Nature and Crafting

As promised I will share some of my crafting over the last few months, and recent weeks along with how things are growing on the Plot.. April has been very dry here in the UK, and cold. With heavy frosts first thing in the mornings. So things in the greenhouse have been covered in fleece.. Tender plants are still vulnerable so holding back planting out some tender plants in the garden until later on in the month of May.

So here in picture format is just some of what is growing, If you click on the images they will enlarge .

So that is what is growing above. Below is what I have been creating . I have been painting, and creating knitting and crocheting. You will see a large crocheted blanket , and some small knitted and crocheted jumpers / sweaters/ tank tops for some teddy bears. And I recently had bought me a Mandala crocheting book from my daughter for my birthday and so I am now enjoying creating some mandala’s in crocheting.

The first is a bag I have done and crocheted the outside.. I made from a canvas back and created some pockets inside

So my friends, that is what I have been doing while I have been absent from blog land.. I feel the need to be creative. I hope you also embrace your creativity .. Enjoy ALL you create.. All you grow..

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

May you never stop Imagining into being that which you wish to create..

Transformation and Creation.

While the weather has not been great here in the UK.. We have had a few days of sunshine between Snow, sleet and rain.

So instead of baking, Apple and Raspberry pies..  and putting on the pounds.. 🙂


I retreated into my little room to do some art..  More Artwork can be found upon my Main blog Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary 

But today I am sharing a little of my artwork here.

A Spiritual Path in a bluebell Wood.

A Spiritual Path in a bluebell Wood. In Acrylics.

This painting I did several years ago from my imagination, which has been stacked within a pile of paintings I was not happy with..  So Out it came as I wondered what I could do with the canvas.. I had thought on doing a completely different painting over the top.. But as it was snowing at the time outside.. I thought to transform it by being creative and using what was already in place. 

This is now how it looks. 

I added a spire and snow and converted the trees to a pine forest.

I added a spire and snow and converted the trees to a pine forest. In acrylics.. 

This next painting  again is from the workings of my mind.. Inspired by the last Full Moon..


Silver Birch by Moon Light

Silver Birch by Moon Light In Watercolour 

I have planted some specialists cauliflowers of white, purple and Yellow..

Broccoli, cabbage, and tomatoes seeds are in trays too, which are starting to sprout .. And we have our seed potatoes now bought and stored in the cool for now.  

February is now half way through.. Time is speeding along and Spring is getting ever closer.. 🙂 

Happy Gardening or Crafting