Chatsworth RHS Flower Show

Where do I start.  I know I have neglected this blog this year, but then life takes us all along its path. And I am called to spend time out in Nature, rather than sitting behind my computer screen.. Life is to enjoy.. And especially now I feel inclined to be within Natures embrace more and more.  So I follows the flow, and know those who read will understand if they also feel the flow and follow their own particular pathways through this rhythm called life as they connect to nature.  

So I will share some of what I have been up to as I share my day from my visit to  RHS Chatsworth House Flower Show on the 8th of June, a beautiful day. 


This is Chatsworth House in Derbyshire .
In front in the show ground was planted a sea of Cosmos I think they said 12,000 Cosmos had been planted.. Just beautiful

If you click into each photo it will take you to the carousel where you will find I have written more about each photo. 


This is for your Mrs C.. I thought of you and your crocheting hook when I  saw this.. Its huge.. Far taller than I. 

I hope you enjoyed.. Have a beautiful Month of June.. And enjoy Nature and your NOW moments.. 

Happy Gardening 

Warmth is bringing out the Butterflies and Bees.

First may I apologies to those whose comments have been awaiting approval for so long.. At the moment I am experiencing some problems upon WordPress and I am not always receiving comments in my notification reader from this blog and my main one. Some are getting through and I think I have answered them, And others I have not seen at all.. 

It appears even when others reply to my comments that I am not always receiving their comments back and I have to back track to their blogs to see if they have answered.. So getting around blog land is taking twice as long..

Plus I have not been spending as much time on my blogs as I have been nurturing myself more these past few weeks..

But this afternoon it was such a beautiful afternoon, and I went for a short walk with my husband.. The sun was bright and warm and the sky was cloudless for a change and a beautiful blue.. The temperature had to be 16deg C this afternoon.. So very warm for this time of year.. But as we know, all things can change, and we see NY in the USA is having snow storms, which can soon travel across Jet Streams and upset the balance again.. 

My Grandmother always said never cast a clout until May is out..  The meaning of this English proverb can be found at this link to those wishing to know. For me it always meant never remove our clothing, for me in those days it was a liberty bodice lol 

Closer view of the many wonderful snowdrops out

We took the walk where the snowdrops were on my last post. They have now all finished flowering.

But We had a lovely surprise, and was accompanied for a short while by a Peacock Butterfly, who fluttered around us and then landed upon the muddy track of recent rains, to have a drink. We also saw one or two lone large Bumble Bees too, always good to see..  

Walking today, I spotted this amazing early Peacock Butterfly in the muddy track.

Peacock Butterfly today having a drink in the mud A closer view..
More about this Butterfly can be found Here at this Link

 I also want to say a warm welcome to those who have started to follow Dreamwalker’s Garden blog Please feel free to leave me your comments and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.. And many thanks for your follows.. I hope you enjoy what you see here.  

I thought I would show you how the Orchids were now looking as there is nothing much to report in the Allotment at this time.. You can see how much they have come along from this previous post in at the end of January in the post Caring for our Orchids

 Happy Gardening and Walking


Caring for our Orchids

As fog and rain along with ice and snow have hit many parts of the United Kingdom, the Allotments have just been visited to pull up parsnips, leeks and the odd spout or two.. Its pure January weather..

So I thought to take a few photo’s of my orchids..

Orchids on my Kitchen window sill

Orchids on my Kitchen window sill

I am very proud that each one of these plants are now in full bud as they finished flowering late Autumn . Apart from the smallest, which I bought last year, the others I have kept successfully for several years.. After numerous failures with other orchid plants .. Which I discovered I had killed with kindness of over watering.. 

So the Key to success is once they have finished flowering is to put them on a window sill indoors where there is not too much heat or direct sunlight and forget about them for a couple of months and then start to water them again..

It looks like there will be lots of flowers ready to bloom soon..


And I now have One which has come out in flower

Tips can be found HERE  on how best to prune, water, and keep various orchids  and cultivate them..

To see some of these orchids in full bloom you can see some of them Here on another post I did last Spring.

Wishing you Happy Gardening Days to come as we move through these damp winter days of January..

Happy Gardening





I have neglected my Gardening blog  recently.. and to be honest with the weather here in the UK there has not been a great deal to report.. 

My Husband has  sort out fine days to dig in more manure, inbetween hail, rain and snow and at times gale force winds..   So to brighten up my blog for a while and to show any whom may still be following me here.. 

I will post some photo’s of some orchids I have.. ( these are for you Maria )   For we once spoke on how to get these wonderful flowers blooming again..  The lighter flowering one I managed to get to flower last year a few flowers only.. This year it has given me a wonderful display.. 

The darker pink one has been dormant for 2 yrs, but with careful feeding when the other one decided to start producing shoots I had a good talk to it and what do you know, It also decided to produce new shoots and flower.. 

So here are the  photo’s of my orchids..  Enjoy! 

 And hope to share more Happy Gardening in the Allotments Very Soon