Sowing has begun Plus News on a Monsanto Report

This week we started to plant some of our seeds directly into the allotment.  I set too and planted two rows of Parsnips I like to plant them about 3 inches apart.. ( Sorry I still work in inches rather than Cms..)  Which is approximately 8 cms apart. 

Here are two drill lines and the seeds are parsnips

These will not be touched until they get large enough to see them clearly as I will weed in between them.. We covered with a cloche to keep the ground a bit warmer.  And watered them in once they were covered with more earth. 



I also set two rows of Beetroot  a row of Peas,  I say one row of peas but these I set in rows of 3  close together  ..  I didn’t take a photo of them..  but  using the above picture as a template. I would have planted an extra row in the middle with the peas.. Information on how to plant Peas can be found Here  should you need it.  when they start coming through I will find sticks for them to climb up. 

Here you see a cloche over the peas I set, and behind you can just make out the 3 mounds of earth where the early potatoes are now in.

My hubby dug three trenches and filled them with manure which we had plenty left over which are stored in the bins now behind the sheds and put in our early potatoes. These are Arran Pilot  and are a popular choice for early crop new potatoes .. 


Last Autumn, I set some Lettuce seeds, and these are just coming along nicely, I also set some pick and mix lettuce, these you can see have gone to seed with the yellow flower heads.. But these few should make lovely little lettuce heads. 



Most of you know we do not use any chemicals, herbicides etc on  our produce, preferring to let nature take her course. I do mix up a garlic spray, and this has proved effective with black fly.. So my next piece of information shared I hope you will follow the link for. 

Why? well, it’s what is going into our food.. And what is a worry is that some of the pesticides which have been banned through the EU may well be given licence to be used on crops within the growing of our food again in the future..

So this important report on Monsanto and what levels of chemicals are within our foods we especially give our children, is alarming!..

This was shared on Health Nut News ,  and is entitled ~Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story – Don’t Let This Go Unshared!  I hope you go and look at the list of foods and share it with everyone you know in the orange Link above .

 A quotation below from this site says :~

Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story – Don’t Let This Go Unshared! | Health Nut News

Share this shocking new report with everyone you know….

A FDA-registered food safety laboratory tested iconic American food for residues of the weed killer glyphosate (aka Monsanto’s Roundup) and found ALARMING amounts.

Just to give you an idea of how outrageous these amounts are, independent research shows that probable harm to human health begins at really low levels of exposure – at only 0.1 ppb of glyphosate. Many foods were found to have over 1,000 times this amount! Well above what regulators throughout the world consider “safe”.

The list includes Cornflakes, Cheerios, Special K, Ritz crackers, and loads loads more..  The research is significant, and this chemical is known by the W.H.O. World Health Organisation to produce Cancer  cells. Its alarming given the amount now of Cancers occurring in young children .. So Please do yourselves a favour and go check out the list.. Especially if you live in the USA.  

Now you see why I dislike using Chemicals on foods ..

Happy Sowing My friends

And Sorry I have been absent here for a while.. 



Warmth is bringing out the Butterflies and Bees.

First may I apologies to those whose comments have been awaiting approval for so long.. At the moment I am experiencing some problems upon WordPress and I am not always receiving comments in my notification reader from this blog and my main one. Some are getting through and I think I have answered them, And others I have not seen at all.. 

It appears even when others reply to my comments that I am not always receiving their comments back and I have to back track to their blogs to see if they have answered.. So getting around blog land is taking twice as long..

Plus I have not been spending as much time on my blogs as I have been nurturing myself more these past few weeks..

But this afternoon it was such a beautiful afternoon, and I went for a short walk with my husband.. The sun was bright and warm and the sky was cloudless for a change and a beautiful blue.. The temperature had to be 16deg C this afternoon.. So very warm for this time of year.. But as we know, all things can change, and we see NY in the USA is having snow storms, which can soon travel across Jet Streams and upset the balance again.. 

My Grandmother always said never cast a clout until May is out..  The meaning of this English proverb can be found at this link to those wishing to know. For me it always meant never remove our clothing, for me in those days it was a liberty bodice lol 

Closer view of the many wonderful snowdrops out

We took the walk where the snowdrops were on my last post. They have now all finished flowering.

