February Is Here And So Is A Little Something Different

 Those of you who understand the seasons, know once the digging is done and we plant a few early seeds, like Onions, and Broad beans to get them on their way, there is not a great lot to report until planting new seedlings begins in the Spring..

Here are a couple of photos of what has been dug so far.. 

You can see lots of sprouts still to be eaten and parsnips still to dig up. And more still to be dug above  And I am proud to say I dug over that whole stretch between the sprouts.. 🙂

More was dug over and completed

So that will be it for a while on the garden… But I thought to share a few pictures in a video I made of a very special day we went to Inveraray, in Scotland a couple of years ago now… You can also find more facts too on Inveraray Jail in one of my posts 

 So Here is Something A Little Different!

Inveraray Castle is such a fairy-tale castle to look at, set in beautiful grounds.  The Castle is home to the Chief of the Clan~ Campbell.. And is the ancestral home  of the Duke of Argyll. It has been standing on the shores of Loch Fyne since the early 1400’s. 

Image result for vanbrugh

Picture Source of Vanbrugh Here

The dream  started with John  Vanbrugh, whose sketched his vision of the Castle.  However Vanbrugh then died, but his vision was then taken up by the Third Duke who started build the Castle in 1746.

The Third Duke Argyll Archibald Campbell.. Picture Image source Here ..



And who then employed the Architects Roger Morris 1695–1749 and William Adam,1689-1748. who started construction on the Castle..  But both Adam and Morris died before their construction was completed and it wasn’t until some 43 years later when the Son’s of  Adam who were Robert and James, took the castle through to its finished state. 

 Can you just imagine the type of Capital it would take to build? The opulence of such wealth even back in its day, is beyond belief, especially  during that time when people were starving and being punished and thrown into prison  for stealing bread or poaching  just to survive.  You should take a look at Inveraray Jail, I hope to post a separate video on my time spent visiting the Museum Jail in the town.  A surreal experience with full size models of people and one or two real ones that jump to life unexpectedly in my case lol.. But that is for another time.. 

John Vanbrugh’s other well known Architectural genius’s were the design of Blenheim Palace and Castle Howard

More construction was done to the Castle due to a Fire which caused damage and a third floor and the Cone shape Towers were then added in 1877. 

This stone commemorated where the Old Castle Stood before it was  destroyed in the Fire before being rebuilt

The Ground Floor is full of Arms, from Guns to Lances, swords, and other weaponry. Along with  a magnificent State Dinning Room.. ( unfortunately my picture in the video was a little blurred of the dinning room, but you can find a better one with the ground floor link. )

I hope you enjoy the little video I put together of the Castle and surrounding areas we visited.. 

Have a Wonderful Month of February Everyone.

We get one Extra Day too.. This Leap Year!… 

92 thoughts on “February Is Here And So Is A Little Something Different

  1. Reblogged this on Dreamwalker's Sanctuary and commented:

    Something a Little Different to start the Month of February off, This weekend I want to devote some time to my painting and I have a new book which I am wanting to finish..
    So I thought to share a post from my Gardening Blog that for those of you who enjoy History and the Scottish Highlands it may be of interest..
    … Have a Wonderful Weekend and wishing you a Bright New Month ahead.. Love and Blessings…

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  2. Beautiful! The rich brown of spring garden and fields ready to plant/grow swells my heart to breaking just as much as early spring green and gazing over golden grain fields nearing harvest time –

    Thanks so much for sharing the Inverary landscape, loch, village and castle grounds! Love the various gardens spreading out from the center! – I did put on research list, to learn more about the Black Watch memorial plaque – :D.

    Also, probably a (stupid? ignorant?) question, but I’ve often read about the ‘peat bogs’ and still don’t really understand them in relation to surrounding ecosystem/how they occur(ed), and haven’t yet researched to learn more – is the picture of the lowland, around 3:03-:05 of the video, with the water, and brown lumps, such a place? or no?

    I recently read the book “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens https://www.deliaowens.com/ – it was so full and rich on descriptions throughout the novel, that I’m eager to learn more about marshlands and their ecosystems. One life seems so short when their is so much to learn more about! 😀


    • You are so right there Tamrah Jo in that our life is far too short and we have Sooooo, so much more to learn.. The peat is often on the moorland.. Even in the Derbyshire Peak and Yorkshire Dales, the moors if they catch fire while no trees can burn for weeks because of the peat.. I found this link to my favourite place the place I grew up in the Derbyshire Peak District.. You might if you have time to delve deeper into the question of Peat here and why its formed.. https://www.peakdistrict.gov.uk/looking-after/projects-and-partnerships/mff
      A quote from this site I have linked says this.

