Easter Gardening On the Plot

Hello to those whom are still following here on my garden blog… Its been a long, long while since my last post in November…. I usually fill in my winter blog with stories of my travels, but as for all of us this past year, that has not been available to many. And to be very honest with you, my heart as not been in the world of blog…. As much as in my creative world of crafts… So I have been spending more and more time Off line, during my absent months, and more time within my creative world.. Both with my knitting, my art, and crafts.. My crafts and artwork I will share with you next time.

And look!…. you turn around and EASTER is now here…. Time as we know it is certainly going faster and at times you blink and a week has past…

So how are you all… Have you been keeping busy, and I hope all of your own gardens are thriving..

We have been lucky in that we have obtained another greenhouse by an allotmenteer who was finding his plot too hard to maintain due to ill health in his old age.. At 82, he did remarkably well and has had the plot next to ours for over 30 years… The last year he never came to his plot and that is the first year he has missed in all of his allotment days… We shall miss him and wished him well with his health issues..

Before the glass was put inside..

So hubby was busy in moving the greenhouse and setting up next to ours… Its funny how when you send out a signal to the Universe how its heard… Last year we both said we could do with a bigger greenhouse because of all the things we were finding to put in ours and not enough room…. Then this year we get one… Thank you Universe..

The greenhouse now with glass in and the cold frames and raised beds now moved in line.

We started early with setting onion and shallots sets in January, these are now in the ground but here they were before being put in the ground in the cold frame with the green mesh on top.

We also started our peas this way… And they too are now in the ground… We have two rows now set.
Peas two rows of three each… You can also see Apple trees starting to sprout shoots The

While hubby was busy doing that, I was trimming back the late raspberry bushes dead wood, and clearing out weed from places, along with hoeing over where hubby to putt in the potatoes. We have two and a half row of early potatoes which are Aran Pilot and six and half rows of main crop, which is Picasso..

More of things we are growing are in this gallery.

So Spring is Here….. And I am so pleased to be digging back in Mother Natures earth again…. This gallery is a little different than in the Classic edit.. I thought it would show you the headers of the plants here.. They are from left to right cauliflower broccoli and Cosmos flowers, Leeks, Lettuce.. Peas, and onions and shallots now in the ground, and Asters flowers. These will go in my front home garden this year.

Hope you all of you have a very happy, Easter… and Happy Gardening..

Sowing by the Moon

This week my seeds arrived 🙂 and as I checked through them I put them into the months I would be sowing them..  I also made out my plan of the allotment, all be it a rough guide it will no doubt change shape as we  start planting out in the Spring.. 

My little sketch is just a scribble sketch.. Not as fancy as some of you have gone to all the trouble with that I have seen around on blogs I follow here .  It is to give me a rough idea of where to plant.. as its important to rotate crops around from where they were last year. 


Today I started out by sowing indoors in a propagator our onion seeds.. Usually we buy onion sets, but for the last couple of years these have been disappointing and so we thought we would try from seed this year.

So out came my Christmas gift book on the Luna Cycles mentioned in a previous post, as I looked up the Moon Calendar sample month..  And I saw that while the Moon is in the Waning phase it is ideal to plant root crops.. Onions being classed amongst them..   This is because the energies pull down water to the roots.  Also during this phase it is good for pruning, as the sap is being drawn down..

I found the book very interesting reading and when you think about it, it makes good sense.. This book guides you into 4 main categories for growing and harvesting.  And comes coloured coded with the phases of the moon, so you can see how the four main categories of Root Day~ Flower Day~ Leaf Day~ Fruit & Seed Day all coincide with the various waxing~waning and Full and New Moon cycles.  The guide being if your crop is a root crop or a leaf or flower or fruit crop, each phase of the Moon can help promote the best growing conditions for that particular variety.. 

Well, I have made a start.. Now to catch up with my Ironing 🙂 

 Happy Gardening One and ALL