June Update on the Plot.

Have any of you noticed how fast this year is flying? Already half way through the year. 

Well our Trip to Scotland at the beginning of May was wonderful, and I hope to find time to post about that on this blog in the near future.. But we have been busy busy on the plot. and just enjoying relaxing over the holiday weekends..

We came back to a garden that had bloomed as the good weather was perfect growing weather not only for the crops but the weeds never stop growing and at twice the pace of crops ūüėÄ

So here is the plot update in picture format and some of our home garden to. ( note if you click onto the photos you will I hope get a larger view. )

While I had hoed outside of the four rows of peas, the inside weeds were taking over, When you consider those stakes are my waist height, It was back breaking work..

This is the four rows of peas which are now weeded

I carried on an weeded the Shallots 

Remember the Dahlias that we dug up last autumn to store over winter.. Well unfortunately we lost half of them due to the very cold weather despite them being wrapped up in the shed. Some of the tubers had gone rotten.. We saved these.

Hubby dug deep holes put some muck beneath and here you see them starting to sprout.. Again since taking this photo they are really growing at speed now and have much more foliage on them.

These were Lupins self sets from last year, I let them grow and they are happy  between where we put the Dahlias. You can just see a Dahlia shooting to the bottom right hand corner of the photo. 

The younger rows of peas now growing under the net, I weeded out those today,
The spring cabbage you see next to them. Some of them went to seed so that is why you see the misses..
Then you see sweet corn and dwarf beans, and the steaks with plastic cut bottles are where the butternut squash is. The bottles to help direct water to the roots. Apologies this is a little blurred 

This is an older photo giving you the length of the plot, Here you see that same Lupin before it was in flower. And this is where the potatoes were planted. 

Here you see the Potatoes rows see how they have grown from the picture above this one. You can see the Lupins now too.  What you may not see are the leeks, that were planted in the earth. They are only like tiny blades of grass at the moment so they do not show up well on the photo. 

The Kidney Beans are now in, these were started off in the Greenhouse and planted out after the threat of frost after we returned from holiday 

With all the good weather and with our constant watering, It looks like there will be plenty of Strawberries this year looking at the amount of flowers.. The bees have been busy working away.

The broad beans are in flower and have some nice young pods on them.. So looking forward to them.

Remember the square raised netted bed of carrots in an earlier post? Well hubby got in and weeded through these,, rather his back than mine. as it was worse than the peas in the top photo. 

The tomatoes are now in the allotment greenhouse we have more in our home garden greenhouse too.
We grew these from saved seeds of tomatoes last year.
If you want to save seeds to grow.. Just squeeze them out onto some kitchen paper and allow them to dry out completely then store in envelopes somewhere dry to plant next season.

Parsnips and Beetroot with peas on left, brassica’s on the right

And I will leave you with what is blooming in the home garden. Until next time..

Happy Gardening.

Laughter behind the Garden Shed.

Gardening holds rich rewards as we know, and we also know it requires effort and putting in the time or nature soon takes control and your allotment will revert back to the field it once was..

Remember this

This piece is where we had the butternut Squash last year.. The water system ūüôā , still in place.. And has still to be cleared and sorted.. And that rickety old shed is still standing despite the high winds.. but this summer it will definitely come down..

And yes.. I did dig all that piece myself.. Hubby snook up and shouted as I looked up.. He snapped it .. ūüėČ ¬†So no laughing. ūüėȬ†

Spring time is when many take on new plots but for many new allotmenteers  they can  be put off with the prospect of digging their first ploughed furrow which when a plot has been neglected for years looks like a field..

So our Allotments offer to plough it up for them. ¬†But once ploughed it requires tender loving care.. And years of getting all the twitch that is the grass and bind-weed out. ¬†As well as horse-tail ¬†which roots break which create more to grow. And you will never get rid of the billions of seeds you unearth each time you dig it afresh… So you have to keep on top of things. Because Mother Nature Gives, but she soon reclaims what is hers.. ūüėȬ†

The green house was cleaned and my husband put the grow bags in and filled up the pots with more compost. securing the canes in readiness for the tomatoes 

This is the greenhouse in the allotments.. my hubby got them all ready over the Easter weekend and now the tomatoes are in..Photos next time of them growing..
You can see the Leeks and the rainbow chard in the corner.. Still waiting to go into the cold frame..

Remember the holes that were limed for the cabbages. Well now the cabbages are in.. They are covered up as we have a lot of wood-pigeon who just love young cabbage leaves.. 

Planting cabbages

Hubby planting out cabbages in those limed holes of the other week. They are watered in and then covered.. He will heal them in firmer in a few weeks once the roots get a firmer grip.. This helps get a tighter cabbage or sprout..

Here you can see the Pea rows.. A few misses which I put more seeds into and watered.. And that kneeler is a blessing. to my knees.. 

These are our apple trees.. I forget which is the eater and cooker.. We only got the 5 apples on one last year… So looking forward this year to trying both.
Below you can see the Gladioli  small corms I left in from two years ago now sprouting.. Hopefully they may flower this year.

Here our apple trees a cooker and an eater have more blossom this year

Close view of apple blossoms..



 These seeds were taken out of the pumpkin we used for Halloween.. I dried around 20 of them.. We set 6 and all have germinated

Now I am usually the one behind the camera and its a rarity that my hubby likes to get in front of the camera.  But when I suggested a selfie of the both of us he happily agreed. So I set the camera up on the  horizontol trellis of the Loganberry fruit bushes

In the foreground are the Autumn fruiting Raspberries and the tall Blue berries, .. The loganberries are on the framework and behind those are the raspberry canes that fruit early summer.

 And below is the sequence of  takes.. These were taken in early morning and I had my Woolley hat on as it had been frosty early morning.. And was blowing a cool wind.  

The camera had a 10 Second timer.. So I had to run.. 

Now this is a shot I was trying with the timer on my small hand-held digital camera. Its timer is for 10 seconds.. ( I was supposed to be in the shot. ) I didn’t run fast enough¬†

Second attempt.. Hubby was laughing counting down from 10 to Zero.. I nearly made it.. as he passed me my cuppa..

Third time Lucky.. Only Just.

Yayyyyyyy……. Lots of laughs… I ran at super speed around the loganberry bushes to sit down looking all relaxed…
ūüôā Lots of laughter and Fun with this Selfie..


Cheers! And Happy Gardening! Until next time.