November Rains brings yet more Floods.

Well, hello again my WordPress friends, its that time  again for another monthly update. And oh my what a wet month we have had since I last updated here.. So much rain with the odd dry day thrown in-between..

Back at the end of October the weather broke just long enough for us to to get more of our allotment cleared and while my hubby worked on digging and clearing the top end of the plot, I set too and began to cut back the Autumn Raspberry bushes.. What a harvest we have had, both from the early and the late berries, The bushes were still full of wet soggy fruit when I cut them back.

My hubby had also dug up all the Loganberries and composted them. Because for the past several years they had not been at their best and as they are much more tart and sour than the abundance of raspberries we harvest, so I decided we would concentrate on the raspberries for next year and clear space. He also eventually in stages was able to lift out the Dahlia’s, so clogged were the tubas with sodden earth he had to dry out in the green house first before he could remove the soil from around the tuba.. These are then placed upside down with the  cut dahlia storks of around 6″ to 9″, (I still work in inches even after all these years of being metric.. So that is around 15 cms to 22 cms..)  The storks facing downwards to allow them to drain… When completely dry these are then stored in straw… Our Home Begonias and gladioli are stored in sawdust..   These are kept frost free covered in the shed.

Here is a previous image of stored Dahlia tubas from 2017.

Hubby made a metal grid in the allotment greenhouse, where you place the stalks side down and tuba side up, This helps to drain the moisture out of the stalks .. And here they will stay for a couple of weeks until the soil has completely dried and can be shaken off.
Then they will be stored in the shed

Here below is the Before Photo where I weeded and cut back the autumn raspberry canes. The Red foliage leaves are the blueberries these I leave alone.. Sadly we hardly had any fruit on the blueberries this year due to a late frost which caught the bushes in flower…. But the raspberries made up for them.. You always win some and lose some when gardening and you have to take it all in your stride.. Some years are good, others not so good..  Like our Leeks, this year because of the rain many have rotted and have been composted..

Cutting and clearing Autumn Raspberries

And here is the after photo… I have to say my back was aching when I had finished and I left some of the grass and twitch to be weeded out the following day as my bones had had enough for the day.

Raspberries pruned back and ground partly cleared I went back the following day and cleared the patch you see  left of grass and twitch.

I also collected all the finished sweetpea seeds. My idea for next year it to plant many sweetpeas along the trellis where we dug out the Loganberries  and place a net for them to grow up, The frame work is already there.  You can see the stakes and framework in place on the above photo.

Sweetpea seeds

As the title says November has been almost none stop rain too, and many low lying areas not far from us have been hit by floods.. And I count my blessings daily for living on a hill, and even here outside my window  at the moment the water is around ten centimetres in puddles that are no longer soaking into the ground.

Rivers have overflowed their banks and I feel so sorry for all the residents of FishLake  near Doncaster as their streets and homes have literally been turned into a lake, More on their plight can be found at this  BBC news link. The whole village is under water..

So while nothing outdoors can be done I have been spending more time on my  indoor projects and have completed these items you see below as well as I am midway through another knitting project..

And I have been less and less on technology and on the internet  So I have spent less time in WordPress, though I do hope to try and get back into my WP reader and catch up at some point.. But as the Autumn days get shorter and as  winter approaches I am finding I am hunkering down into my creative space more and more as I try to tune out from the bombardment of negative news and tune into my own creative, harmonic creative space..

 I hope you are all Keep safe out there..

So many things going off in the world, Fires, Floods, and Elections!…

Keep your own Balance!..  And create your own Bubble of Peace..

Keep safe and hold each other close..

Until Next time.. 


58 thoughts on “November Rains brings yet more Floods.

  1. That’s a great update, Sue. Yes, the rain has been terrible and we really feel for you. Here, we are Day 24 of a dry spell although rain is forecast for tomorrow, at last!

    A few weeks back I prepared a ‘no dig’ bed in the vegetable garden. It went well and I have planted some winter vegetables which I hope will grow. It’s all a bit of a learning curve! Another reason for following what you and your husband are doing very closely!

    Take care.

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  2. Today the weather is causing many flood problems everywhere that have heavy rains. At least something could be rescued from their plantations. Sometimes things don’t go your way, but nature is the one with the last word. The tissues are very good. I hope you can better repair the fields. Good harvest for again. Regards.


    • Many thanks Manuel, and I thank you for taking the time to leave me your kind thoughts.. Indeed yes, the harvest will always be up and down depending upon Mother Nature. But over all we are very thankful for the harvest we have had.. And those yet to come..
      Muchas gracias Manuel, y te agradezco por tomarte el tiempo de dejarme tus amables pensamientos. De hecho, sí, la cosecha siempre será alta y baja dependiendo de la Madre Naturaleza. Pero, sobre todo, estamos muy agradecidos por la cosecha que hemos tenido … Y los que están por venir … 🙂
      Many thanks…


  3. I’m tired and sore just reading about the work you’ve done.

    We have had the driest autumn in the last 67 years…no rain for fifteen straight days…for our region, which is much like England,, this is very bizarre. But it provides ample opportunities to get outside and work on an endless chores list, so there you have it.

