August Update on the Plot

Hello friends,

Here is a little update for you on how the allotment plot has been doing in August. The month of August has been hotter than normal here in the UK, and although we have had just a couple of weekends with rain, the watering has still had to be done most mornings to keep the crops from wilting.

So taking you from the top of the plot as we walk down to the sheds. You can see the Dahlias now in bloom  though this year even though they have been watered, are not as large and their blooms soon die.

( If you click onto the photos you should be able to enlarge them.. only I am conserving on space here on my garden blog with the many photos.)

View from the top of the plot looking down to the bottom sheds and greenhouse

I think I mentioned before we had taken advantage of the dry weather to paint our home fences, so as the painting bug got to us, we both completed painting the allotment sheds while the wood was dry.. 

Both sheds repainted, Hubby unlocking the sheds as we arrived.

Kidney Beans half way down the plot as I walked down the plot.

While there are many kidney beans growing, the dry hot weather has made them very stringy.. So they have been very disappointing.  Even the young beans have been affected by the heat and dry. But you win some and you lose some. To make up for the Kidney beans the Dwarf beans have been prolific and very tasty, and we have harvested lots of those and been able to freeze some for storage.  


Here you see the leeks in the foreground, sweetcorn to the top and dwarf beans to the right of the picture

This year we tried a different variety of dwarf beans which was called The Purple-Queen. 

The Purple-Queen variety have been a good harvest.

The broad-beans we have had some off, and were looking forward to the rest, when  someone helped themselves to half our crop, I am sure they must have needed them.. And hope they enjoyed them as much as we did.. It’s hard to think other who hold an allotment would come to steal.. But it happens every year, We also had a large ripe cabbage taken from under the nets this week…  So we harvested our apple tree, as they were just about ready.. I forgot to take photos of them..

The plots are mainly open plan and there has to be over 200 plots on the huge expanse of land.. It has two main gates with locks which those of us paying rent for hold keys.. How ever there are also hedges and houses both sides of the fences.. We see people take plots on never to maintain or grow anything on them.. Yet they have the key.. SO its anyone’s guess at who steals.. We have sheds broken into each year also.. So we just have to accept it as part and parcel of what goes off in the world.. 

I know if anything major hit our world food supplies, our plots would be stripped in no time, and nothing you can do.. So while its annoying others take advantage of your hard-work, we always grow more than we need and give plenty away.. You just have to look on stolen crops as giving to the needy.. And hope they don’t get too greedy.. 

Shallots benefited from the hot weather and we also had a good crop of these

Lettuce I can now see as I weeded through them.

The Blueberries I have been picking most mornings as they ripen and not only making pies with them but having them for breakfast with yogurt. Yummy.

Blackberries too have been in abundance, these we have grown from very young shoots. But Blackberries if you are not careful take over, so you have to keep them cut back and pull out new shoots which will root themselves quickly into the ground.

The home garden has also suffered from the lack of rain.. I have been watering and also using washing up water on shrubs etc to help save on using water. Here is a slide show of some plants. 

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And my little hedgehog family have exciting news too, one of my hedgehogs obviously likes his new hedgehog home. He has been sleeping in the hedgehog box in the day.. and only today I have footage of him carrying leaves back and forth about twelve times to his box to make it cosy for Autumn and when the time comes to hibernate.  He or she.. has been collecting the bamboo leaves to line the inside. I put a little hay in their too. So I am very pleased he enjoys our garden enough to feel safe to hibernate.. Fingers crossed!..  Below you will see the box and him going in and out over the last few weeks.  Some of the dates were not correct as I had to reset the dates. 

Hope you enjoyed  and wishing everyone abundant harvests. 

Happy Gardening! 


