February Update: What’s going on in the Plot.

These first early months of the year can be very unpredictable weather wise, and I know compared with other parts of the world we here in the UK have got off lightly so far with clement weather, albeit a few cold and frosty morning.

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As the plot looked this week walking down it to the sheds

But we never count our chickens, before they have hatched as the saying goes, and well remember last years icy blast from the East that hit us in March.. It is easy to get carried away with some mild sunny days and think to start planting, but keep an eye out for those weather forecasts. 

Spring cabbage and plenty of sprouts we keep harvesting in the background

So while hubby has been keeping the garden hoed over and making sure the muck has been well dug in, 

In the greenhouse on the allotment plot the day I took this photo with the sun shining it was 14C aprox 57F outside, and inside the Greenhouse it was 26C.. nearly 80F

Onion and shallot sets in the greenhouse

Hubby unlocking the sheds you can see the raspberry bushes and blueberry bushes all pruned.

Inside we still have butternut squash, and the apples are making lots of apple pies still, We pick through them every once in a while and throw out any which have gone bad.. But you can see we still have plenty to keep us going, 

Butternut Squash and apples in the trays, In the buckets on the floor are the Dahlia tubas

Fruit Cake and Apple and Raspberry Pie

 We are still harvesting Carrots, Parsnips and Swedes too, along with Leeks. making some delicious warming winter stews. . 

We saved a few of the broad-bean seeds and these are them growing in a small cold frame on the plot. next to them were wallflower seeds I planted in the autumn they will be ready to plant out for next year.

Broad beans

On the home front, our bulbs I planted in several tubs of Tulips and daffodils are coming through, these are sheltered at the side of the house right now, but come Spring will go to the front of the house.. Primroses are out in one tub too. 

Tulips and Daffs

Bulbs in tubs

Other projects I have been doing have been more knitting, I got a lot of bargain priced wool, So set about knitting a bobble hat for my granddaughter.. Here she is modelling it 

And I had enough blue wool I wanted to use up before starting on my new wool, so I decided to start knitting a short-sleeved top to go under the cardigan  I knitted a while ago to make a twin set.  This is as far as that has progressed to date. I loved the pattern so much and enjoyed creating it on the hat.. I thought to add it to the centre of what was a plain patterned top, So I worked out the stitches for the centre etc, 

Knitted Top

Those who are new to following here, this was the cardigan it will match.

This is the finished result of my knitting.. It took me around 3 weeks from start to finish..

Well dear friends, that is my February Update.. I hope you are all keeping well, and that the weather isn’t too harsh where ever you are.. 

Take care until Next time. 

46 thoughts on “February Update: What’s going on in the Plot.

    • Thank you Robbie, these are not so hard cable stitches they are what are called a ‘false cable’ so they do not require a cable needle, and are just a slip stitch threaded over other stitches.. The real cable stitches were on the finger-less gloves.. And i have a pattern I bought I am going to use with my new wool which is in Aran wool and that will be harder with the cable’s in… to start once this is completed. 🙂
      But you are right these are not usually for beginners to knit.. And take patience and concentration..

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  1. Literally hundreds of greenhouses collapsed in the Great Snow of last week. We are still digging out of 18 inches. Amazingly we only had one chicken die in the mess, but it certainly fouled (pun intended) up our plans for a couple weeks. It’s good to see you are progressing nicely, my friend. I hope March is not a repeat of last year for you.

    Blessings to you always



    • The amount of snow you guys have had over in the USA is phenomenal Bill, you were so lucky not to incur more losses.. Thank you for the compliments, and yes lol about the fouled plans… We hope March is kinder than last year too Bill… Great to know all is well on the farm.. Take care 🙂


  2. Hi sue
    I decide to subscribe to your plot blog too, i agree we have indeed been fortunate to get away with quite a mild winter so far, yes there has been cold days and nights but nothing like some place have had, we haven’t even had snow here for more than a couple of hours, been down our plot today and tidied up the strawberries, longing to get some seeds going this year, your larder looks good with the butternut and apples, look forward to seeing what you get up to this year..


    • Good to know you are sorting out your plot too Steve, and hubby moved the raised bed frame from around our strawberries this morning.. We are going to replenish with some fresh new stock from the nursery when its time.. Our plants are now old and too close together.. We will leave them in this year and start a new bed with the new plants.. 🙂 Lets hope the weather is kind… 🙂

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  3. I love that your finding creativity in your life and yes the hard work for you and your husband is at hands. We are up to alligators in the snow. Living on a mountain the weather is different then down below in the town. It is nice to see your allotment ready to be sown once again. If you need fertilizer just listen to the bullshit from the leaders of the world. You will have an endless supply. ❤

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  4. Must say Sue, I love knitting, crocheting, embroidery…all that great stuff I was taught growing up when TV was scarce and internet science fiction 😀 Nowadays I still engage in embroidery especially – winter evenings are made for that as far as I’m concerned. Relaxing and what a great time to think and pray… ❤

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    • Yes knitting, and doing any sort of craft work is very relaxing and its good to know you too spend those winter evenings embroidering. A wonderful past.. When the children were small, I embroidered a table cloth. Many thanks dear Ina.. ❤


  5. Sue – !
    Now I want some pie 🥧 💗🌿
    But I can delight in the pictures because I receive so much from the visuals of the butternut squash, the prepared land, the anticipation for another Spring, and the caution of weather watching to ensure the best “timing” for planting decisions. How wonderful your garden yields all year round and you and your healthy family can make such use of the gifts of the Earth. I keep picturing your tiny greenhouse that you made and I think it’s such an adorable place you’ve created… you must have so much fun on a daily basis! Happy Sunday, Sue 🙂


  6. Great to catch up with your Garden of Eden Sue, and always a pleasure to to see your seasonal progress, you must have all year round fresh vegetables and fruit, what a delightful lifestyle.
    See you have developed the art of deciphering and forecasting weather patterns, an old trait by those who first turned the soil of the lands.

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    • Yes, we have leeks, sprouts, cabbage, Chard, parsnips, and potatoes, and still using up the apples as well as what you see here..
      Lol to the weather forecast..
      We had a heat wave this week, hotter than Spain..
      I hope you are improving my friend.. Sooooo Good to see you on your ‘Walk-abouts’ again in WP Ian..
      Much love to you and Ana.. ❤

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