits as time allows.. 

Many may already know this is my second blog that I use to devote more to my Gardening and my Travels and Craft more then anything else.. And it often gets neglected when I am busy with other things which has been painting recently. The results of which are found here. 


So some of you may remember just after Christmas I started upon building the model Greenhouse.  Well I am still making it.. Piece by piece, It said the model could take ten or more hours to make.. Well believe me I have spent more hours than ten on it already and its still not completed.. But it is keeping me quiet when I am in the mood to concentrate upon minute bits of paper to make into individual flowers.. 

Here are some photo’s  of what I have been up to 

If you click onto the photos they should enlarge. 

Here you see a paper seed bag at the bottom. The brown card, you can see are boxes and plant pots which also have to be cut out and bent and glued together

Here you can see me making some tiny seed bags.. Each pieces is cut out and then stuck together with paper glue. in the finished bags you see

Here you see after cutting out these leaves how they were assembled on wire before gluing in tiny bead pots.

This gives you an idea of assembling paper pieces cut out from the patterns.. This is a watering Can.. the measurements are cementers

Here is the little Watering Can which was made out of the Ten pieces of separate paper In the previous photo.. Also here you can see the plants I made.. If you zoom into the photo on the instruction page you will see how the flower are each individually made from wire, yellow and pink paper I cut out.. The Banana Palm as well as all other plants made this way.. Which took time..

Here you see books each have little pages with pictures of flowers inside.. You also see a rush mat, two bird houses and a storage box with cover.. The cloth on top also has a fringe around it.. You have to tease out the threads to make the fringes I hope if you enlarge the photo you can see this.

You can see how time consuming, but absorbing this has been.. And I already made the furniture in wood which came in small pieces too,  which I posted here   on my blog

On the gardening front.. My hubby has made a start.. He planted Shallots in separate little pots along with seeds for Cabbage and Broccoli and Cauliflower seeds in trays to start off in the green house.. The English weather is Wild and Wet right now.. Not knowing whether to snow, hail or sunshine from one moment to the next.. 

What hobbies have kept you busy over Winter? 

Until Next Time..

Happy Creating!. 


Creativity~ Large and Small.

Where oh where are these weeks flying to.. Already it is mid October and soon Halloween will be here..  So here is just a quick update of what I have been doing. 

The weather is being kind to us mid October as all of a sudden it has decided to become warmer again.. Most welcome as we get those last-minute tidy up jobs done in our garden..  ( Click the images to enlarge  and read full text ) 

Here you see all is safely gathered in . We have dug up the geraniums and re-potted.. Also taken some Fuchsia cuttings and more Hydrangea cuttings..
The Begonias we have left in their pots to die back naturally then we save the tubas.. Store in sawdust until next year..

So the geraniums have been lifted and potted back up cuttings taken and I even managed to plant up 7 large tubs of Spring Bulbs.. As well as trim shrubs, and dead head some amazing blooms still in the garden giving us lots of Autumn colours. 


The main crop of Leeks are in front of the Dahlia’s and still they keep flowering as I cut them for cut flowers..

As you can see from the above photo, the Dahlias are still in full flower and will be until the first frosts.. I keep making sure I pick them and dead head them to help encourage their flowering.. 

The second cloche is where we have planted the Broad Beans for next year.
The left over Leeks I had planted in the raised beds all took.. The Strawberries need sorting out yet. 

While I had an hour to spare, My granddaughter had expressed her wish for one of her dolls to be a mermaid. So this was the result of a few moments with the crocheting hook..

While the weather has had its ups and downs, I not only finished my second cardigan but I also began another knitting project..   I started a waistcoat.. This wool  has got to be around 15 yrs old if not more.. A lady gifted it to me, as she left to live in Australia. She got the wool intending to knit it for her sons, who both emigrated out there.  In fact she gave me several bags of wool, hence the dark colours..  The brown cardigan was also from this stash of gifted wool.. So the cost to make, has only been to buy the  buttons.. and the cost of the pattern for this waistcoat.

This is my ongoing project at the moment. I am now half way through the back since taking this photo..


What have you been filling your time with on rainy days? 

Until Next time.. Enjoy Your Autumn 




Knitting Update.

Those of you who take an interest in crafts and Knitting, I know will be wondering how my knitting came along.. This was how I left it on my last update. As I said it was the simplest pattern that I think I ever knitted, only shaping the sleeves. I used basic Knit .  the reason being, I could do without it being complicated as I was watching  Wimbledon Tennis on TV at the time.  🙂 ..So for any beginners out there this would be an ideal pattern to start.

The markers of light coloured wool are for the sleeve placement.

Something I am knitting.

Well now I can show you the completed Cardigan that I made for myself.  I joined up the shoulders  Once the shoulders were joined I then knitted the front bands with one button hole on one side . I picked up evenly stitches  around the neck, knitting a couple of rows and then I  crocheted a frill to act as collar..  

Then I crocheted a fancy easy little frill  to match along the edge of the sleeves, then joined the sleeves up their sides along with the sides of the cardigan.. 

Next did a fancy frill to match around the hem of the cardigan and pinned back the collar to form a lapel, tacked it in place with the same yarn. And lastly I sewn  on the button.. Easy.. 