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47 thoughts on “August Update on the Plot

    • Its life… And its no good bemoaning what you can not control.. So we have to accept it, is what it is, with the veggie stealing..
      There are plenty of people much worse off.. I hope it serves them well..
      And the hedgehogs.. Yes a big bonus… and happy you love them too.. ❤ Big hugs back Teagan.. and much love.. ❤

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  1. Still amazes me the amount of work you two do. I always enjoy the tour of your home garden and the allotment. It has been a hot year around the world. Here we had 44 Celcius the one day. In Fahrenheit that is around 110 F. Hotter than Hades and the devil has nothing on us LOL. How wonderful that you both commune with Gaia and that she gives you a bounty amidst the stealing of your bounty and as you say hopefully it is someone that is going hungry however the breaking into the sheds that is greed and another matter probably looking for tools. There are no reasons for theft. People can ask and I am sure you would be more than willing to help someone that needs it. That is too bad about the bean story but on the flip side you know which mean are heat tolerant and provides edible beans. The hedgehog story is a children’s book in the making and how blessed are you for Gaia to have lent you one of her children. I enjoy your post and look forward to reading them. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh my Joseph.. I don’t think I could stand it that hot.. reaching 30’s has had me melting..
      I would gladly give away surplus food Joseph and regularly do to neighbours.. As for the sheds.. That is organised.. They hit the allotments the year before last in a big way, breaking into many sheds.. Usually when the darker nights come.. They come with a van or something.. And load it up with tools.. They are after rotavators etc.. And got three the other year.. Sad thing they broke into the school plot and took their little hand tools and wheel barrows too.. They cut the chain lock..
      Our shed the lock was broken, but we have a double lock with key on one of them.. They tried but had either got disturbed . We were lucky.. Others not so..

      The Hedgehog.. yes.. brings me many joyous smiles as I see them .. And happy they feel safe enough to sleep all day at the bottom of my garden.. Thank you for your kind compliments.. I very much appreciate them Joseph.. Enjoy your Sunday.. Have a peaceful one.. ❤

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  2. Sorry to hear of your heat there and totally understand. My trip to California this year was not a very good one. As you might have heard the fire season in CA this year is worse than it has ever been and due to the fires the heat was quite intense and the humidity most unpleasant. I did not feel well most of the time. It is a sad turn of events. This happens every year but not quite this bad. I am happy to be back in Washington, even though we have heat here as well it isn’t as bad. I will hope that cooler weather comes your way so your plants can flourish. I am thinking of you my friend. xoxo

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    • Glad you are back home, and the heat isn’t as bad.. Its been a bit cooler this week Renee.. and more comfortable.. I couldn’t live in a hot climate that is for sure.. England is not geared up for it.. No Air conditioning.. Unless you are a business or retail shopping centre etc..
      Thinking of you.. and sending love.. ❤

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  3. eureka! hearing ‘purple beans’ took me wayyyy back in time, and i remember that we grew purple ‘green beans’ — they turned green when blanched! the bonus on those beans, also bush style, was that few insects liked them!

    it’s always great to see how your garden’s growing! it’s well loved and is thriving!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Big smiles Lisa.. Its I that feel the eureka moment.. As I feel blessed with your visit.. And yes those beans have been delicious .. And can not wait to see what you have been up too..
      Time is flying by us at a rapid pace.. And all my good intentions of sitting on my Laptop this week have flown out the window..
      Sending LOVE your way.. ❤

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  4. So sad that someone helped themselves to your produce, but with such a lovely, productive plot, they probably felt you had so much you’d probably not even miss it. Thanks for the tour!


  5. It looks like such lovely progress on the allotment, Sue. Sorry to hear it’s been hotter than usual for the plants, and that the kidney beans turn out stringy. But good to hear they are tasty, I guess that is what you want out of growing crops – tasty, nutritious 🙂 The Purple-Queen sounds like a royal name and makes the plant sound very important as they stand tall lol. Didn’t know there are some who might take advantage and steal…I guess it’s impossible to install CCTV cameras and a scarecrow can’t scare people away. Some might just take and take, and hopefully they will find their way at some stage. Maybe your allotment will inspire some of them. Take care 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Big smiles dearest Mabel, and thank you so very much for your lovely comment.. Yes those beans were tasty.. and we have managed to freeze plenty too.. Sad yes that some think it ok to steal.. But its all open and while we do have a camera to monitor our little hedgehog, I think if we left it on the plot, if the thieves saw it, that too would be gone.. So we accept it for what it is..
      I look forward to catching up with you.. Its been a while I know… But I will be dropping in this week..
      Much love xx ❤ and you too take good care. ❤


