Blossom Time.

Today I took lots of pictures both in the allotment and in the home garden. But as some are on my phone from the allotments I will just upload the garden blossoms for today..

Well May is finally here, and today its been more like May weather with Sun shining, even though the wind has been quite strong, It at least got all the washing dry. No more hail thank goodness..

 So today’s post is just about showing you what is in bloom at the moment in the garden.  And for those who have a bluebell wood near them.. Its the ideal time to go and visit one.  Some have been out earlier but here they are just about right for getting the full effect of their beauty in the woods.. 

I took this photo a couple of years ago.. But the woodland was just as beautiful when we went this year

So in no particular order I will  put them in the mosaic and if you click on them it will take you into the picture slide show so you can read better what is beneath them.

I would also like to thank all new followers here too Welcome..It is wonderful to see the numbers rise.. So I hope you enjoy what you see and don’t be shy, I enjoy conversations and swapping gardening tips so  please leave me your thoughts and I will get back to you and your blog when possible.. 

Happy Gardening and Enjoy all the blossoms within your own gardens and woodlands 

Garden Improvements And Hydrangea Cuttings

We often want to revamp and give our gardens a new Look. Recently we wanted a new drive laid and extended, so we had to move our beautiful Hydrangea plants. We had a  large White with tiny blue flowers seen in the below photograph, and a blue one which can not be seen behind the bush. Both had to be dug up and replanted  last September to their new positions and we hoped that they would take.. 

This was our front garden in 2012 with the large Hydrangea on the corner.

This was our front garden in 2012 with the large Hydrangea on the corner.

My hubby took several cuttings from each of them and we over wintered them on a spare bedroom window sill. Just in case the main Hydrangea shrubs didn’t like where we moved them to. 

We wanted an easier to maintain front garden, so as I wouldn’t have 4  full boarders to maintain. This was the new Look with only 2 boarders to maintain.

 I wanted space to add Pots so I could easily plant both Spring and Summer flowering blooms in them. 

The Front Lawn and Pots in 2015.

The Front Lawn and Pots in 2015.

Pots on the Front Garden  Filled with Begonia's

Pots on the Front Garden Filled with Begonia’s

Here’s how to take the cuttings of the Hydrangeas.  You take a new shoot from the main plant. Soak the stem in water for a couple of hours. Then you dip the stem into your rooting agent.. We   preferred Organic rooting gel..  You then place into a Small pot with compost and put a plastic bag over it to help propagate. Keep them covered for about 3 or 4 weeks until they have rooted.. 

Cutting of Hydrangea

Cutting of Hydrangea

Remember to keep the new plants frost free over winter and then set out in late Spring to their intended position. 

Hydrangea Cuttings

Hydrangea Cuttings

And below these are the young cuttings we took in September of last year now in flower Please click the photo’s to enlarge and read more.  

Happy Gardening!