There is Some thing Strange, in the Neighbourhood!

Hello to all of my friends here within the Gardening World of Blog, its been a while since I posted here within my Gardening blog, I hope to update it again very soon, In the mean time enjoy a post from my main blog Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary. Happy Halloween .. Sue x

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary


There is something strange in the neighbourhood

As we entered deep into Stands Wood


We kept to the path we followed the Signs

Not wanting to end up in some Witches Brine


A greenish mist cast its eerie spell

And sure enough this is where Witches dwell


What looked like a Victim had surely lost his way

He’d seen better days is what I would say


We hid in the bushes as the Wagon flew by

It held screaming children with excited cries


As ghouls and Ghosts jumped out at each bend

Thank goodness we were invisible my friends..


As you can see we had a wonderful Walk today around Stands Woods of Chatsworth House In Derbyshire Β where they put on a spectacular show for the children. I know of Two Adult ones who enjoyed them selves walking 3 hours in the Woods today meeting real witches and real ghosts…

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13 thoughts on “There is Some thing Strange, in the Neighbourhood!

  1. Greetings Sue, social visit to check out your gardening site, look forward to seeing any new updates from your Garden of Eden, good to see you had an enjoyable Halloween. Not much of an event here in Australia except for the retailers.

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