Oban~ Scotland.

This is why I have not been around my gardening blog lately.. On Holiday and Preparing for Christmas. Thank you for your patience.. and look forward to catching up with you soon.. Hugs Sue

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The above view  is taken of Oban Town, from the  The Colosseum-like structure of  McCaig’s Tower.  The view looks out onto the various Isles in the distance. Below is a plaque which shows you the Isles,to which the ferries travel back and forth, to Mull, and other islands, sorry the focus is out on the one below. 


Oban means ‘The Little Bay’ It is from here you take the ferries to Mull, and other islands.  I took these photos from this advantage point. The McCaig’s Tower. Which stands high above the town 

John Stuart McCaig (1824 – 1902) commissioned the build  over a five year period from 1895 until his death in 1902. You can find out why it was built by opening the link.   

Inside there is a garden and it looks like this

To get to the tower you walk the steep climb.. We took the steps…

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Storing the Dahlia Tubas for Winter

Well, we now have had our first frosts here in England, and so it was the perfect time to lift the Dahlia,s and store the Tubas.  As promised I will show the process. Those of you who live in warmer climates will not have to do this, and even in the South of England often tubas are left in because the winters are not as cold as further North.

Here you can see in the first photo how the flowers start to blacken when the frost hits them.  ( If you click the photos, they can be enlarged ) 


Now the frost has hit the Dahlias it was time to start digging up the tubas

Hubby getting to grips with the Dahlias

After cutting off the Dahlia tops, the tubas are dug up and placed into  the wheelbarrow

My job was labelling. 

Hubby made a metal grid in the allotment greenhouse, where you place the stalks side down and tuba side up, This helps to drain the moisture out of the stalks .. And here they will stay for a couple of weeks until the soil has completely dried and can be shaken off.
Then they will be stored in the shed and covered with some hessian sacking. And they will be fine until next year when we will plant them out again.

Everything now in the allotment is more or less ship shape, Hubby has now dug where the Dahlias were, and the last of the weed has been hoed from between the leeks and sprouts. Now the frosty mornings are arriving not many more weeds will grow, and what do now will be easily hoed up. 

I took some photos of a couple of plots, just showing you how when you turn your back, or they are left alone for a while just how quickly nature reclaims them back

The plot next to ours, and only a few weeks away it and how its got overgrown with weed just showing you how you have to stay on top of your allotment even in Autumn.

A vacant plot of two years three plots from ours.



This plot was a once well-kept plot, but the person who held it became ill and could not continue.


We also have a plenty of windfall apples, these have been given us by other allotmenteers who have had more than enough for themselves. 


All of these apples you see were windfalls which we had given us. And despite their appearances, most are perfect apples beneath their skin and lots of Apple Pie’s have been made and lots more apple crumbles to make too.

And today I made another Apple Pie which goes down a treat with lashings of hot custard.

Homemade Apple Pie


Happy Gardening, and Happy Eating all that you produce.

Until next time. Sue 

Allotment in November

Most of you Allotmenteers I am sure are now well into your winter digging and getting your plot put to bed for the winter.. 

Because  I have not always been feeling up to the mark recently, I have swapped my hoe for my knitting needles as you saw from previous posts.

Here is just a picture update of how things are looking now and what is growing. My hubby took these photo’s as he walked up one side of the path he had just mown, and down the other side to the sheds again..

Here you see he cleaned the path, I was wanting it to just become a grass path but hubby cleared it.. Under the cloches are wall flowers and asparagus  and broad beans in the other


Where you see the fresh dug earth, this is where we are going to put a new frames for next years carrots. As this years was a success we are extending it to grow more next year.

As you walk up even though we had a light frost the other night, the Dahlias are not get affected, when they start to blacken we will cut off and lift.. and we hope to show you how to store them. Leeks in front. 


As you pass the Dahlias the Spring Cabbage are under the long cloche.  If you look closely, you can see where our resident FOX has run across the earth. We found his foot paw marks on top of the cloche to the other week, He obviously is having fun, and is often burying eggs, that we dig up.  We see where he sits as he snuggled between the cloche . We would like to put our Wildlife motion Camera there, but as it was a Special Birthday gift to my hubby, and people are known to take things which do not belong them, we decided best not. 


Now you see purple sprouting broccoli a little Kale  and Brussels sprouts and a couple of cabbages left. 

Further still at the edge are the parsnips and behind the spouts we still have lots of beetroot. 


