Sowing has begun Plus News on a Monsanto Report

This week we started to plant some of our seeds directly into the allotment.  I set too and planted two rows of Parsnips I like to plant them about 3 inches apart.. ( Sorry I still work in inches rather than Cms..)  Which is approximately 8 cms apart. 

Here are two drill lines and the seeds are parsnips

These will not be touched until they get large enough to see them clearly as I will weed in between them.. We covered with a cloche to keep the ground a bit warmer.  And watered them in once they were covered with more earth. 



I also set two rows of Beetroot  a row of Peas,  I say one row of peas but these I set in rows of 3  close together  ..  I didn’t take a photo of them..  but  using the above picture as a template. I would have planted an extra row in the middle with the peas.. Information on how to plant Peas can be found Here  should you need it.  when they start coming through I will find sticks for them to climb up. 

Here you see a cloche over the peas I set, and behind you can just make out the 3 mounds of earth where the early potatoes are now in.

My hubby dug three trenches and filled them with manure which we had plenty left over which are stored in the bins now behind the sheds and put in our early potatoes. These are Arran Pilot  and are a popular choice for early crop new potatoes .. 


Last Autumn, I set some Lettuce seeds, and these are just coming along nicely, I also set some pick and mix lettuce, these you can see have gone to seed with the yellow flower heads.. But these few should make lovely little lettuce heads. 



Most of you know we do not use any chemicals, herbicides etc on  our produce, preferring to let nature take her course. I do mix up a garlic spray, and this has proved effective with black fly.. So my next piece of information shared I hope you will follow the link for. 

Why? well, it’s what is going into our food.. And what is a worry is that some of the pesticides which have been banned through the EU may well be given licence to be used on crops within the growing of our food again in the future..

So this important report on Monsanto and what levels of chemicals are within our foods we especially give our children, is alarming!..

This was shared on Health Nut News ,  and is entitled ~Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story – Don’t Let This Go Unshared!  I hope you go and look at the list of foods and share it with everyone you know in the orange Link above .

 A quotation below from this site says :~

Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story – Don’t Let This Go Unshared! | Health Nut News

Share this shocking new report with everyone you know….

A FDA-registered food safety laboratory tested iconic American food for residues of the weed killer glyphosate (aka Monsanto’s Roundup) and found ALARMING amounts.

Just to give you an idea of how outrageous these amounts are, independent research shows that probable harm to human health begins at really low levels of exposure – at only 0.1 ppb of glyphosate. Many foods were found to have over 1,000 times this amount! Well above what regulators throughout the world consider “safe”.

The list includes Cornflakes, Cheerios, Special K, Ritz crackers, and loads loads more..  The research is significant, and this chemical is known by the W.H.O. World Health Organisation to produce Cancer  cells. Its alarming given the amount now of Cancers occurring in young children .. So Please do yourselves a favour and go check out the list.. Especially if you live in the USA.  

Now you see why I dislike using Chemicals on foods ..

Happy Sowing My friends

And Sorry I have been absent here for a while.. 



34 thoughts on “Sowing has begun Plus News on a Monsanto Report

  1. Your garden looks lovely, Sue. My Mom and Dad both garden. My Mom loves flowers and my Dad grows vegetables. We have quite a big vegetable patch at our home and the produce is usually very nice. We are also attempting to grow fruit trees although this is a longer term project. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of how your garden grows. Thanks also for the Monsanto share – it is scary what is included in our food now and the rates of cancer in adults and children are alarming.

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    • Wonderful to know your Mom and Dad grow flowers and Veggies.. 🙂 And my Dahlia tubers will be going in the ground when all fear of frosts are gone..
      Yes it is scary, the amounts found in these foods… And once the chemicals are in the ground they go into the water table too…
      I will be sharing more as we get going .. This garden is a five minute walk from our home, so very handy to have the allotments so close by
      Many thanks for sharing Robbie… Hope you have a Peaceful rest of the week.. 🙂

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  2. Morning Sue — Thanks for sharing your gardening projects. Here in Oregon it’s just raining day after day — makes gardening not so fun. Yesterday was our last Garden Party for March. The rain stopped for several hours and the sun even made an appearance about 11. Tomas went to it and clipped blackberries for two hours. I chose to stay home and make some veggie burgers and soup to stock our freezer. Gee, if I’d known they were clipping blackberries, I might have gone! Not kidding, I actually enjoy doing that.
    Regarding the Monsanto report: It’s a sad fact that our food has been weaponized. And together with what is being sprayed into our skies on the pretense of countering “climate change” google “chemtrails” it’s amazing that any of us is here to post about it! I really doubt that anything can truly be called “organic” anymore. However, the FDA does not routinely test for aluminum, barium and strontium in our food (some of the things being sprayed on us.) This gets into “conspiracy theory” territory, so I’ll let your readers Google their way down those rabbit holes if they want to.

