Rich Pickings

June all too soon flew by, as so many of our days just lately seem to be wisps of memories as we no sooner rise, that we fall into bed. Making the most of our days and being present within the gifts of our NOW moments brings so many rewards as we are grateful for all things great and small.

It’s remarkable to see how the Universe listens and provides… and how manifesting truly is working all the while, if you learn how to see into its synchronicities. For nothing is by chance…

My husband always planning ahead had been wanting to create some new raised beds for next year and had been thinking on needing wood to do this. Also a wooden post and a broken panel of fencing we had installed at the side of the green house on the plot, to ensure no one accidentally tripped from the grass pathway into the greenhouse. This had disintegrated in the high winds we had back in Spring. So my husband had also been thinking about this and needing to get wood to use as stakes for posts as the older ones had rotted.

So imagine my husbands delight when a neighbour was throwing out good quality wood he no longer needed.. He told my husband help yourself, to any of it as its all going to be skipped. Pieces that were just perfect for the jobs he had been thinking on. Manifesting in action!.

Last year we replanted many of our raspberry bushes which we put in line with our Redcurrant bush. My idea being we could then put large posts in corners and then cover with netting so I could walk inside to pick berries. At the moment we have a net loosely tied over them which I have to undo and scramble underneath to pick berries. So these longer pieces of wood ideal for the jobs we had thought of.. We want to allow the bees and insects in, but keep the pigeons out… They are our main problem on the allotments.. they can strip a bush of berries in no time and decimate the brassica family by eating leaves.

Red Currant Bush

The Red Currant bush is now taller than I am, and produces lots of berries, I eat these with my breakfast and yogurt and freeze some for pies or trifles. They also make very good Red Current Jelly.

Cleaning Red Currants I soak for ten minutes in salted water with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda and rinse thoroughly. If I freeze them I allow to drain, air dry for a while and then freeze on a baking tray trying to keep them as separate as possible. Once frozen I then put into containers.. This way they come out of the container separate and not a solid lump.. I do the same to Raspberries and Gooseberries .

Rich Pickings out of the Allotment this week, have been broad beans, peas, lettuce, courgettes, Lemon Cucumbers, Spring Onions, Rainbow Chard, and radishes.

Raspberries, Lemon Cucumbers Redcurrants, Dahlias and Sweet-peas

A selection below of the flowers in bloom at the moment.

Click the images to enlarge.

With all of this, my life is Rich…. and when we choose to Pick out and nourish our body and our soul in aligning ourselves with wholesome foods, and wholesome thoughts.

Life brings us gifts in abundance..

“Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years.”

~Author Unknown~

“When gardeners garden, it is not just plants that grow, but the gardeners themselves.”

~Ken Druse~

“To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

“I am a gardener. What’s your superpower?”

~Empress of Dirt~

Happy Gardening!

88 thoughts on “Rich Pickings

  1. Boy…Seeing your stash of goodies makes me realize the horror of our situation here…So much cold the plants if they even germinated won’t grow…My tomato plants are 2 ft tall at best!!! Squash plants are still at the 4 leaf stage, cukes as well. No lettuce beyond two leaves, spinach is tiny….No food for me I don’t think. it is so infuriating after trying so hard, I am hoping we get to watch hangings in the local square for these terrorists destroying our Government and our lives…Can’t even grow our own food now, that is a no no so we all starve and eat bugs! NOT DOING IT…..Glad you are able to grow over there. You are sincerely lucky my friend…Enjoy the harvest….Hugs and love…VK ❤

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    • Thank’s VK…. yes… seems there is a global plan of reducing our own growing capabilities and steeling land and telling farmers how to farm also.. One has to look to the Netherlands where the governments are instigating new rules… And how grains are being withheld etc… Its and evil battle people are unaware is even happening.. Farmers are revolting and yet the world is not reporting it.. Like they didn’t in what happened in India.. One has to be awake and aware of global issues and see the writing on the wall..

      So yes at the moment we are very fortunate in having the Allotments to grow food..
      And even luckier that people are interested within our community to create growing spaces and become more Self Sufficient. And who are coming up with ideas of solutions of community gardening of sharing and caring etc….
      These are the Times of major changes VK… To be among it is often daunting.. But WE are the ones who have to make the changes… And At least my friend you are making a start by growing your own, even though I know Winter was brutal and long lasting for you…

      ‘ The Worm, Will Turn’….. Hold faith..
      Much love .. ❤ ❤

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    • 🙂 Hi Dawn…. Never despair.. Not all of grow at the same rates either Dawn… Good composted earth or in our case well manured… Water frequently, and lots of talking to 🙂
      And don’t worry we all have had our failures of crops too…. We start a lot of our seedlings off in the greenhouse.. or home windowsills in early January/Feb.
      Our Peas this year have not done half as well… And our Beetroot are lacking lustre… Its a battle of the elements. and conditions which suit somethings and not others….
      So don’t give up… All of it is an experiment Good years and Bad in all crops.. ❤ ❤