But We had a lovely surprise, and was accompanied for a short while by a Peacock Butterfly, who fluttered around us and then landed upon the muddy track of recent rains, to have a drink. We also saw one or two lone large Bumble Bees too, always good to see..  

Walking today, I spotted this amazing early Peacock Butterfly in the muddy track.

Peacock Butterfly today having a drink in the mud A closer view..
More about this Butterfly can be found Here at this Link

 I also want to say a warm welcome to those who have started to follow Dreamwalker’s Garden blog Please feel free to leave me your comments and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.. And many thanks for your follows.. I hope you enjoy what you see here.  

I thought I would show you how the Orchids were now looking as there is nothing much to report in the Allotment at this time.. You can see how much they have come along from this previous post in at the end of January in the post Caring for our Orchids

 Happy Gardening and Walking


Spring is Springing..

Tree Damage.. In one of our Storms

Tree Damage.. In one of our Storms

Well what a month we have had again weather wise… It seems the weather can not make up its mind what it wants to do.. One moment it is warm and mild with Sun and blue skies. The next its cold, frosty with snow showers and Gales as Storm Doris swept across the UK..

( if you hover your mouse over the images you will see what is growing)

I have not felt like tackling the allotments as  yet due to not feeling 100%.. But my hubby has made a start and has hoed up some winter weeds and started to turn over the earth in places which were not dug over at the end of last years season.  But I went a walk to the allotments and took my camera with me to take some photos..

This was my first visit to the allotment this year for me.. I really can not wait to get back into it.. I have instead been pottering around the home garden clearing and cutting back dead growth.

We have made plans to where things will go as we rotate crops.. And the seeds we planted are already through and have been transplanted into larger pots and put in the green house to slow down a little .  More are still on our home window sills germinating. Which include tomatoes which are now showing signs of growth.

So to show you more signs of Spring , we did a round trip walk as we walked from the allotments we went on an hours walk this is literally  begins five minutes from our allotments ..  So I have included these in a slide show.

Thank you to all of you who have recently subscribed to my gardening Blog.. Please make yourselves known and I will get back to you.. 🙂 I was amazed at the new numbers of new followers this month so thank you for subscribing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Gardening I hope you now have Spring in your Step


Transformation and Creation.

While the weather has not been great here in the UK.. We have had a few days of sunshine between Snow, sleet and rain.

So instead of baking, Apple and Raspberry pies..  and putting on the pounds.. 🙂


I retreated into my little room to do some art..  More Artwork can be found upon my Main blog Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary 

But today I am sharing a little of my artwork here.

A Spiritual Path in a bluebell Wood.

A Spiritual Path in a bluebell Wood. In Acrylics.

This painting I did several years ago from my imagination, which has been stacked within a pile of paintings I was not happy with..  So Out it came as I wondered what I could do with the canvas.. I had thought on doing a completely different painting over the top.. But as it was snowing at the time outside.. I thought to transform it by being creative and using what was already in place. 

This is now how it looks. 

I added a spire and snow and converted the trees to a pine forest.

I added a spire and snow and converted the trees to a pine forest. In acrylics.. 

This next painting  again is from the workings of my mind.. Inspired by the last Full Moon..


Silver Birch by Moon Light

Silver Birch by Moon Light In Watercolour 

I have planted some specialists cauliflowers of white, purple and Yellow..

Broccoli, cabbage, and tomatoes seeds are in trays too, which are starting to sprout .. And we have our seed potatoes now bought and stored in the cool for now.  

February is now half way through.. Time is speeding along and Spring is getting ever closer.. 🙂 

Happy Gardening or Crafting 


Indoor Plants and Crocheting

Hello February!.. Where on earth did January fly too?  I can not tell you how quickly the  month of January  has flown.. Which in a way I am pleased it has..  For January often seems to drag its heels as those cold dark short damp days hold us in its gloomy grip here in the UK. 

I am looking through the seed packets and seeing which are wanting to be torn open and planted.. And Next week I may well be planting a few to get them going indoors. 


Today I planted some sweetpea seeds.. I took the pods from last years flowers that I let go to seed.. I dried the pods out and left in a brown envelope.. I got the seeds from the pods today and now they've been planted in compost.

