Allotment in November

Most of you Allotmenteers I am sure are now well into your winter digging and getting your plot put to bed for the winter.. 

Because  I have not always been feeling up to the mark recently, I have swapped my hoe for my knitting needles as you saw from previous posts.

Here is just a picture update of how things are looking now and what is growing. My hubby took these photo’s as he walked up one side of the path he had just mown, and down the other side to the sheds again..

Here you see he cleaned the path, I was wanting it to just become a grass path but hubby cleared it.. Under the cloches are wall flowers and asparagus  and broad beans in the other


Where you see the fresh dug earth, this is where we are going to put a new frames for next years carrots. As this years was a success we are extending it to grow more next year.

As you walk up even though we had a light frost the other night, the Dahlias are not get affected, when they start to blacken we will cut off and lift.. and we hope to show you how to store them. Leeks in front. 


As you pass the Dahlias the Spring Cabbage are under the long cloche.  If you look closely, you can see where our resident FOX has run across the earth. We found his foot paw marks on top of the cloche to the other week, He obviously is having fun, and is often burying eggs, that we dig up.  We see where he sits as he snuggled between the cloche . We would like to put our Wildlife motion Camera there, but as it was a Special Birthday gift to my hubby, and people are known to take things which do not belong them, we decided best not. 


Now you see purple sprouting broccoli a little Kale  and Brussels sprouts and a couple of cabbages left. 

Further still at the edge are the parsnips and behind the spouts we still have lots of beetroot. 


Walking down the other side of our path. 

and walking back past the Dahlias

The small flat cloche is where we grew the carrots to the left is more purple sprouting broccoli and Rainbow Chard. 

Here in the greenhouse are the corms from the Gladioli .. Now lifted and dried, the corms are drying off a little before we store them in the shed.. To the right you see the new seeds gathered for next years seeds from the runner kidney beans.

Well that is it folks, that is how things are looking in November.. We just now have to store the Dahlias and just tickle any weeds which might grow,, But as the weather cools so do the weeds.. thankfully.. 🙂  So next time I hope to show you how we prepare and store the Dahlias.. 

Happy Gardening.. 

Preparation for Spring

Well I thought it about time I wrote a post here.. Nothing much has been happening on the Allotments over the last few weeks, it has simple been far too wet to even dig.  Thankfully my Hubby got a lot of over winter digging done at the beginning of December, just as well, as the constant rain fall here in the UK has been unprecedented even for our Island where we never go far without our Umbrella’s .. I am ever thankful we live on a hill as my thoughts go out across the country to those places in Yorkshire and Cumbria and parts of Scotland that have been hit so hard with major flooding of thousands of Homes. 

The last day I went along to see how the allotment was progressing and to pick some Kale , Leeks and Beetroot and Red cabbage was when we had that wonderful Full Moon. So brilliant was it, that it could still be seen early in the morning in the sky over the allotment plots

Full Moon Over The Allotments

Full Moon Over The Allotments

 My Husband had been busy and had put an extra piece of wood around the green house and connected extra water barrels. 

Greenhouse fence at side

Greenhouse fence at side

Here you can see the barrels and the strawberry plant from the shoots taken from last years plants

Here you can see the barrels and the strawberry plant from the shoots taken from last years plants

Below you can see to where he has dug in the manure..  We will not manure the parts where some of our Crops are going as some root veggies do not like it.. 

Winter digging in the manure

Winter digging in the manure

Still a Large pile of manure which will last.

Still a Large pile of manure which will last.

Here you can see a row of what is left of the Brussels Sprouts ..  A row of carrots beneath the weeds and a row of beetroot in front.. 

Here is where we planted the garlic and it's coming on nicely

Here is where we planted the garlic and it’s coming on nicely. There is still a couple of Lettuce under the cloche

Leeks and Red Cabbage

Leeks and Red and more spouts

I am in the process of learning about planting with the Moon Cycles.. I had expressLunar and Biodynamic Gardening cover imageed my interest to my daughter who thoughtfully included as one of her Christmas gifts to me a book that I am finding fascinating reading,, It is called  Luna and Biodynamic Gardening by Matt Jackson.  Which can be found on line HERE  and I am in the process of planning out my garden to try to adhere to the principles of sewing and harvesting by the Moon.. This is a first for me too.. So we shall see how this experiment goes and if I can keep to it? 


May I just wish all of you who kindly follow this Blog a Very Happy New Year for 2016 and Beyond.. And thank you most sincerely.  

May you all be blessed and continue with your own  

Happy Gardening!