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    • Thank you dear Eddie… It’s the best part of the day, those early mornings when all is quiet and still, gathering in the harvests of one’s hard work.. and sitting looking at the flowers as they bloom…. We gardeners are blessed with such wealth…
      Thank YOU Eddie, dear fellow gardener… I knew you would appreciate this post 🙂 ❤

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  2. Such a beautiful post, Sue! I love all the images and especially the wonderful gardening quotes. I had not heard many of those before. Enjoy your delicious manifestation and love in action. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Beautiful post. Love all your pickings. It is such a harvest and what you sow you reap. I do believe as you do with the ability to manifest courtesy of spirit validation. There are no coincidences, mistakes and accidents. The latter two are human error and coincidence are to me spirit validations. Love your flowers especially the lily pads. Bring back memories of childhood. Be well my friend and hope you are having a peaceful day.

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  4. Your garden is a paradise in the look, but also in what it produces. Of course, there is always a lot of work in the background. I have black currant bushes. We could make a pack… lol

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  5. Hi Sue, I always enjoy your gardening posts and this one is no exception. How lucky that you were given that wood for posts. We also have to replace ours from time to time as they rot. I am seeing signs of spring in our garden already and the peach tree has it’s first flower.

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    • That is wonderful Robbie…. Yes to be fair the panel was an old one from our home and its stood the test of time and was way past its sell by date… But it served its purpose… I’m pleased you are seeing signs of your Spring… Oh to have a Peach tree….. 🙂 Our apples are now forming and look more healthier than last year… 🙂 We had a lot of mildew on the leaves earlier in Spring and cut out a lot of diseased leaves etc.. Many thanks dear Robbie ❤

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  6. You truly are rich Sue! Such abundance in so many ways! I love it when a manifestation as awesome as free wood happens! Jump for joy time! God provides, and so do neighbors!! Your crop is beautiful – the berries look very juicy too. I know it’s been a bit drier this year, so what you do have must have needed many trips back and forth of water carrying. No doubt you’ve gained some muscle!! Keep up the great work, very impressive, and thank you for sharing your abundance!! Much love, Donna

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    • Indeed Donna.. God does provide and we are very rich in the abundance given and are grateful for all things received… We give our neighbours a lot of our excess produce.. So its energy returning in a way… What you sow, so shall you reap.. as the saying goes.. 🙂
      And yes lots of water-carrying and very good arm work-out lol.. 🙂 Many thanks dear Donna. ❤


  7. Ah dear lady, another soul that talks with her heart to the nature of this world. The flowers sing from it and the fruit and vegetables are bursting with energy. Yes, you do plunk down in bed at night…but I bet a very satisfied plunk it is. Great post dear lady, and thank you for sharing a creation from the heart 😀❤️🙏🏽

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    • Thank you Mark… Always happy to share a gardening post of our labours.. And we do enjoy eating all we have grown LOL 🙂
      Sending thoughts your way, I know how lucky we are to grow a lot of our own food.. Take care and Hugs ❤

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  8. We are in the same place as you are! Rise up, go to bed, do it again the next day. In between, we are finishing up the greenhouse. I have it mostly planted, including flowers because that will give me pleasure hopefully all winter. I will send you a picture when it is a little more filled in 😉 carry-on, my friend! Always wonderful reading your posts. 🙏💕

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  9. Oh, I love this! Your life is rich indeed Sue. So much bounty and beauty and I loved hearing about that manifesting in action. Truly wonderful! Keep enjoying all the fruits of your labour and your wonderful harvest. Nature is the ultimate balm to the soul.Much love to you my green thumbed friend. 💚❤️ xx


    • Thank you Miriam…. And if anyone knows about Manifesting in Action Miriam, it is YOU dear friend… I am often in Awe as to how your dreams and wishes are being listened to and how you are acting upon them as they propel you to the next stage of your life’s plan…. Listening to our hearts is the Key.. And you dear friend are doing just that…

      And you are so right.. ” Nature is the Ultimate Balm to the soul”…

      Much love right back Miriam…. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  10. It is a blessing to dip into your loving world, Sue. I love the manifestation in action with the wood and your abundant crops. Much love to you both, always. ❤ xXx ❤

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  11. A wonderful bounty for sure, my friend. I’m afraid our weather this spring and early summer has not been favorable for farmers or city dwellers with small gardens. Much too damp, much too chilly. Many farmers are looking at major losses in income this year with entire crops lost to the weather. We did not even grow our garden this year, partly due to a lack of time, and partly due to the weather. Anyway, most flowers bloomed well this year, but vegetables have suffered. It does look like the blueberries are thriving, though, so that’s good news.