Walking down the other side of our path. 

and walking back past the Dahlias

The small flat cloche is where we grew the carrots to the left is more purple sprouting broccoli and Rainbow Chard. 

Here in the greenhouse are the corms from the Gladioli .. Now lifted and dried, the corms are drying off a little before we store them in the shed.. To the right you see the new seeds gathered for next years seeds from the runner kidney beans.

Well that is it folks, that is how things are looking in November.. We just now have to store the Dahlias and just tickle any weeds which might grow,, But as the weather cools so do the weeds.. thankfully.. 🙂  So next time I hope to show you how we prepare and store the Dahlias.. 

Happy Gardening.. 

Pumpkin Faces.

Hello all my fellow gardeners, I hope you had a wonderful Halloween. I  just had to share with you what we did with some of the pumpkins our granddaughter set , as you may remember from the picture I shared in a recent post 

Here are two I carved out for the Big night 

You can tell the first one on the left got more attention, by the time I had finished scraping out this one, my hands were aching, So the second one was a bit rushed on the right. ..

And if you have lots of Pumpkins over, You could make Pumpkin Muffins.

Pumpkin Muffins

The Recipe you can find here, I shared on my recipe page over at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary.

Hope you all had Fun..  And I just want to say thank you to all new subscribers, and welcome to Dreamwalker’s Garden Blog.  And of course to my faithful friends and followers who comment and make yourself known here often. Thank YOU..

Wishing you a Peaceful weekend..


Update on Knitting and Weird Skies and Contaminants

Hello to all again, and yes another month is over as we embrace Autumn, her falling leaves and those spooky Halloween Costumes again. There have been some lovely days and we made the most of them, I planted the wall-flowers, though have not taken photo’s of them, I was too tired at the end of all that kneeling and bending as I planted out my front and back garden.

Here you can see the mirage effect of the Sun very weird

Halloween was not the only thing spooky going on over here in the UK.. For the day Ophelia made landfall here in Britain, she also brought some rather spooky skies..  As she brought in a sand storm that turned the sky yellow and the Sun Red..  Everyone was snapping photo’s of the sky.. and a deeper report can be found here, in a BBC News report.

This was taken a few moment later and it had disappeared back to one

I was also clicking away and ran outside to take these shots.. As my husband shouted that there were two Suns in the sky.. Not believing him, I grabbed my camera and this is what we saw. But in a matter of seconds the shadow Sun disappeared and became one as this image shows..

We can often get sand in the rain, and other bits and pieces, as my hubby found in our pond as he cleaned it out for winter.. We found lots of little bits of metallic debris just a little bit larger than glitter in the silt at the bottom of the pond..  As both of us see lots of Chem-trails above our heads on certain days, we know are not the usual flight paths of planes..  They happen over head at regular intervals, and we both concluded that what goes up, must come down and on investigating further I discovered this article about Chemtrail Syndrome.  On learning more you will see metallic bits are what is in them.. We have long known this goes on, though many are denial that this is happening, it is  a Fact..  So those of you who wish to do your homework on your own investigations, you  need to follow-up the link and do your own research, but it’s not good news for us or the planet, which ever way you want to look at it.

So finding so many little pieces in the pond was disturbing to say the least.. There is not much I can personally do about it, but be mindful of it and  makes sure we double wash our veggies even more. Peel our apples etc..

Back of Waste-coat now finished sorry its a bit blurred

OK now onto something much Lighter.. I finished my waistcoat, all I need now is to purchase 3 buttons, its made up and sewn together, but here is the back before It was joined.. I will show a completed photo when I get the buttons,

Ratty the Book Mark


As well as doing that, I crocheted a book mark in the shape of rat, or mouse.. lol.  My granddaughter loved him and we named him the three R’s, Roger, the Reader Rat. ..  I really had fun creating him. So THANK YOU Mrs C..  🙂

Close up of face.

I got this idea from Mrs Craft.. over at .. Crafts and Other Crazy Plans       Where she provided a link to the pattern and any one wanting to see just what kind of things Mrs C gets up to I recommend go over and see her amazing skills, she not only Gardens, she knits, crochets, and makes amazing cards..

Have Fun everyone on Halloween.. and thank you to all who are following.

  Until next time

Happy Gardening, and Creating!





Creativity~ Large and Small.

Where oh where are these weeks flying to.. Already it is mid October and soon Halloween will be here..  So here is just a quick update of what I have been doing. 