Today I planted some sweetpea seeds.. I took the pods from last years flowers that I let go to seed.. I dried the pods out and left in a brown envelope.. I got the seeds from the pods today and now they’ve been planted in compost.


My shall, I made it up as I went along.. This is my 'Granny bed Shawl' lol as I created it to keep me warm while I often wake up to read or write in my journal.

My shawl, I made it up as I went along.. This is my ‘Granny bed Shawl’ lol as I created it to keep me warm while I often wake up to read or write in my journal.



So I have been filling my time with a crocheting project.. I am not such an expert on Crocheting as I am at Knitting.. And so set about learning a few new stitches.. I did this by creating a shawl, which I had no pattern to.. But made it up as I went, while following what I hope is the right stitch patterns following a beginners Crochet book..  I started with the little granny squares and then strung them together and built up from there then did the lacy type edging.. 

Also I have been painting again in watercolours.. but those can be found on my main blog here 

So, as promised here are some of my house plants..  If you click onto them they should reveal more info 

 I can not wait for the better weather to be here so I can once again get my fingers in the Earth.. In the mean time where ever you are

Happy Gardening.



Outside in the back garden this Winter.

Today is the first day in along while we have  had clear blue skies.. The temperature may only have been 4 deg C this morning and it’s not much higher this afternoon. But it’s so lovely outside 

So I took my camera out onto my back garden to show what is growing at the moment.  We had a giant red-leaved Yucca plant which was at least 6 ft high until the snow of 2010. Then the heavy snow and the keen frosts killed all the foliage.. My hubby cut it down at the base thinking it had seen its last days.. It had been growing in a large half barrel  and during the successive summer and autumn we piled up more pots on top of it and forgot about it.. 

It wasn’t until the following Spring  that we removed the pots to find to our amazement lots of baby new shoots growing from around the cut down base of the plant.. 

I do not know the fancy names for this Yucca. Now we bind up these lovely 6 yr old shoots like this to prevent the frost from getting to the centre it works

I do not know the fancy names for this Yucca. Now we bind up these lovely 6 yr old shoots like this to prevent the frost from getting to the centre it works

In front you may see what looks like a Christmas tree.. You would be right.. Last year we bought and paid quite a bit of cash from a garden centre for one said to have roots on.. But on getting it home after Christmas to re-pot it we found it had been hacked and hardly any root at all it didn’t survive.

This Year hubby checked on its roots before hand, and this little beauty we hope will grow and thrive and be our outdoor Christmas tree for a few years to come

Christmas tree with roots to keep on enjoying the festive seasons to come

Christmas tree with roots to keep on enjoying the festive seasons to come

We also have colour in the form of our Yellow primroses. These are the wild variety and not the cultivated ones..  And I planted these plants last spring, They have been in constant flower on and off even if only one flower in bloom right through last Summer and Autumn.. And look at them now

Throughout the  year I always feed the garden birds and add meal worms etc in the nesting season .. But we often forget about the Bugs.. I have a little Bug house which has had quite a few takers for its first Autumn as I put it out last Spring.

You can see where there is someone at home.. As the holes are filled in to keep them snug as a bug in a rug..

You can see where there is someone at home.. As the holes are filled in to keep them snug as a bug in a rug..

Sclamatis-cut-back-in-autumno what else is going on in my back garden.. Well the clematis I cut back now looks dead, but don’t be fooled, because before long as soon as the warmer weather arrives it will start sprouting again. 

Then there are the wallflower that I planted.. I grew these from seeds and planted them in the allotments and transplanted them at the end of October into the back and front garden along with some winter flowering pansies. 

The pansies in flower are in the tubs on the front garden and the small ones I had left over I put with these wallflowers to keep company.. This square patch was where we had the old decking, which we pulled up last summer.. As yet I have plans for this little patch, and want to add a little turf to extend the lawn a little way.. But that is a job for spring. 


There is a Mole and he lives in a Hole.

There is a Mole and he lives in a Hole.

The Moles have been busy,, I wonder why? lol , those reading my other blog who are following the story of the Elder part 1, will smile that I have a few mole hills in my lawn..  But they have to live too!.. And will find their way back to the fields when the worm supply is not as tasty.. 🙂 

I have also had plenty of herbs growing too this Spring and Summer.. some like Basil do not survive our winters.. But chives, mint, Sage and Rosemary have all done well and I still keep clipping away at the rosemary .