    I hope this finds you well and happy. Hugs coming your way!

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    • Thank you Bill….. Always a pleasure to have you visit the plot… You had a wet Spring.. we had an extra dry one… Not usual for England lol… 🙂 Where it rains more often than not.. 🙂
      Yes many farmers here also struggling with various issues… all pointing to less rather than more….
      Glad your Blueberries are thriving we didn’t Get one berry off all three bushes this year… even though they are small bushes… A late frost put paid to them… But as I have said in other comments.. The raspberries made up for them…
      You win some and lose some.. that is gardening … Wishing you both well Bill… Mega hugs to you and Bev.. ❤


  12. Oh Sue, your garden is full of life, so pleasing to the eye and also mouth watering. Sadly, those pesky birds and bugs admire them too, lol. But as we know, they go hand in hand with nature. And lovely gift from the nieghbor. Manifest, manifest! Hugs my friend. ❤ xx


  13. I love when synchronicities happen! Lumber is so expensive too, what a sweet neighbor & it was meant for you, Sue🤗💖 I love your garden, so colorful and full of life, so gorgeous!


  14. I love how the ideas come and then the materials needed to make them real. The Universe always has our backs. I can’t even imagine such a lovely garden as yours. I would love to just grow some herbs here but the how is still a work in progress. Love seeing your lovely garden and all it’s bounty.


    • Thank you dear Marlene…. I am sure you miss your own little garden you had.. But once you have yourself sorted herbs can always be grown in pots in the kitchen…. I often grow herbs that way that are not hardy in winter such as basil etc…. And yes so true.. The Universe does have our backs Marlene… Lovely to have you on the garden plot.. 🙂 ❤

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  15. Hi Sue, your garden is gorgeous and makes me hungry! What wonderful words and images to show the beauty around us. I never inherited my mom’s green thumb, but a few years back, my interest began to grow. My hubby has always had a green thumb. Now that we’re in a third year of drought, we’re not buying new flowers as water restrictions have been implemented. So, we work hard to keep the flowers and plants we do have alive. Surprisingly, our bougainvillea is thriving, but our two lantana that was once hearty isn’t doing so well. Gophers have attacked many yards around us, and it’s been a struggle. Yes, we love nature, but not gophers! 🙂 Anyway, now when I see a flower struggle, it hurts my heart. Sounds crazy, I know, but that is the transformation in me, and how my mom used to feel. Love and hugs to you, my friend. ❤️🌺🌻

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    • I cannot even begin to imagine three years of drought Lauren… Its a wonder any thing is left growing.
      Thankfully we do not have Gophers… and I would imagine they could wreck and decimate a garden in a short space of time.
      While we have rabbits in fields near by they seem to leave our plots alone… Thankfully…
      I smile at your compassion for wilting flowers, they are obviously communicating their need your way…
      When we reach out with our hearts.. They reach right back in..
      Much love and many thanks for a lovely comment and visit here Lauren…
      Love your way ❤ ❤ 🙂


  16. Your garden brings wonder and calm in the eyes. So beautiful flowers and fruits . I have some in our garden but not so much .
    We have also weeds that I observe to know the names . This recalls me my past when I teached the sciences of nature and especially botanic .:)
    Your husband is a valiant and well organized gardener and builder . Confrats to him.
    I replied to your last comment Sue, and again I am sorry for the confusion . about your country.
    I like England and I have a daughter who lives in England (Kent )and she is a valiant gardener and beekeeper. Her veggies and honey are excellent!
    Love ❤

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    • How wonderful Michel your daughter lives in Kent.. We live in Robin Hood Country. In the East Middlands. Not far from the Major Oak in Sherwood Forrest.
      I past on your compliments to my husband, he thanks you very much. 💕💖💕


  17. Sue, after reading this one I realize I’ve skipped breakfast and it is now lunch time. Just looking at the photos is about to send me to the fridge to get one of the peaches grown in a local orchard and maybe a grilled cheese sandwich to go with it. My stomach just concurred, so it has been lovely reading your posts again. Getting a few ideas to begin writing again as well. All my love coming your way!

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      • Love received and returned seven fold! I am old and tired lately, feeling every minute of my almost 80 years on this earth. It doesn’t help that after 22 years in this place they are not renewing my lease and I have to move by the end of this month. Not sure why, but too tired lately to fuss about it. Just thinking about changing my name to “Confused Kentucky Angel”!


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