The weather is being kind to us mid October as all of a sudden it has decided to become warmer again.. Most welcome as we get those last-minute tidy up jobs done in our garden..  ( Click the images to enlarge  and read full text ) 

Here you see all is safely gathered in . We have dug up the geraniums and re-potted.. Also taken some Fuchsia cuttings and more Hydrangea cuttings..
The Begonias we have left in their pots to die back naturally then we save the tubas.. Store in sawdust until next year..

So the geraniums have been lifted and potted back up cuttings taken and I even managed to plant up 7 large tubs of Spring Bulbs.. As well as trim shrubs, and dead head some amazing blooms still in the garden giving us lots of Autumn colours. 


The main crop of Leeks are in front of the Dahlia’s and still they keep flowering as I cut them for cut flowers..

As you can see from the above photo, the Dahlias are still in full flower and will be until the first frosts.. I keep making sure I pick them and dead head them to help encourage their flowering.. 

The second cloche is where we have planted the Broad Beans for next year.
The left over Leeks I had planted in the raised beds all took.. The Strawberries need sorting out yet. 

While I had an hour to spare, My granddaughter had expressed her wish for one of her dolls to be a mermaid. So this was the result of a few moments with the crocheting hook..

While the weather has had its ups and downs, I not only finished my second cardigan but I also began another knitting project..   I started a waistcoat.. This wool  has got to be around 15 yrs old if not more.. A lady gifted it to me, as she left to live in Australia. She got the wool intending to knit it for her sons, who both emigrated out there.  In fact she gave me several bags of wool, hence the dark colours..  The brown cardigan was also from this stash of gifted wool.. So the cost to make, has only been to buy the  buttons.. and the cost of the pattern for this waistcoat.

This is my ongoing project at the moment. I am now half way through the back since taking this photo..


What have you been filling your time with on rainy days? 

Until Next time.. Enjoy Your Autumn 




A Time of Gathering.

I took a walk Yesterday, and added some thoughts.. I posted this on my other blog.. Enjoy and Enjoy your harvests..
Happy Gardening

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Autumn colours as I walked yesterday

Walking out in Mother Nature is a gift I treasure, watching the changing seasons, absorbing each one with all her different merits, from Spring, through to Summer. Now Autumn is truly here, and its that time of harvest, of ‘gathering in.’

The heather shows us her colours~ What colours do we show the world I wonder.

  As I walked, I thought about how I love harvest time.. I love reaping in our harvest. And we all reap that which we have sown. 

Yesterday we harvested some of our first carrots.. A success story, as we often do battle with the  carrot fly, and pests, as we do not use any kind of chemical pesticides, So the carrot fly  has in the past rendered our carrots inedible.  This year with forethought and planing, we set them late, in a separate bed, covered them with a…

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More Award Winning Gardens at Chatsworth Flower Show 2017

While we are spending time getting the rest of the gardens in shape for Autumn. I prepared a post showing you more of those Gardens we saw at Chatsworth Flower Show back in June.. So enjoy 


Growing up in a rural village in the Derbyshire Dales, this garden grabbed my attention straight away. It showed the many reasons why we so love going out into nature to escape from the hustle and bustle of every day stress’s in today’s modern day world..

You get some perspective of the layout of Chatsworth house grounds are in the photo below when in June I visited the flower show, just how beautiful a setting  Chatsworth House is in.  

Flower show at Chatsworth House

If you click this LINK.. you can see more flowers and what was inside this Great Conservatory below. And the history that surrounded it when it was originally built.

The Large dome glass house was in fact a plastic inflatable replica of the original Great Conservatory. In its day it was the Largest Glass House structure in the world. And was filled with huge Botanical specimens as well as tropical birds. Way before its completion Joseph Paxton began his experimentation with soil types to grow tropical plants in.. And in 1836 was the first in the country to successfully grow  Musacavendishii,  a drawf banana.   

Here you can see Chatsworth house on the right.. And the pontoon spanning the river.. This was specially built for the show.. And inside it was a mass of beautiful flowers.

 So this garden design was showing us how fresh air and wonderful views can help us relax as it helps lift our Mood. As we tune into Nature. 

The manicured mowed path between the meadow grasses where the ornamental cows are grazing shows us the countryside contrasts of meadows and lawns. This garden is  also showing us  the formal gardens, with small box hedges and clipped topiary, and takes inspiration from the great houses whose herbaceous boarders are planted with lush flowers . Such as Chatsworth House.. And I loved how they married the two. 

This Garden won  a Silver Gilt Medal , which is next to the Gold 

I hope you enjoyed seeing this garden and its deserving Silver Gilt Medal Award.. 

Happy Gardening! 