      Peat is formed when plants, including peat-forming Sphagnum mosses, decay slowly in waterlogged conditions. Instead of rotting away, this peat gradually builds up over thousands of years. … they take in carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into peat (and prevent loss of carbon through erosion and oxidation)

      And thank you for the link to the book.. Sounds an interesting read… Will catch up more with you very soon.. ❤

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    • Many thanks Eliza… for this reblog, and thank you also for your lovely response to my comment upon one of your posts… But since returning to my notifications again it seems to have vanished… But I read it and thank you..


  3. You put me to shame with your garden, Sue! We are in a state of transition, and I’m not sure our garden will happen this year….and the rains….31 straight days and counting. It’s just a muddy mess out there, I’m afraid, and I’m just not enamored with rain right now.

    Loved the castle information and the video. I am seriously jealous of the architecture across the Pond.

    Happy February my friend!



    • Rain I understand Bill, its been one of our wettest years last year with many flooded areas.. I know you are in the process of ‘Transition’ and if it gets done, it will get done, if not do not worry about it… Sometimes other things are more important.. Happy you enjoyed the Scottish Video .. Yes I love the architecture too, but when you think of the Cost not only in monetary terms but the cost to ordinary people who were often paid pittances and were persecuted for trying to stay alive and not starve to death..
      Enjoy your Week Bill, and Thank YOU for your comment Bill.. 🙂


  4. Thank you for the walkthrough of your garden. The walk is always enjoyable. Blenheim castle wow and Castle Howard is unusual and fascinating. I would not want to be in that jail. I love history it sets the mind to the imagination. I hope you are having a nice weekend. ❤


    • Many thanks Dearest Julie, and yes the atmosphere of Scotland and Wales always hold special energy for me.. That and my own Derbyshire Dales where I grew up.. Many thanks Julie you too enjoy the Month of Feb.. ❤


    • We are very lucky Mark.. and take our rain and lush greenery for granted. Have you had any more rain out there Mark?
      And forgive the late response, I am tackling them in drips and draps like my nose at the moment lol as I came down with a heavy head cold at the weekend. So ended up in bed most of the time.. But feeling much brighter today.. thank you for the flowers and rainbows.. Much love your way 💜🌈🙏💙

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      • It has been quick thunderstorms like your dribs and drabs and its just a hit and miss affair. There are still fires down south that of course have been missed. At the moment there is a rain pattern coming down the center of Queensland from the tropical monsoonal weather up north. Its beginning to sputter though and it hasn’t even reached New South Wales.
        I better be careful if I pray too hard I might bring on all the deluges you guys have had 😀
        I hope your cold gets better soon dear lady, sending you lots of love and healing energy 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 🦘 🐬 🐳 🌺


        • Yes, our thoughts create as they say Mark… And we have just had a huge storm which is still sweeping its way through… Storm Ciara which hit, uprooted trees, flooded homes and caused lots of damage especially in Cumbria and Yorkshire.. We escaped with only a couple of green house glass panes broken, which hubby has fixed more or less.. A link here to the storm https://youtu.be/8CyZVFB4Sco Now they are warning of a new storm named Dennis to hit at the weekend… But we shall be fine.. I am pleased to hear from you that the huge fires were extinguished with the rain… Sorry I missed this comment dear Mark.. Thank YOU.. ❤ Enjoy your day my friend 🙂

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          • I jinxed myself with my last comment sue, we’ve had hundreds of mm’s of rain (mostly coastal), now flash flooding to add to the mix so you do have my sympathy with your current weather. Hopefully your coming Spring will calm things down for the growing season 😀 🙏🏽 🦋

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            • I know the weather now doesn’t do moderate, it seems Extremes is the new Norm… and we will have to all adapt to the volatile nature which is reflected back,.. Hope alls well where you are… We had snow Monday a couple of cms that came then went.. And now Storm Dennis to follow Ciara that is just blowing out… Cannot Wait for Spring!! 🙂 ❤

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  5. Hey Sue,

    The allotment appears to be in top-notch shape and all-but ready for Spring. Great effort Sue! 😀 I’ve no doubt the hard work you’ve both invested will reap rewards later this year and provide for another bumper crop and beautiful show of flowers. I’m also suitably impressed by your digging: a proper job for sure. (I hope hubby was on hand with cups of tea to help ease the process (and pain!) 😀 ) With the groundwork done you’ll be able to happily enjoy your Art and reading confident in the knowledge Mother Nature is weaving her magic outdoors.

    A rare, but delightful departure from the regular allotment/garden blog, I rather enjoyed ‘So Here is Something A Little Different!’ 😀 Thanks for its inclusion. The video was really rather good Sue and very much enjoyed. ‘Tis true to say a picture paints a thousand poetic words and many a well spun verse is woven into your images. (Might you also do a video ‘diary’ for the allotment?? 😀 ) Of course, I’m in full agreement with you regarding the display of wealth paraded by arrogant aristocrats in front of those who had nothing, it is wholly obscene.

