Early Autumn

Well hello my lovely gardening friend, it has been a while since I did an update on how things are growing down the allotment.  Click to enlarge photo’s and hover your mouse over the smaller ones to see text. 

Summer started off well, but here in England, August has not been so good, with cooler weather with lots of windy days, one which saw it bring down one of my hanging baskets of flowers on the side of our home, and blow over several pots of flowers on the patio.  So between the Sunshine and the heavy Showers we have been enjoying days out  with family and getting to grips with keeping the allotment tidy. 

Dahlias and in front are the leeks

My Dahlias, have been extra magnificent this year, giving us lots of cut flowers that have been shared between family and neighbours, who have really appreciated their blooms. They now stand to the height of my shoulder when I am in amongst them, as does the sweet corn. My hubby is now starting to collect the cobs and so far he has cleaned and frozen 34 large cobs.. And there are still plenty more that have to ripen. So it has been a very good crop this year.

Sweetcorn and Butternut Squash in middle and peas in front of those

Autumn is showing its signs early this year, and while we have picked lots of Raspberries and Blackberries we have also lost a lot of Raspberries to the wet conditions and not getting to pick them soon enough.. So the birds are making the most of them.. The blueberries the birds got too before I did, as the netting I put over them had a gap in it and so they had a feast.. But I was not concerned as I got to them first last year.

The pumpkins are also swelling out nicely, we planted four seeds from last years pumpkin at Halloween, and are growing these for our granddaughter as she loves to scoop out the middles and help sculpt them into faces for Halloween.

Pumpkins which are the size of a large Melon right now.

I have also had lots and LOTS of sweetpeas, these are the Old Fashioned variety, I always grow these, and these are from the saved seeds from last year, and they smell gorgeous, and I have several small vases now scatted around my home bringing fragrance to each room..

Abundance of Sweetpeas The more you pick them the more that come. I will let them form seed pods for next year later in the Autumn .

Remember the Gladioli when I diligently weeded through them all, to expose their small shoots? I took a gamble last year and left them in the ground, I was lucky as we had a mild winter, or I may have lost them.. This year after flowering I will lift them and store the bulbs for next year.. Here is what they look like now.. I have had lots of blooms off of these. And have some within my hearth right now.


Runner Kidney Beans



The Kidney Runner Beans have been doing well also, and again many neighbours have been enjoying these along with us. These are from seeds taken from allowing last years end of crop beans dry out in the pods and then saving them. 



Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

 We just love tomatoes, and have two green houses full, one at home and one on the allotments.

I love tomato soup and if anyone wants a good recipe to follow, then this is so simple to make I put the recipe on my recipe pages and it can be found HERE. These are some cherry yellow tomatoes we have.

More about the health benefits of Yellow and Red Tomatoes can be found here on  The Worlds Healthiest Foods site 


Well that is about all for this time.. Next time I hope to show you what has been happening in the Home Garden.

Happy Gardening


58 thoughts on “Early Autumn

    • Yes Mark it was very Dry in April and early summer, So spent lots of hours watering two hours a day some days carrying watering cans back and forth from the water cisterns on the allotments.. But we are extremely pleased with what is ripening.. Not to mention the cabbages, Sprouts, Beets and Parsnips and etc.. 🙂 So happy smiles all round.. Thank you Mark..

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    • Lovely to see you Derrick, Yes, it is milder down south.. I feel it in my ‘Bones’ this year that this winter may well be long and harder.. Lets say we are due one. But who knows as the weather and Jet stream seems to do its own thing lately. 😀 nothing is predictable any more.. 😀

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  1. A beautiful treat for the senses. Everything is beautiful, our august has been insufferably hot but with lots of rain. My wildflowers did not come up but for one brave Marigold plant. 🙂 Your fresh vegetables make my mouth water. Happy Sunday.

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  2. A good reminder that I had best get my wellies on and get planting seed for this years veggies Sue. A lovely post, bright and colourful and full of lovely veggies and beautiful flowers. You must be really happy with this years efforts 🙂


  3. Beautiful garden and such beautiful spiritual energy in your garden as well. Autumn here where I live comes in a change of the lighting in the sun usually occurs at the end of July. You can feel it and it happens in a twinkling of an eye it seems. This year it was the second week of august that the changing of light occured and with dipping temperatures. I love the pumpkin in your pumpkin patch. I go pumpkin crazy every fall. I love the orange. I think maybe as a child I loved pumpkins and never lost that love. Thank you for the tour of your garden. I appreciate it. ❤

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    • No they are all thriving, we had a drought in April when it was really dry So we did plenty of carrying water back and forth then. But thankfully the rain stops are arms aching from the two hours it takes to water everything when it is dry 🙂

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    • If I ever pick in the wild, they have to be well away from roads,, Too much pollution otherwise.. Where as our allotment grown are free from sprays and things.. Just a few bugs that need to detach in soaking for a few hours.. and big smiles.. I love berries on porridge 🙂


  4. Your flowers are stunning. Dare I ask if you’ve avoided (I’ll whisper) blight? I’m just starting out and loving everyone’s harvests but rarely have I seen such stunning flowers. Sweet peas are a must for me next year and thank you for mentioning the more I pick the more they’ll bloom.