Butternut Squash and a Gypsy Wood Burner

Already its been two weeks since my last post here, But a lot has been done in-between time in the garden especially. 

Where the potatoes were its now winter dug over and lime added

All the potatoes are now dug up and we have four huge hessian sacks full and sorted.. And I am using up all those that you manage to put the folk through first.. No matter how careful you are you always spike the biggest.. 

My Hubby has been winter digging where the potatoes were, a couple of hours each day while its been fine, and we have taken up the finished Pea rows..  The courgettes are now finished.  

Nearest is beetroot, Kale, and then the sprouts. Behind the sprouts are two rows of parsnips.

Here you can see the Brussels sprouts , Kale and Beetroot..  And we also have more young broccoli and cauliflower to mature along with leeks, parsnips, and rainbow chard.  

Spring cabbage planted.. And leeks to the left and as you can see the dahlias are still blooming, I regular pick and dead head them to encourage more flowers.

I still have an abundance of Dahlia’s and still keep picking these, until the frosts come and blacken the tops..  And then we will dig up the tubas to store them for winter.. But I will explain that when the time comes..

A different view of the cabbage under the cloche ..

We had some lovely young Spring Cabbage plants given us by a fellow allotmenteer… So we have now planted these in the allotment and put a cloche over them to protect them from the pigeons. Pigeons love young cabbage foliage and we have lots of pigeons in the woods near by and in a matter of minutes you can lose your crop as we have known to our cost in the past…. This will stay on now until the cabbages mature over winter..

Here are all the butternut squash, and under the bench are the four sacks of potatoes.. And yes, the shed got a clean out.

The Butternut Squash has been a bumper crop and we are so pleased with the harvest and will have plenty to share with our daughter this year..

these are the size of a small football, not huge but we can have fun sculpting these at Halloween.. 🙂

The Pumpkins too, although not Huge, will be ideal for what we grew them for Halloween, and goodness knows it will soon come around as time is certainly flying by so fast.

On our home Garden there are still a few blooms around giving us a magnificent show.. And our front garden although I have not taken a photo, is full of cosmos, and the chrysanthemums are all in bud ready to give us colour through Autumn.

My Husband has been busy in the greenhouse in our home garden, clearing it, cleaning it, and lagging it out with  a layer of thick clear plastic panels and bubble wrap.. We both have a feeling it will be a long colder winter this year.. Its been usually mild for several winters here in England and we have not had much snow.. Winters seem to be turning wetter and milder rather than cold and snowy.. But as we have some plants that we want to keep frost-free and cosy, My daughter treated her Dad to an early Christmas present, as he admired the Gypsy Wood burner she had got for her lean to greenhouse that sits on her walled garden..

Work in progress of fitting the wood burner in the greenhouse

So he spent some time working on installing it.. He went to a local garage that fitted car exhaust pipes, and asked if they had any pipe of a certain size to fit, He took the little wood stove with him as it is only the size of a shoe box..

Here is the small gypsy wood burner stove,, You could boil a small kettle on top when lit.. The Temperature soared inside the greenhouse once lit and it gave off lots of heat..

And he got two pieces of exhaust and two brackets.. When he asked how much the garage man said to give him a Fiver.. Five Pounds.. So he got a bargain.. And with metal and sealant he found in our garage he set about installing it to our greenhouse. You can see the progress of how below..

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Until Next Time 

Happy Gardening










Autumn Approaches are you tidying up?

This tiny rose blooms all on its own.


As the Summer now  goes into Autumn, we can  now well and truly feel that Autumnal nip in the air in the mornings.. Its been a while since I was here, and to be honest, after a family bereavement , I took stock of myself, and took time out from blogging for a while to spend time with family. 

I have found myself out in the garden snipping back, and tidying up. Dead heading and   even the leaves are  starting to fall early and turning golden.   The nights are drawing in, and by 8 pm it is already dark..  

Hubby has been really busy, he cleaned out both sheds in the allotment and has been digging out the Main Crop of potatoes for storage for winter.. As well as cleaning the green house at home, and getting that all ship shape to take in the plants that will over winter in there.


All the sweetcorn is now picked and we  have counted around 60 large cobs that have now gone into the freezer.  I have picked so many raspberries, and blackberries, that have been frozen. And have enjoyed making Pies and crumbles with these. 

Its been a while since I felt like doing a post.. So here I will leave you with   just a few photo’s of the home garden and what is in flower right now.

Happy Gardening All of You. 

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Fuchsias saved from last year in full bloom