    Anyway, thanks for posting Sue, have a wonderfully creative month! I hope the remaining parsnips and sprouts will find there way to your plate and be suitably enjoyed. Good luck with the beans and onions! I’ll look forward to reading your next allotment update whenever it next appears. Until then, take care, happy painting!



    • I am glad you enjoyed the ‘Little Something Different’ Dewin, and forgive my late response.. But Nature it seems had other ideas about my weekend, so no painting or reading, as it laid me half the time in bed with a bad head cold with eyes and nose running as fast as each other…. Which ‘blew’ in like the windy week it was last week… But today I am much clearer headed, the tissues now not needed every other minute.. 🙂 and my sinuses are not hurting as much.. I have been trying little by little catching up with comments but alas yesterday proved too much and I gave it up and went back to bed…
      Your idea of a video Diary caught my attention, and who knows now I have been brave enough to upload a couple of my creations, I may well find that an easy solution for a quick update on the plot.. So thank you Dewin for that splendid idea…

      I trust your weekend went well, and you didn’t get blown away… Very windy here…
      Many thanks again Dewin… Have a great week… Take care.. Sue 🙂 🙏

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      • Your reply is not late dear Sue, but arrived precisely as was intended 😀

        Sorry indeed to hear of sniffles, snuffles, and sinus troubles brought on by a cold. One might imagine Mother Nature had your best interests at heart and kindly gave you chance to rest after your hard work prepping the allotment (muck-spreading, digging, harvesting) for Spring. It’s been a busy few weeks for both you and hubby requiring a big investment of energy. Time now to rest, relax, repair and ease into February…’tis what winter is really all about. I’m sure you’ll be feeling refreshed in no time.

        Regards the video: it’s not so much my idea Sue but an extension of your own. I thought the video posted here, and the music that went with it, was splendid. A similar format showcasing your Plot Blog ( 😀 ) will undoubtedly be as appealing.

        Thank you Sue, my weekend was no less enjoyable because of the wind. I worked Saturday and wrote on Sunday and all was well.

        Perhaps the blustery weather is intended to blow cobwebs from the vestiges of last year in readiness for Spring.

        Have a pleasant evening. Stay warm and dry! 😀


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        • Thank you Dewin… You are always so gracious my friend.. 🙂 And yes you are right I came to my own conclusions that I may well have over worked and caught a chill in the wind last week while digging..

          And yes the cobwebs blowing and my cold also a clearing out of Energy, in my opinion, 🙂 And I shall be spending the rest of the week snuggled up with my book. 🙂
          Many thanks again dear Dewin for your kind thoughts have a lovely rest of your week also 🙂

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    • Thank you Steve… Loved your new interest and your model painting is superb… Very good.. I wouldn’t like to meet any of those creatures that is for sure, they are certainly well armed…
      Your voilets in that silver bucket painting I just LOVE… You have captured the softness of the petals and the reflection on the silver bucket is beautiful…. I thought I would leave my thoughts here as you have turned your comments off from now On.. I understand that, for at times our wordpress family is often time consuming…
      Take care Steve… and good luck with your sales.. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • hi sue, thank you for your comments. With this new interest i have actually gained a few followers and people that can be bothered to say a few words, apart from yourself no one uttered a word, even though every time they posted i went across and said a few words nothing came back. I decided to stop the comments because i thought at least know i can expect no words rather than hope to see some and nothing returned, i have since stopped them following me (those that did) and i now dont bother following them either, it may sound petty but i did try. I have since turned on the comments as i have people willing to speak, all the best…

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        • I so understand that, you learn as you grow with the blogging community, and I am very grateful for the wonderful followers I have here on my blog, but like you say it works both ways..
          Many follow my blog but never comment then they come in one fell swoop and like multitude of comments or posts Like this week a lady came by and clicked like on mulitple comments even ones that only had a smiley emoji on some of my last remarks and other peoples smiles last comments… Which shows you they are not even ‘looking’ at what they click, its all to get themselves noticed… I do sometimes click a comment of someone on another blog post if I like what that comment is saying and for no other reason. Ego is the main culprit I am afraid Steve.. … They are only interested in statistics wanting likes like on FB and not reading or taking interest in our content.. I learnt long ago to unfollow these and always I am trimming and adjusting my lists.. 😉
          I do miss not commenting though as I do like to give you some feedback as you are very talented.. Maybe later you will open back your comments again.. I hope so…
          Hope your week is going well 🙂

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    • I thought you might like this one Robbie knowing how much you enjoy historical places and you have enjoyed visiting Scotland so much… I have some steam trains in Wales pending in my head to create for a future one.. Now all I need to do is time manage everything LOL… Which you dear Robbie seem a genius at LOL…. Many thanks Robbie….
      Much love my friend enjoy your week.. ❤

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  6. So much digging….it looks great, Sue. I love Scotland and Wales and the feeling of those lands. So many wonderful spots in this United Kingdom we call home. ❤ Hugs and much love and nature's energy to you both. ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Yes there are yet many wonderful places in England and the British Isles to explore… Many thanks dearest Jane.. Hope your week is going well.
      Many thanks for your lovely comment and visit… And for your well wishes.. I needed them this weekend as I had a head cold.. Much brighter though today.. ❤ Hugs your way and thank you for your patience..