    • Hello and lovely to see you.. Glad you are learning about hedgehogs.. they hibernate through winter.. And are cute little creatures that do your gardens no harm.. They eat the slugs and snails and an asset .. But their numbers are on the decline.. Mainly due to people fencing gardens now.. And not leaving gaps for them to travel through.. They also roll up in a ball if frightened.. So many get killed on the roads..
      So to have a family think our garden a safe haven is a bonus.. 🙂


  6. You set a fabulous example! Well done! Just wish we had your fine earth here. Then again, you and your husband would probably enjoy the wild forest that surrounds us! Because our ground is essentially eons of forest waste sitting on top of a granite hill!

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    • We would enjoy the forest Paul, and the woodlands are among my favourite places to take a walk.. Living so close the Sherwood.. 🙂 The plot was not always so rich, its very sandy.. And there is a local sand quarry not too many miles away.. Showing you we were all once under the ocean..
      Years of spreading muck.. lol.. and rotavating crops to keep its condition.. 🙂 Many thanks for the compliments.. 🙂 we appreciate them.. 🙂

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  7. Why does it not surprise me that you have had crops stolen? Sigh! People…what are you going to do with them? 🙂 The same thing would happen here, so at least we know that a lack of character is a worldwide malady.

    Our garden exploded in growth this year despite the hot, dry weather. Of course, our secret natural fertilizer probably had something to do with it. 🙂

    Have a fabulous weekend, Sue!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Bill. yes, Human Nature unfortunately, people live in ‘Lack’ of everything these days. So the solution is take… And so glad your Rabbit fertilizer was the secret weapon..

      You too Bill, enjoy your weekend.. At least here its a little cooler and we have a breeze… Much better than the high temps….. Enjoying all of it though..
      Take care too..


  8. You know I love those hedgehogs! Your garden looks lovely. Glad you’re mostly having a productive year. I had a friend who shared community plots and planted stinging nettles around the edges to discourage thieves. Of course, you’d have to be careful that they didn’t take over. He used raised beds, so there was less chance of that … or perhaps a thorny rose hedge.

    I’ve had to consider the same thing in this new, much smaller garden compared to our old place. With the garden in the front yard and obvious at that, I’m sure it would be stripped bare by humans and critters if I wasn’t able to make a stinky spray anymore. With a fenced backyard, I might put together our Garden Tower 2, but I’d need to double fence it from the groundhogs, who can climb. So much to consider that sometimes I just minimize effort and hope for the best … including some rain here!

    Much Love,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I see your dilemma with the groundhogs Laura, While we have rabbits here, surprisingly we do not get a problem with them eating anything.. I think they prefer the woods near by.. We do have to occasional fox.. He digs our potatoes up.. But we don’t mind that.. He will take eggs and chickens from insecure chicken coops on the plots..
      But I think in the event of real World Crisis on food shortages.. Our plots and gardens wouldn’t last for long.. with fences or brambles..
      Sad isn’t it when we really take a hard look a the Human Race. To see what we have evolved into.. No wonder I feel the experiment is all but drawing to a close.. We are past Tipping point I think.. Yet I have to stay optimistic .. And think Positive!!.. And not get too caught up in ” Ground-Hog-Dejavue” lol.. As I think as Humans we have been here and done this one or three times over the Aeons Earth has been here.. 🙂 lol..
      Much LOVE.. and I think what you are doing with your own garden is amazing.. Enjoy your weekend Laura.. ❤

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  9. Lovely post Sue and a great introduction to the growing season in your allotment, theft is a sad indictment on our times I’m afraid, you are right as looking upon it as donations to the needy.
    Love the caring attitude to your little Hedgehog, what a pleasure to have in your garden, maybe you could get a pic of him during his hibernation season.
    Kind regards.


    • Yes we have to look upon it that way.. And yes, about the hedgehog.. He sleeps in the box during the day, I can slide the lid open, but he has filled it so full of leaves and I put some hay in there, all you can see are the leaves,, I don’t like disturbing his sleep in case he loses the trust of his nest bed site.. Hope all is well with you Ian. ❤ sending hugs your way 💚

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