A Time of Gathering.

I took a walk Yesterday, and added some thoughts.. I posted this on my other blog.. Enjoy and Enjoy your harvests..
Happy Gardening

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Autumn colours as I walked yesterday

Walking out in Mother Nature is a gift I treasure, watching the changing seasons, absorbing each one with all her different merits, from Spring, through to Summer. Now Autumn is truly here, and its that time of harvest, of ‘gathering in.’

The heather shows us her colours~ What colours do we show the world I wonder.

  As I walked, I thought about how I love harvest time.. I love reaping in our harvest. And we all reap that which we have sown. 

Yesterday we harvested some of our first carrots.. A success story, as we often do battle with the  carrot fly, and pests, as we do not use any kind of chemical pesticides, So the carrot fly  has in the past rendered our carrots inedible.  This year with forethought and planing, we set them late, in a separate bed, covered them with a…

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15 thoughts on “A Time of Gathering.

    • Yes, Spring where you are, and such a busy time of year preparing the beds, and planting.. But I know before you know it, You will have sown your seeds and the weather I am sure will soon play ball and warm up..
      In contrast here today its blowing a gale out.. 60mph gusts.. with some rain and sunny spells.. And a decidedly drop in temperature.. I feel we are in for a longer Winter.. and a colder one that in a couple of years.. Hence the little wood burner in the greenhouse.. While Hubby is getting things prepared.. Frost has only hit Scotland as yet.. So I am making the most of my Dahlias while they are flowering.. 🙂
      Much Love xxx ❤

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      • I am going to have to get some more dahlia’s as aside from being lovely as flowers, they are edible as well (the roots) apparently. They are also very hardy and that’s something that we need here. I came down with a cold the other day so am just laying low like Brer Rabbit trying to get over it. I might plant out some more seeds today I think. Not too difficult and perfect for when you haven’t got much energy 🙂

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        • Sorry to hear you are under the weather Fran.. I had a massive migraine the other day and it really only just a few hours ago, my head has really cleared… I have felt like a wobbly blob and have slept loads.. We wait for the frost to blacken off the tops of the dahlias, then dig up the tubas as if too cold up here in the midlands, they can perish. Depends on how cold it gets where you are.. Down south, Devon and so on the climate is milder and they often get away with leaving theirs in the ground.. Hubby put our Begonias in the greenhouse today, and he prepared pots for me to plant up bulbs.. But i didn’t feel like moving today.. So sat in between lying down on WP.. xxxx Hope you soon feel better ❤

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          • We can leave our dahlias in the ground here so we are lucky 🙂 Sending hugs and wafting love over to you. I feel for you having a migraine. Yesterday I was one of the walking dead. I got up after sleeping for 10 hours, shuffled to the kitchen. Sat down and then walked over to the chair next to the fire and lay down and stayed there for another few hours. I did that for most of the day until late evening when I sat in the lounge room with Steve. I only started to feel vaguely human in the late afternoon. I woke up this morning, still ill but feeling decidedly alive! I have never been so happy to be hacking and wheezing but predominately “me” today 🙂 I guess that’s the one good thing about being ill and having migraines etc. The day you aren’t ill/don’t have a migraine, is absolutely lovely and you truly appreciate how blissful a “normal” day can be 🙂

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            • Yes those who walk around saying they have a migraine only have a bad headache.. This rendered me to bed..
              When I was in my 20’s and my children were small it was worse.. I would no sooner get over one than another would start.. I would have to put the children in the play pen.. close the curtains, and have a bucket by my side, and cold cloth to my head.. So this one crept up on me.
              So so sympathise with you Fran if you too know how this feels.. Its dreadful..
              Sending LOVE and Hope you have many more clear headed days my friend xxx ❤

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            • I think we might be finally on the mend Sue and migraines completely debilitate their poor sufferers. I am glad that your migraine is over and I hope that you won’t get another one! ❤

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  1. Such a wise and beautiful post, Sue! I have always wished we had heather somewhere I lived. To me, it’s such a magical plant. LOL, maybe the English Major in me is showing through … too much reading about the heath, but in any case, I enjoyed your photos and words. Much Love xxxx ❤

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  2. Hi Sue, it’s Arjun. I have made a new blog. Didn’t like the direction in which the old blog was heading. I do hope for your support as i endeavour to start another blog. Hopefully with better results.


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