Last Summer I bought a lovely scented Jasmine.. It’s not the yellow flowering winter variety and I was not sure if it would survive outdoors.. But It had grown so well as I trained it up a metal trellis that it became too big to bring indoors.. So my husband put supports around it and we wrapped up in bubble wrap

More bubble wrap in the home Greenhouse, as the geraniums and other plants are under here.. Yes it’s looking a mess.. but come spring order will be made out of chaos 

Greenhouse at the bottom of our home garden covered in bubble wrap to keep warmer and frost free

Greenhouse at the bottom of our home garden covered in bubble wrap to keep warmer and frost free

Last but not least is the Camellia in bud.. We bought two of these plants last year.. this is the only survivor.. we do not know why the other one didn’t survive as they both were planted in the same type of compost  in separate pots and watered the same way. Yet the other just lost its leaves and withered away.. The plant below was attacked by black-fly last year, but I gave it a dose of garlic, crushed and fermented in water.. It kept me away from it for a day too 🙂 


Camellia with buds

Camellia with buds

Well that’s all that is going on outside at the moment.. My next post I hope to show you some of my house plants so will be moving Indoors.. 🙂 

Happy Gardening 


Caring for our Orchids

As fog and rain along with ice and snow have hit many parts of the United Kingdom, the Allotments have just been visited to pull up parsnips, leeks and the odd spout or two.. Its pure January weather..

So I thought to take a few photo’s of my orchids..

Orchids on my Kitchen window sill

Orchids on my Kitchen window sill

I am very proud that each one of these plants are now in full bud as they finished flowering late Autumn . Apart from the smallest, which I bought last year, the others I have kept successfully for several years.. After numerous failures with other orchid plants .. Which I discovered I had killed with kindness of over watering.. 

So the Key to success is once they have finished flowering is to put them on a window sill indoors where there is not too much heat or direct sunlight and forget about them for a couple of months and then start to water them again..

It looks like there will be lots of flowers ready to bloom soon..


And I now have One which has come out in flower

Tips can be found HERE  on how best to prune, water, and keep various orchids  and cultivate them..

To see some of these orchids in full bloom you can see some of them Here on another post I did last Spring.

Wishing you Happy Gardening Days to come as we move through these damp winter days of January..

Happy Gardening




Amaryllis Bulbs~ Keeping them year after year..

First of All I wish all of you a Very Happy New Year..  

I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful 2017..  And I thank each and everyone of you for your lovely support and contributions throughout 2016..  

 Secondly, Apologies how Quiet Dreamwalker’s  Garden Blog has been through these last few months.  Circumstances dictated my time,  But I am here now and  wish to start off this new year by showing you my Wonderful Amaryllis in Flower right now. It has 4 wonderful blooms on one stem and another stem in bud which I hope also will have another four blooms yet to show me their glorious blooms 

After amaryllis bulbs have bloomed, we often are inclined to throw them out. If you’d like to have them flower again next Autumn or winter, below are a few tips of how to save and prepare your bulbs..

When your blossoms have faded from your amaryllis, then cut off the flower stems about 1/2″ or around 5cms from the bulb. Don’t cut off the leaves. (Please watch out for any juice which comes from the cut stems as you carry them to the bin as they’ll drip on floors otherwise.) If the bulbs are big, most will develop second, or even third, flower stalks. Just cut the blossom stalks off as the blooms go by and savour all the flowers your bulbs produce.

After the last bloom stalk has been cut off your amaryllis will still be attractive, with their long  green leaves.

Place your plants on a sunny windowsill so these leaves can gather light, this will help to nourish your bulbs. Keep watering your plants so the soil says lightly moist, but never soggy.

 You will find the late spring and early summer warmth encourages the plants outdoors to leaf out, so think about where your amaryllis can spend the summer. Choose a sunny location where night temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees.

You can leave the bulbs in their pots, if the containers have drainage holes, you could also place them somewhere in the middle to back of the garden where they can blend in with other plants . If there are no drainage holes in your containers, the pots will fill with water when it rains and the bulbs will rot. So please make sure they are well drained.. Especially here in the UK where our rainfall is high. 