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    • No touch wood no problems at all with Dahlias apart from a few blackfly.. Blight however we have had with potatoes and it struck hard the other year. The thing to do with potatoes if they start to die back and leaves go brown, cut off all the green tops so the blight doesn’t go into the potato tubas. The potatoes will still be ok underground, to lift as normal in Oct.. 🙂 Yes Both sweetpeas and Dahlias when you cut more, more blooms come.. 🙂


  5. I didn’t realise dahlias responded to cutting. I shall be educating myself for next year. I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to message me posts this morning. It’s a lovely feeling to know I’m not posting to myself. I’m looking forward to sharing in your future posts and learning too! 🙂

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    • Yes make sure you dead head, cut right back to the joint on the stem and new buds will form.. Dead heading all flowers regular prolongs flowering.. Once the seeds start forming the plant thinks its done its job..
      It takes a while to get noticed in blog land.. You will find many press follow then never are heard of again.. as they only want our comments and likes. I have found through out the yrs.. I would at one time follow back, comment and comment and get just a click like in return.. So you learn.. .. But I always return comments unless I over look one or I am absent for a while.. And you build up a nice network of people who are genuine .
      So I am happy that you commented, and Happy you are following.. I may be intermittent in my catch ups as I do not always see emails right away, as I get that many as I follow TOO many lol.. but I look forward very much to see your garden grow as they say..
      Have a wonderful day..
      Sue 🙂


  6. Looks like a very good garden and harvest this year. So many flowers, fruits and plants and hope your fridge and storage spaces will be very cozy this year 🙂 Those apples sound delicious and I hope more to come. The thought of sinking my teeth into some warm apple pie sounds like a wonderful treat right about now for me – we are having cold winter weather once again. Those birds sound cheeky and they took their chances. Maybe they will peck away at caterpillars or anything else that might eat your crops too 🙂

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    • The blackbirds are very friendly Mabel, and will come right up to me when I work with spade and throw them the odd worm.. 🙂 During nesting time when they were feeding their young their beaks were full of insects.. So I do not begrudge them their desert in a few berries.. 😀 and yes Apple Pie is delicious ..
      Keep warm down under.. and sending warm thoughts your way Mabel.. Thank you.. and will be catching up with you soon.. ❤


    • Oh wonderful Robbie.. Conkers a must for every child.. I am sure you have been told the traditions we would use them to have conker fights in school with :-D.. I remember getting many a bruised knuckle lol.. Now I think they have banned this game of Conkers in school for [ Health and Safety ] reasons.. Sad, you can not wrap children in cotton wool for ever.. And it never did us any harm except the odd bruise.. lol.. So happy you are enjoying England.. And getting to see Historical Houses and buildings.. Lots of History to enjoy. And the gardens, flowers and trees are amazing this time of year..
      I have been taking some time out with family,, and not on WP as much to visit everyone.. Good to know you are enjoying your Holiday so much..
      Take care Robbie and Big smiles that you are so enjoying our country.. ❤
      Love and Blessings Sue xxx ❤

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    • Hi Denzil, apologies for the delay in getting back to you.. Many thanks my friend.. And happy you are enjoying my gardening blog.. I am just hopping onto my blog again and hoping to get back into the swing really soon.. Hope you are well also.. 🙂


  7. Hello, my friend … mM garden got clobbered by hail storms and such twice this year, but amazingly many plants came back … I have potatoes, beets, carrots, onions, garlic, chives and even peas and beans … Sadly tomatoes and cucumbers did not survive … My flowers this year are marygolds. lupines, poppies, snapdragons, monkshood, bleeding heart and day lilies … Sadly my fern finally died after many years of abuse by my dog laying on it. But all in all I am happy with my garden, friend Sue. Love always always and always, cat.

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  8. I love the gladioli, especially the salmon colored one. We have reds and yellows.And the rest of your garden is amazing. August has been awful for us too. Summer appears to be over. Our tomatoes have not yet ripened. I’m glad we didnt put in a large garden lime we usually do. Thanks for sharing yours.

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    • Hi Linda.. I feel I have neglected my blogging friends of late, So sorry for that.. And Hope you are doing Ok. I found the other year when our tomatoes did not ripen.. I put them on the kitchen window sill and they soon turned red.. I thought I was going to be making lots of green tomato Chutney. But was proven wrong.. 🙂 Hope to be catching up with your shortly.. ❤ Hugs xx


  9. Beautiful photos Sue. What a shame only the birds got to enjoy your rasberries and blueberries! Your sweet peas look amazing. Any tips on growing them. We tried to grow scented long stem varieties in big pots but they struggled to produce blooms and were short weak stemmed! Xx

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