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ohh Sue, I will pop you into my healing prayers. ❤ It is blowing a 'right one' here today and I trust you are both safe and warm? May you continue to feel better. My week is going well thanks and I hope yours is too? Much love flowing to you both. ❤ xXx ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        • Thank you Jane, I am much improved today and had a much better night… I can only think I caught a chill perhaps in the bitter winter last week while digging… And Thank you for your healing thoughts I too have a healing book lol… and so many names are now in it, I just trust spirit to know when I lay my hand on it now to send them all healing energy…
          We are both snug and warm thank you, Hubby braved the wind today for two hours but armed himself with a hot beverage in a flask and he takes regular rests in our shed LOL… So many thanks again Jane for your kind thoughts.. Its much appreciated.. Thank you

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          • I love that your hubby has a shed to take breaks… marvellous. I am glad you are feeling much better. 😘 I have been struggling to remember everyone… a healing book, of course, what a wonderful idea. Spirit will know. 😘 💗 Xxxx Huge hugs for you both 💞

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  7. Your garden looks wonderful – I enjoyed the video of Scotland – All the lovely green and the castles, and the bodies of water. Wow – I have always wished to visit Scotland, but doubt if I ever get there. So thanks for the video tour. This world certainly is beautiful.


    • Glad I was able to give you a virtual tour of a part of Scotland Peggy and yes its a wonderful place as are the people in the Highlands.. Lots of Green and LOTS of RAIN.. 😉 and Midges too in the Summer… we learnt the hard way so visit in Spring Maytime or late Autumn when the midges not as bad..

      Loved your visit here Peggy… Take care both of you ❤

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  8. Thank you Sue for this most beautiful little video historic tour, just wonderful. Happy Imbolc. Happy February to you. I shall be embarking on my well needed blogging break to a land of sunshine soon! Love and hugs my friend. ❤ xxx

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    • Aww thank you very much Pat, Yes hard work to begin with. But worth it come harvest time.
      And thank you so much for replying the visit and commenting, I really appreciate that. Thank you Pat.
      Have a great day. 💚


  9. Such an intriguing and lovely post Sue, all that lushness, greenery and Scottish history, it feeds the wanderlust in me my friend. Thank you for transporting me. Hope you have a wonderful February. Happy painting and happy writing. xx 💚

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    • Aww Hannah… Parsley is one of those things which I too have had hit and misses with Hannah, so do not give up…. Keep talking your plants.. I do… What you do have to be careful of though my friend, is when you start hearing them talk back!!! 😉 Much love and Thank YOU for your lovely comment… ❤


  10. Sue, I am most impressed with your allotment and all that digging! I bet you can’t wait for the first of the new crops later this year. I loved the virtual tour of the castle, its ground and surrounding area – the landscape is stunning and the castle fascinating. I’m not surprised it took so long to build, and you’re right; the cost must have been huge. Scotland is an awe-inspiring and fascinating place to visit and I’m so happy you shared your trip here. Hope you’re having a good start to the week and your allotment survived the gales! hugs xx


    • Thank you Annika.. Yes it was hard going and I am very impressed with Hubby who has done far more digging than I have.. I loved putting together that little video and hope to create more in the future.. This Castle was indeed very magical and we had a very enjoyable time exploring it and the town.. 🙂
      I hope all is well where you are too Annika… and we are pleased to say the only damage done was two panes of glass which blew out in the allotment greenhouse, one was fine while the other broke.. But hubby sorted it out yesterday…
      Many thanks for your walk on the plot Annika.. I appreciate your comment and visit my friend 🙂 Thank YOU

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  11. Love the look of your freshly turned soil Sue, looks full of great nutrients and wonderful texture, long time since I have seen a Sprouts stalk, great eating especially when steamed.
    Your Inverary Castle experience must have been fantastic, so much to see and do and so much history, lovely enjoyable and relaxing post Sue.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Ian, so pleased to see you in the plot and enjoying a walk around the sprouts… Love our sprouts, Hubby been to pick a stalk for the weekend along with more parsnips to roast, before the wind and Storm Dennis hits us with full force.. We just got over Storm Ciara.. And I hear many places in Australia now getting rain and flooding too….
      Glad you enjoyed the Castle… it was a great day there and soaked in history.. like the town… Sending love your way and hugs to Anna also.. ❤

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