Give them a small amount of fertilizer when you provide the same for the rest of the garden; this will help strengthen the bulbs for future flowering. We often use tomato feed to help give our plants a boost when we water them. 

In early to mid autumn, before the first frost, bring your amaryllis back inside, cut off all the foliage about 1″-2″ or 5 cms  from the top of the bulbs, and place the bulbs in a dry, dark place.

I find under the sink cupboard is good, but if you have a cellar then you could put them there.  You are trying to force your bulbs to take a rest, to slip into a few weeks of dormancy before starting a new flowering cycle.

During this period, withhold all water.

Let your amaryllis sleep for ten to twelve weeks. Then, start the growing cycle over just as you did when your first planted the bulbs.

Replace the soil with fresh mix, remove any dead leaves and old, peeling bulb sheaths which look like dried onion skins and replant, again with the bulb shoulders exposed.

 Place your bulbs in bright light and give them one good drink of water. The combination of light and water will re-awaken your plants and encourage them to start growing again.

When the first little leaves appear, and not before, begin watering regularly. (If you give a steady supply if water to a bulb with no foliage, the bulb will rot.) So do not over water it.

With good care most amaryllis bulbs will bloom seasonally for years. Some cultivars even develop offspring bulbs alongside the mother bulbs and these youngsters eventually grow large enough to bloom. So nurture them and keep growing them on. 

Lastly here is my lovely daughter with her flowering Amaryllis showing how when we give energy how it responds in kind with these huge and numerous flowers..  🙂 

My Daughter and her Amazing Amaryllis

My Daughter and her Amazing Amaryllis

Happy Gardening 



To My WordPress Family

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Being emphatic often means at times I allow myself to get overwhelmed in energies which aren’t my own. I should have learnt this lesson by now.

But the energies ‘Out there’ which each of us are creating ‘In here’ are given power through our fearful thoughts, doubts and uncertainties, which manifest within the material world of matter.

I am only Human, on my own Human experience as are you.

I have sat within a haze of emotions these past few days as certain frequencies have hit me over several weeks affecting my energy. The last being a family bereavement two days ago, which acted as the catalyst for my need to refocus.

So, I am sitting out for short time in silence here on WordPress.

I know you will understand my need to go within my silent space for a time.  You who visit me here regularly and who constantly…

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Whiling away an Afternoon

I am surknitting-for-barbiee all of you Mums and Grandmothers out there have at some time  been creative, knitting dolls clothes..For me it was a rainy afternoon last week when I got out some scraps of wool to add to my Granddaughters Barbie wardrobe..

In fact for nearly a week we have had rain most days.. Yesterday being the worst day  as Storm Angus  swept across Britain. I know we struggled taking our granddaughter home  after school through roads which were flooded. Thankfully our car made it through the flooded roads ok.. But some in front of us were not so lucky as their cars got flooded and cut out..

My thoughts are with the family of the lady who lost her life in the storm and for those whose homes were flooded yet again as rivers broke their banks and roads just couldn’t take the amount of rain which fell in such a short space of time on already soggy ground..

Needless to say nothing much is happening on the allotment front, but the good news is the green house and sheds are still standing as we had several wild mini tornadoes in our area last Thursday which caused damage.

But I will leave you with some peaceful scenes as these pictures were part of our Sunday walk a week ago when the Sun came out for the morning.  We spent a time watching the Inland Seagulls which are quite common now in our area dive down fishing in this small pond which feeds several man made small lagoons stocked for the fishermen to fish.

This whole area once belonged to one of the many coal mines Shirebrook Colliery.  Now all the coal mines are closed. And the Slag heaps that were once an eye-saw around every Pit village  mostly have now been converted into trails and nature reserves.. I worked for 5 years in Shirebrook in textiles just after the Coal mine was closed.   And for those interested in History I found this video of the Town and its history. My Granddad worked all his life in a pit such as this from the age of 14 until his retirement aged 65..  He worked with pick and shovel in those early years when there were Pit ponies then down the mines and often would work with water up around his knees.

I hope you enjoyed this post as I whiled away  yet another late afternoon as the rain keeps falling..

Take care of yourselves..Wishing you all a Peaceful Week where ever you may be .