Pumpkin Faces.

Hello all my fellow gardeners, I hope you had a wonderful Halloween. I  just had to share with you what we did with some of the pumpkins our granddaughter set , as you may remember from the picture I shared in a recent post 

Here are two I carved out for the Big night 

You can tell the first one on the left got more attention, by the time I had finished scraping out this one, my hands were aching, So the second one was a bit rushed on the right. ..

And if you have lots of Pumpkins over, You could make Pumpkin Muffins.

Pumpkin Muffins

The Recipe you can find here, I shared on my recipe page over at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary.

Hope you all had Fun..  And I just want to say thank you to all new subscribers, and welcome to Dreamwalker’s Garden Blog.  And of course to my faithful friends and followers who comment and make yourself known here often. Thank YOU..

Wishing you a Peaceful weekend..


Veggie Update .

As you can see the sweetcorn is growing taller and each one looks to have a number of cobs on them. So looks like a better  year for us this year.  Hover your cursor  over the pictures to reveal the titles, and click to enlarge to take to slide show in Galleries. 

Me in among the Sweetcorn those are the Butternut Squash in front.


My daughter made these the other day and sent me a photo of what she had made from the produce of our Allotment  garden .. Happy smiles..


Next to be revealed  is my Knitting, it is already completed, Until next Time 

Happy Gardening !