    Wishing for you relief from the rain and a nice, soothing,relaxing hot bath for those muscles. 🙂

    Best wishes, Sue!


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    • We had a wonderful Summer, so I am not complaining Bill, but once it rains here it never knows when to stop..
      I am snuggled up in the warmth of our home today as it has never let up raining, and I mean its been torrential at times all day… Bless your heart my friend… And you too take it easy… I know, easier said than done.. 🙂


  4. It is very nice to follow your life in the gardens, dear Sue 🙂
    Now should also be the time to relax from so much garden work, when all are done for the winter of course, and then go to indoor projects with or without internet.
    Enjoy your creativity and you make beautiful knitting.
    Much love to you ❤

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  5. Hi Sue
    Its steve here, good to see your still on here typing away, its a right miserable wet day again today as i write, getting a new blog up and running again as i need to show my oil painting pictures, hope you follow me again in the future..

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  6. We could use some of your rain, but not too much! Especially if there should be threat of a fire. The season changes are subtle here but I can feel the energy of autumn when it sets in at the end of August and here the cooler nights begin to follow. I asked my husband if he missed those colder birthdays back East and he said “nope!” And sometimes I think about the snow and then it passes. There is no perfect climate but ours is Mediterranean and dry. I miss traveling. I enjoy reading blogs like yours and gardening to feel the earth and imagine it in my fingertips. I often have been connected to others’ gardens if not my own. One day again I will garden. I haven’t had the time or energy to get the hydroponic one running, but we will see what the future brings. Who knows where we are will live. When we were up in North California several years ago now we had a CSA at the Homeless Garden Project. I loved going there to pick our crops and flowers! Dahlias always are so beautiful.

    Too bad about your blueberries but glad about your raspberries. Did you mention your artichokes? I find the way you store the bulbs to be fascinating and your husband is very inventive! I’m impressed by your labor and how much land you cleared! When I grew up, I was by the woods and I enjoyed clearing weeds and I have very vague childhood memories of gnomes.

    Well thanks for having me wander here 🙂

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    • I wondered about you hydroponics 😊 but you’ve had you hands full 🤗 I love my cut flowers of dahlias and gladioli. And replinish each year with an added new variety I haven’t got. Hubby counted 16tubas of dahlias.
      I hope your weather stays Clement, rain is needed in dry areas so many fires around the world.
      Here no let up in the rain with more flood alerts in place.
      Many thanks Ka, I love that you love wandering here. 💚🤗


  7. I always love reading about your work on the allotments and I’ll keep that in mind for drying dahlias. Rain and mist is what we’ve been having here too, with short breaks. Sending you love and many hugs! ❤😘🤗❤
    PS Ah, your knitting!!!! 🤗

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  8. With all that work putting the allotments to sleep would give anybody aching muscle and bones. I am still amazed at all the work that has been done. Healing thoughts go out to the flooding victims and I thank Spirit for the beautiful weather with hardly any rain since the spring. It is nice the balancing of work and creativity. Like you, I only answer posts when I receive them in my email account. It is not a lot since I went private. More manageable. You have earned your rest for another year. Enjoy your time

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    • Thank you dear Joseph. A d I’m happy your weather has been good. Yes lots of work then our home garden too, but apart from more digging and adding manure it’s put to bed with the abundance of future crops, such as carrots, Swede, parsnips, sprouts cabbage and chard. We have our winter veggie stocks to keep us going. 💕🥦🥕🥬💚 Thank you I will 💖

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  9. Have a break Sue, its when you reach a place like this within yourself that a weekend or couple of weeks away is not enough. A change is coming and you, your body and especially that inner heart requires a change of rhythm while you adjust to the new you. Walks, travel and as you said, your craft is coming to the fore, even though I think that this is a type of meditation because it is work of the heart.
    Give yourself permission, and I promise we will not get into trouble while your gone….much 😀 ❤️
    P.S. You guys must have got our quota of rain by mistake. Still not a drop over here, just bush fires as far as the eye can see 🙂


    • Many thanks dear Mark… Yes my craft is a meditation, I can easily get lost within the yarn 😉 And yes the rain is not being evenly distributed for sure and you guys down under most certainly could do with your much needed rains.. I feel for the places ravaged by the fires.. The animals, insects, and loss of habitats for all concerned.. I pray rain comes soon for you..
      And yes I am giving myself more and more permission to just BE… and I thank you Mark for understanding those changes which many of us are experiencing as the deeper we go inward.
      Many thanks my friend for all of your kindness and support… 💚

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  10. Hey Sue, how are you?

