Sue Dreamwalker, can usually be found at her main blog site Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary  she has created this blog in order to share her and her husbands passion for  organic gardening. 

In today’s climate of fast foods and additives, people are coming to realise the benefits of healthy eating and are beginning to realise the harm all the pesticides and herbicides do in not only poisoning the earth, but the toxins are being found in high levels within our own blood steams.. Which can account for illness. 

Upon the Posts and Pages  Sue hope’s to show you the progress of their allotment and also share some Recipes and Remedies and maybe the odd Rituals thrown in now and again..

If you have found your way to this site, Welcome.. And I hope you enjoy reading and watching how Nature does her thing.. 

Allotments with Dreamwalker



16 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you Ka.. Hubby does most of the spade work.. And He is always delighted at the amount of comments when ever I post on Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary about our Allotments.. so I will pass on your praise 🙂 thank you x

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    • I don’t know about experienced Maria.. I do not know half that you do about those lovely exotic plants you post.. But I hope to share what I have learned and hope others can give me their own tips along the way to Happy Gardening 🙂


  1. Hi dear! Nice “new home” you have over here… 🙂 Plants and herbs are one of my passions as well! Lovely posts and photos… looking forward to seeing more. Have a lovely evening – and autumn time in your garden!
    Hugs your way!
    // Eclipse (one busy granny :))

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    • Hi Eclipse and I think Congratulations are in order.. Lovely to see you here… and to learn herbs and plants are another of you passions too 🙂 Good to know all is well with you.. Happy days my friend xxx ❤


  2. Everything you do and write about, your art, your photos, are all seamless in their connection to one another. When I thirst for something more I come to one of your sites to see what your life has and what it can offer mine. Thank you!

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