Sowing by the Moon

This week my seeds arrived 🙂 and as I checked through them I put them into the months I would be sowing them..  I also made out my plan of the allotment, all be it a rough guide it will no doubt change shape as we  start planting out in the Spring.. 

My little sketch is just a scribble sketch.. Not as fancy as some of you have gone to all the trouble with that I have seen around on blogs I follow here .  It is to give me a rough idea of where to plant.. as its important to rotate crops around from where they were last year. 


Today I started out by sowing indoors in a propagator our onion seeds.. Usually we buy onion sets, but for the last couple of years these have been disappointing and so we thought we would try from seed this year.

So out came my Christmas gift book on the Luna Cycles mentioned in a previous post, as I looked up the Moon Calendar sample month..  And I saw that while the Moon is in the Waning phase it is ideal to plant root crops.. Onions being classed amongst them..   This is because the energies pull down water to the roots.  Also during this phase it is good for pruning, as the sap is being drawn down..

I found the book very interesting reading and when you think about it, it makes good sense.. This book guides you into 4 main categories for growing and harvesting.  And comes coloured coded with the phases of the moon, so you can see how the four main categories of Root Day~ Flower Day~ Leaf Day~ Fruit & Seed Day all coincide with the various waxing~waning and Full and New Moon cycles.  The guide being if your crop is a root crop or a leaf or flower or fruit crop, each phase of the Moon can help promote the best growing conditions for that particular variety.. 

Well, I have made a start.. Now to catch up with my Ironing 🙂 

 Happy Gardening One and ALL



32 thoughts on “Sowing by the Moon

  1. You! my Faraway Sister have inspired me to get off my arse and be busy 🙂
    I went to your post on the Lunar Planting …decided I need the book, it will be here the 27th YEAH!

    I love wandering with you through your thoughts and gardens ….it clears my head, and helps me know what’s important for me now-a-days…
    I was out marking off where I want to put in 5 up-raised beds, but the wind is so strong( keeping a steady 30 mph today, but so sunny!…tonight a freeze I suspect from how my arthritis feels…
    so I came in to draw off some ideals….

    I will email back this evening when it quietens down in my space 🙂
    Thank you for being you today..I needed that Much!
    Take Care My sister…You Matter!

    Blessings always


    • I am so happy Maryrose that I have inspired 🙂 and I am pleased your head is cleared, and you now have your way clear as to what is important.. Those raised beds sound just the thing.. And it must be a dry strong wind.. Hope your arthritis soon eases.. My own knuckles have been testing me this week.. Something knew to me..I figured the energies have been altering.

      You will enjoy the book, and it is a great starter tool to understanding about the Moons energy and what to grow… 🙂 Look forward to your quiet time and email. Love and Hugs always.. Sue xxx


  2. I can’t wait to see if gardening by the lunar calendar gives your veggies a boost. We are going to convert our garden beds to water wicking beds as we have been promised another year of drought (at least) and are on water restrictions now for the first time in many years in Tasmania. I refuse to give up veggie gardening and am just going to think smarter, not harder about how to do it using less water. The strawberry wicking boat that we made works amazingly well and requires little in the way of suplementary watering (once a fortnight topup) so that’s enough to have us digging up our garden beds, sacrificing a winter crop and converting them over to wicking beds. Should be a great experiment and hopefully, if what I have been reading from other people who have converted their garden beds, it should work really well, so long as we couple it with worm towers.


    • Hi Fran.. Well I can honestly say I am impressed so far as the seeds sprouting extra quickly have gone.. Took some photo’s today and hope to show them on here very soon.. I have been absent from WP for over a week.. well in fact just shut down the modem and had a rest full stop from the Net.. I needed to adjust my own energies.. Maybe the Moon had some influence.. LOL.. 🙂
      Sounds like your drought is getting worse, while our rainfall here is an all time record High.. All our barrels are overflowing… Great about the strawberries, and hope the experiments of converting to wicking beds all work great.. I have no doubts at all that with both of your expertise they will be a success.. And a good tip about the worm towers… Hope to catch up this week again..Sending lots of Love.. Sue

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  3. There is nothing more seductive than seed packets! I am also realizing that I missed your last post abuot the book itself but I do have the biodynamic calender on my wish list on Amazon so that is a good reminder for me to get on that! I have always wanted to learn about planting by the moon-though biodynamics isn’t the only theory that does that-some of our neighbors remember their grandparents doing it that way and we have alot of locals who try to do the same.


    • So pleased to know your knowledge upon this subject of Moon planting Linda.. Yes the farmers of old would always use the Moon cycles to go by.. We have lost so many natural ways of planting and harvesting by the rhythms and cycles of the Moon..Its good to know so many of your own community who still practice this method of planting.. 🙂 Apologies for only just getting back to you, I have had a break from the internet for a while… But will be dropping by later to see how you are doing .. Much Love! xxx


    • Yes Tom, the Power of the Moon is very special, and not only our plants and oceans, but animal and birds also guided with its cycles too.. We are all of more and more connected.. when you stop to think about it 🙂


  4. I am so glad you directed me into your garden,dear Sue!My email inbox is still so messy that it’s difficult to spot what I want.Neat your sketch and very thoughtfully organised so as the soil to receive the new seeds and plants on the right space.
    The book based on the phases of the moon sounds really interesting;I believe that the moon affects with its gravitation human biology and behaviour,animals,plants as well as the waters on earth,rivers,lakes,oceans and oceans’ tides.Wonderful post,dear Sue 🙂 xxx

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    • Yes my own email box is more than a bit messy LOL too Doda.. And yes the Moon plays her roll in all of our lives in many ways with her cycles that shows us how all our rhythms coincide 🙂 within her waxing and waning heavenly splendour 🙂 Lovely to have you here within my Garden Doda.. Thank you

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  5. Hello, sister mine … I was here !!! ,,, smiles … interesting to read about the moon phase planting … wishing You good luck with that … I myself will go ahead and plant like crazy anytime between middle of May because the growing season is so short here … by the end of August it’s over, since we only have 100 frost free days/ year. Sending lots of love … cat.

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    • Lovely to have your purrrs here dear Cat.. And yes living where you do, I can see why you will grab any of those frost free days.. Sending you Love and apologies I haven’t been around much.. I have not been logging into the Technical world as often..See you soon though.. Love Sue xxx

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  6. Sue, I’m very excited to see your seeds out! I’m also very late to visiting your blog but I know you understand. I have so much catching up to do! I can’t wait to see all of your seeds sprouting, your produce growing and the recipes flowing (quite poetic without meaning to be!) I send you much love for now and look forward to seeing all you do in this growing year to come. Love, Ruth xxxxx

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    • Lovely to see you Ruth and Hope all is well with your good self?… Do not worry about catching up.. I have neglected this blog recently, nothing much in the garden to show.. except a few seedlings in pots growing.. Hopefully soon I can show how progress is going.. But the weather has put a stop to the allotment with the rain and cold.. Snow also for a time.. But I hope to brighten this blog up shortly with a new post.. :-).. Sending you much love Ruth.. take care of YOU.. Love Sue xxx


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