Garden Makeover

Those of you who are gardener’s know that you must have patience when planing a garden.. You also have to have vision.. For you have to wait not one, but maybe many years for your ideas to grow as your plants take years to fill out your garden. 

Coming back from the Chatsworth Flower Show at the beginning of June, we were both inspired to tidy up our back garden. Over the years it has undergone several changes, but I had also mainly planted up annuals in our back boarders. Bulbs and wallflower for spring.. And often got neglected when we were both working full time. 

I wanted more of a  herbaceous border  so that it will take less maintenance. Even though I do not class myself as passed it just yet 🙄 Kneeling and bending up and down take their toll, So again like the flower beds you have to plan ahead. 👵

First things first.. Here is the old photo showing you the decking.. I planted bamboo and some privet in  front of the green house as I eventually wanted to screen the green house from the rest of the garden.. We had planted two conifers too, which we wanted to grow as an archway.  This takes time and patience..

So an old photo of what the garden once upon a time long ago, it looked like this. Picture was taken in 2010 Below I wish I could find one in the 80’s when we moved in. It was very overgrown. No lawn as such, and I replanted the whole lawn then by sewing seed and walking up and down on it to flatten it out.. 

Now we both got carried away with our project that I forgot to take the before photos, As my husband dismantled the decking one day while I was resting. But I found some old photo’s out so you can see what we did.. 

Here you can clearly see the decking, but it eventually got worn, slippy and not safe to walk upon. so it was used to put pots on for years, rather than sit on. You can clearly see we used decking too on the right side to hold the deeper raised bed of earth we had planted.

This Photo above was taken in 2013  you can now see how the arch is forming, and the Buddleia to  back of the decking is growing, and the bamboo are starting to screen the greenhouse, the privet is seen between the arch on the left.. 

Taken April 2017, you see the decking is now out, wallflower are out at the bottom  left where the decking was,and I have re-seeded with grass to make a curve where the square decking was. The Grass which is longer and not showing the hail stones as much. ( as this photo taken in a five-minute hail storm we had)

This has been in stages as the decking came out in the autumn of last year I then planted wall flowers in the space and grass seeded down part where the decking had been as I wanted to extend the lawn in a curve shape to the archway.

The above photo was taken in May, I had cut out the border in a more wavy pattern and stared to plant up the corner where the decking had been, we moved the bird bath and I put my fairy house at the bottom of my garden, where all good fairies now  live 🙂 Sorry this picture is not so sharp and clear. 

The next steps I wanted a more defined border, one where the lawn strimmer would not take the heads off my flowers 😉 lol  So this is the next stage. 

Then we concentrated on the right side of the garden

Now you see the effect from the first photo to the this one I wanted.. It only took  Seven Years to grow to this stage lol.. But it separates the garden from the greenhouse and our outside cold frames. and three dustbins we have for recycling. One for paper, tin and plastic, one for household waste, and the other for garden waste.. Which is not all that much as much of it gets composted in the allotments. 

Here you can see we used larger slats of wood on the right for the raised bed, and continued the theme with the smaller ones to encase the water features.

Now  a few more years of waiting as these plants grow and fill out the boarders

Now for a closer look  click each to get a larger view. 

And of course, we had to have some fairy lights.. Hope you enjoyed.. as much as we did tidying it all up 


Happy Gardening


Next time more blooms from Chatsworth.

The Eco Gardener


Changing faces of a garden

That shows us colour all year through

Keeping pace with weeding and

All other things we do


Dead heading your flower beds

So that more blooms will grow

And saving lots of seed pods

For next year you can sow


Taking care of Nature

And all her tender shoots

Collecting up your harvests

Of veggies and precious fruits

Sharing of your treasures

As you pass your gifts along

Drinking tea in your shed

As you listen to bird song



Creating eco spaces

So insects have a home

Encouraging diversity

So Natures creatures roam


Knowing each tiny insect plays its own huge part

Creating Interconnection to regulate and thrive

From worms within the soil

To the Bees within the Hive


Nature is a Miracle as

She constantly evolves

And I’m proud to be a Gardener

In a World within Worlds that revolves.

© Sue Dreamwalker  2016-08-27