So this is now how it looks.. 

Cardigan Close up

It is warm and heavy, as it is knitted in cotton yarn with a thread that goes around it. Difficult to see on these photo’s … 

Until next time.. And BE Happy in what ever it is you are doing.. 


Transformation and Creation.

While the weather has not been great here in the UK.. We have had a few days of sunshine between Snow, sleet and rain.

So instead of baking, Apple and Raspberry pies..  and putting on the pounds.. 🙂


I retreated into my little room to do some art..  More Artwork can be found upon my Main blog Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary 

But today I am sharing a little of my artwork here.

A Spiritual Path in a bluebell Wood.

A Spiritual Path in a bluebell Wood. In Acrylics.

This painting I did several years ago from my imagination, which has been stacked within a pile of paintings I was not happy with..  So Out it came as I wondered what I could do with the canvas.. I had thought on doing a completely different painting over the top.. But as it was snowing at the time outside.. I thought to transform it by being creative and using what was already in place. 

This is now how it looks. 

I added a spire and snow and converted the trees to a pine forest.

I added a spire and snow and converted the trees to a pine forest. In acrylics.. 

This next painting  again is from the workings of my mind.. Inspired by the last Full Moon..


Silver Birch by Moon Light

Silver Birch by Moon Light In Watercolour 

I have planted some specialists cauliflowers of white, purple and Yellow..

Broccoli, cabbage, and tomatoes seeds are in trays too, which are starting to sprout .. And we have our seed potatoes now bought and stored in the cool for now.  

February is now half way through.. Time is speeding along and Spring is getting ever closer.. 🙂 

Happy Gardening or Crafting 


Indoor Plants and Crocheting

Hello February!.. Where on earth did January fly too?  I can not tell you how quickly the  month of January  has flown.. Which in a way I am pleased it has..  For January often seems to drag its heels as those cold dark short damp days hold us in its gloomy grip here in the UK. 

I am looking through the seed packets and seeing which are wanting to be torn open and planted.. And Next week I may well be planting a few to get them going indoors. 


Today I planted some sweetpea seeds.. I took the pods from last years flowers that I let go to seed.. I dried the pods out and left in a brown envelope.. I got the seeds from the pods today and now they've been planted in compost.

Today I planted some sweetpea seeds.. I took the pods from last years flowers that I let go to seed.. I dried the pods out and left in a brown envelope.. I got the seeds from the pods today and now they’ve been planted in compost.


My shall, I made it up as I went along.. This is my 'Granny bed Shawl' lol as I created it to keep me warm while I often wake up to read or write in my journal.

My shawl, I made it up as I went along.. This is my ‘Granny bed Shawl’ lol as I created it to keep me warm while I often wake up to read or write in my journal.



So I have been filling my time with a crocheting project.. I am not such an expert on Crocheting as I am at Knitting.. And so set about learning a few new stitches.. I did this by creating a shawl, which I had no pattern to.. But made it up as I went, while following what I hope is the right stitch patterns following a beginners Crochet book..  I started with the little granny squares and then strung them together and built up from there then did the lacy type edging.. 

Also I have been painting again in watercolours.. but those can be found on my main blog here 

So, as promised here are some of my house plants..  If you click onto them they should reveal more info 

 I can not wait for the better weather to be here so I can once again get my fingers in the Earth.. In the mean time where ever you are

Happy Gardening.



Whiling away an Afternoon

I am surknitting-for-barbiee all of you Mums and Grandmothers out there have at some time  been creative, knitting dolls clothes..For me it was a rainy afternoon last week when I got out some scraps of wool to add to my Granddaughters Barbie wardrobe..

In fact for nearly a week we have had rain most days.. Yesterday being the worst day  as Storm Angus  swept across Britain. I know we struggled taking our granddaughter home  after school through roads which were flooded. Thankfully our car made it through the flooded roads ok.. But some in front of us were not so lucky as their cars got flooded and cut out..

My thoughts are with the family of the lady who lost her life in the storm and for those whose homes were flooded yet again as rivers broke their banks and roads just couldn’t take the amount of rain which fell in such a short space of time on already soggy ground..

Needless to say nothing much is happening on the allotment front, but the good news is the green house and sheds are still standing as we had several wild mini tornadoes in our area last Thursday which caused damage.

But I will leave you with some peaceful scenes as these pictures were part of our Sunday walk a week ago when the Sun came out for the morning.  We spent a time watching the Inland Seagulls which are quite common now in our area dive down fishing in this small pond which feeds several man made small lagoons stocked for the fishermen to fish.

This whole area once belonged to one of the many coal mines Shirebrook Colliery.  Now all the coal mines are closed. And the Slag heaps that were once an eye-saw around every Pit village  mostly have now been converted into trails and nature reserves.. I worked for 5 years in Shirebrook in textiles just after the Coal mine was closed.   And for those interested in History I found this video of the Town and its history. My Granddad worked all his life in a pit such as this from the age of 14 until his retirement aged 65..  He worked with pick and shovel in those early years when there were Pit ponies then down the mines and often would work with water up around his knees.

I hope you enjoyed this post as I whiled away  yet another late afternoon as the rain keeps falling..

Take care of yourselves..Wishing you all a Peaceful Week where ever you may be .