May~ The Growing Force Be With You.

I thought it about time I sat down with my Garden Blog and show you what we have been doing within the allotment.. 

I am also  so very excited to tell you we have our Hedgehog back. In March my daughter bought me for Mothers Day a Hedgehog box, and I put it at the bottom of the garden and it wasn’t long when we had a hedgehog sniffing around and going into it. 

Along with the pressie of the Hedgehog box, my daughter thoughtfully bought dried hedgehog food, and  with our Web Cam we have great pleasure in seeing our little hedgehog sniff around and explore, eating a few pieces  of food most nights in the box as well as finding slugs and snails, worms etc in the garden. He/she is now a regular visitor.  

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Isn’t he/she cute!

I took lots of pictures today in the allotment showing you how planting is going. And at last we are top side of it all before our short break.  If you click onto the photo’s they will take you to the bigger pictures where you can view their captions.

This is how we left the allotment today.  Click on each one to read the captions in the carousel  for more information. 

As you can see, we have been busy. and I have some new additions to plant into my home garden too.  These were some of the plants I got for my Birthday for my home garden.  Again click on the image to read what these are. 

Lots are going on still in the home greenhouse, We have been growing our tomatoes on our spare bedroom windowsills, and they  are yet to go into the greenhouse’  But its full at the moment with  geraniums which were taken from last years plants as cuttings, And my hubby took some cuttings from a potted Fuchsia last Summer. He is training them to become standards. 

My Husband started growing from cuttings last year and training these Fuchsias to grow into standards. They still have a way to go, but they are making strong plants.
All the Geraniums too are from cuttings from last years plants.


I also did some re-potting as my Aloe Vera plant was out growing its pot and had created lots of babies.. So these were potted on. 

My Aloe Vera plant was getting too big for its pot and so I transplanted all the babies.

Well that is all the allotment news, I hope you will be patient with me in replying to your comments, as I may not be able to access the internet  after Sunday for a few days. 

Have a Fabulous month of May,  

And Happy Gardening! 

Preparing The Ground for Planting

At last we have now got some decent weather in which we can really both get stuck into our Allotment.. This morning my Hubby has been busy digging and planting  two  more rows of main crop potatoes. We will plant another 4 rows of our main crop.. This will give us Three rows of earlies, to harvest end of June to mid July and the main crop will be harvested in late September. 

This is looking from the top of the allotments back down to the sheds. You can also see how my husband today also mowed up the sides of the pathways,, He still has to trim the edges with  a strimmer.. 

I have been clearing the weeds on the surface, while Hubby has been digging.. Once you have got to grips with clearing the main body of twitch and grass roots out of your allotments, if you keep on top of weeding, you can soon hoe through the weeds, allow them to dry on the surface and then rake them up..  I was too busy hoeing I forgot to ask hubby to take a photo of me hoeing. But you can see  how its looking now.

This is looking up from about three-quarters of the allotment to the top.. In the foreground you can see how the Strawberry plants are doing.. And yes I left those marigolds in the centre..

To give you an example of how the weeds soon grow.. and what I have cleared in the above plot here below is a section I have yet to clear.. This was where I had the onions and the Asters for cut flowers last yer.. You can just make out the shoots of the Gladioli near the apple tree.. The tree in flower is on next doors plot that is a plumb tree.

This section is to be weeded.. You can just make out the young apple tree I had 5 glorious apples first time last year.. Next time  I hope to show this piece cleared. 

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Above you can see how all the Brassica family are growing… these include cauliflower cabbage and Brussels Sprouts, Also there is Rainbow Chard, and Leeks.. 

Below is a close up of how the raspberries are now starting to shoot.. Remember How I cut back all of last years growth on the stems that had fruited..  Now new growth is emerging on them all..

Raspberry~ New Growth. You can see where I cut back last years stems which had fruited in the autumn

 When there is no more threat of frosts, we will be planting out our Tubers of Dahlias.. this year we are planting them more in the middle of the allotments.. We have some huge tubers and about 30 in total.. Some which we have had for years, Each year we buy just a couple of new ones of varieties we do not have .  Also this year I intend to plant a couple around the home garden for extra colour in the garden.. and not just use for cut flowers.. .. But the more you cut the flowers of Dahlia’s the more they produce more flowers..

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I do hope you have enjoyed my morning down at the Allotments.. Hope to see you again really soon.. And I hope you get company, I had a lovely blackbird who was grateful for a few dug up worms.  

Happy Gardening