    I do believe the Light is winning, however, and within a few short years we may well be saying “Monsanto WHO?” I hope our great-grandchildren never bother to ask us about the time when our food and water were purposely poisoned by transnational conglomerates whose elite leaders’ greed and lust for power perpetrated these crimes against humanity in their own self-interest. Just sayin’ that Monsanto’s report — scary as it is — is only the barest tip of this iceberg. I’ll get off the soapbox now. And please don’t let my comments keep you from planting peas and potatoes grown without chemicals.Gardening is great therapy and is its own reward. Clean food is a by-product in my opinion.

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    • Thank you Alia.. Oh I am so pleased you and I are on the same wave length.. I have posted in my pages on my other blog about Chemtrails often the vids I find are taken down.. And its no conspiracy theory its happening.. Last week above our heads for two days after the Westminster tragedy the skies were weaved in a grid of them.. We know the usual flight paths and the contrails soon disappear, not these they linger and spread out and cloud over..
      Its raining hard here today so no planting today..
      Many thanks Alia for that lovely comment.. xxx ❤ have a great day too

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  3. Nice to see you getting back to your garden plot. We put out a few tomato plants, but think the hail may get them tonight. Guess I better find them a cover. We keep waiting on planting too much – not sure Spring is really here. Enjoy getting your hands in the dirt Sue. xoxo

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  4. Your garden looks so good Sue, I’m looking much forward to follow it, as it grows in the coming time 🙂
    I shared a video at my Facebook, I know, that you are not at Facebook, where they show the differences between allowed food in EU and US and these levels are really scaring. I shared to show my American friends too.
    I buy as much as I can afford in our local health shop, which are organic, but at least the levels of pesticides in EU are much lower than US.

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    • Yes, that is true.. I hope as we come out of the EU we do not adopt American type products which do not test for such things.. You are wise to buy healthy and organic.. I know they are more expensive, but you can tell the difference in them..
      Thank you for your comment Irene.. And I can not wait to get the garden all planted.. Today as it was raining, we planted Squash seeds, Runner Beans, Sweetcorn, and Courgettes in the greenhouse. 🙂 So we are getting cracking.. 🙂

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  5. It’s getting harder and harder to know what is going into “food” these days and the safest way to eat is to eat what you have grown yourself or what you know comes from trusted producers. I would steer clear of ANYTHING coming out of the U.S. or containing any ingredients from the U.S. after their head of state has proved that money and power are much more important than health, the right to uncontaminated food and environment and learning to be part of the environment, not conquering and pillaging it. Kudos on your own start to this years food Sue 🙂

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  6. … never fed my kids any of this, friend Sue … (although daughter’s friend once called her a “very deprived of pop tarts and other processed foods” friend … smiles … anyway, her friend seems okay to this day … and so is my daughter, both age 34 now … smiles … Happy gardening, me will start in mid May … smiles … but till that starts me will be doin sum more skiing … sendin you a video … son in law on snow board, daughter in law skiing and filmin … and me, the fallin all over crappy skier in blue … anyway … Love you much, friend Sue. Always, cat.

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  7. I’ll have to re-follow Sue, i didn’t get this post 😀
    And you are so right about Monsanto, they have also just been found to be in collusion with EPA in America who gave the ok that glyphosate (Roundup) was ok in the first place. The documents showed that they had colluded to rig results for research and in doing the paperwork for the reviews that passed it as safe.
    It is that bad that the congressman who brought this to light has effectively accused them of murder. Which in truth, and because they knowingly did this understanding that it was in fact a dangerous substance, is murder…there is no other word to describe what they have done.
    This lot is Evil…and I don’t say that lightly. All for the almighty dollar, and for the people affected by this they couldn’t care less.

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    • Yes it is murder.. And they knew right from the beginning I feel.. And do not care only for profit margins..
      What I feel is occurring now Mark around the world is that exposure to these types of practices will start to be unveiled.
      The World is starting to open its eyes to the ‘Darker side’ and I do not say these words lightly either, For their is evil intent, has been and its still happening to depopulate the Earth . For the good of the few.

      Many thanks for that piece of information.. I am delighted it is being exposed.. And those responsible should be brought to account..

      As to refollowing me , thank you Mark.. I have found I have had to go into my Reader and Manage my followes, and open them up to allow email notification.. Sometimes they are open at other times I find them closed.. really weird.. So that may be the reason you didnt see the email alert..
      Thank you again Mark..
      Wishing you a wonderful Day 🙂

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  8. Being allergic to MSG and milk products taught me many a lesson in the past, friend Sue … now feeling awesome with raising my own veggies and hunting my own meat … not missing out on anything … smiles … Happy sowing … Love, cat.

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