    Thank you for posting an update. I had my concerns the inclement weather up-north might have affected you, diminished the entire crop, and left your allotment looking much like a paddy-field. Hence, so pleased to hear your harvest was both fruitful and abundant: bar the blueberries, and leeks which succumbed to the frost and damp respectively. Thanks also for the detailed description of storing Dahlias…I’ve half a mind to copy your husband’s mesh-handiwork and create a similar space myself. ‘Tis a really good idea.

    You’ve certainly been busy clearing the Raspberry patch – it looks pristine – whilst simultaneously planning for next year. The whole area will be a riot of colour come next summer. On the back of your blog, I suggested to a family friend about attempting fruit growing for next year but the idea, although accepted, has been shelved whilst consideration is being given to extending a stepped patio and putting in new drainage: a heavy job that I said I’d assist with if, and only if, tea and cake was supplied throughout. Seemed a fair deal to me! It’ll be a busy, busman’s holiday of a summer! 😉

    Well, I’d best let you get back to nursing those tired muscles and aching bones and engaging in your restful (productive) creative space. (Loved the hat, snood, and cardigan! Forest Green?) I’ll look forward to the next update – perhaps just this side of Christmas?

    Until next time, stay warm and dry (if possible!). Best wishes in all ways,




    • Many thanks Dewin, always a pleasure to see you, and thank you for that lovely comment, I read your comment out to hubby in your praise for his meshing skills.. lol.. Your own future project will need lots of Cake and tea, and I can see why the fruit bushes are less of a priority.. But one can always plant just one in a corner border, you will be amazed at just how much you can harvest from just one bush.. Even if only to drop one or two in with your morning cereal 🙂
      Thankfully our Allotment Plot is on the brow of hill like our dwelling, and although an underground stream has burst through mid way down the plot that is now running like a little brook down the rugged track that connects the plot, this is gradually eroding the track even more.. Which is going to cause those who get to their plots via car some problems.. Thankfully we are within walking distance… The soil is usually of a sandy nature and the rain is sinking deep with no marshy puddles.. And Happy you enjoyed this update Dewin..
      Take care and thank you for your well wishes..

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      • Always a pleasure to wander the allotment Sue…every visit is a learning curve for a novice like me 😀

        Praise where praise it due: your efforts clearing the raspberry patch and hubby’s creativity are worthy of mention. Allotmenteering is a labour of love combining hard work and vision, What I am learning is that preparation and attention to detail bring rewards in equal measure…’tis almost a mantra on life, don’t you think?

        Regards the proposal to extend the stepped patio and possibility of planting of a single fruit bush in the garden, we are considering the future of a very old apple tree that occupies a significant corner. It no longer provides fruit and was copsed many years ago but, like everything else in the garden, keeps growing upwards and outwards and shades a large area creating problems for both the lawn and bed. The proposal would see it greatly diminished and room made for fruit. I think it a good idea, although I am always loathed to cut back anything that has taken time and effort to grow. The patio will still go ahead regardless.

        Strange as it may be Sue, I rarely eat breakfast, though do greatly enjoy a bowl of cereal before bed. I’m much more a mid-morning brunch person with a very sweet tooth! 😀

        So pleased to hear the topography and underlying soil consistency of your allotment provides some degree of protection against water-logging and chaos. Sadly it sounds as if others may not be so fortunate. Recent rainfall levels have been very high and there seems to be no real satisfactory defence against it, and far less so on an allotment of course. As it is, rainfall in Derby is significant anyway, with precipitation averaging 694 mm.

        Thanks for the update Sue. I hope the remainder of autumn and forthcoming winter are less destructive on the allotments and will kindly, quietly set the stage for spring’s arrival early next year.

        Enjoy a pleasant Sunday, have a wonderful week.



        • Thank you Dewin.. As for your apple tree, sounds like its fruiting days are limited and I understand your reluctance in cutting back any tree.. But sometimes needs must..
          My husband moved both our apple trees a few weeks ago, I forgot to mention this in my update.. we do not know if they will take.. they are only a couple of years old.. though we have had lots of apples off of our eater.. This year our cooking apple was covered in a scab.. It was near our next allotmenteer’s plum tree which was also covered in scab.. As we do not like spraying anything on our crops, we thought to move both further up our plot… My hubby cropped both back quite a bit in order to give their roots chance to take.. I hope they do, but one can never be certain…

          As for the flooding in Derby Centre.. My son drives buses enroute too and from Derby every day.. And got caught in the mayhem of the city centre flooding and the resulting evacuation of places, and had a huge detour..
          Sunday was most peaceful Dewin.. Thank you.. And I trust your week will be as peaceful
          Many thanks my friend..
          Take care 🙂

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  11. Hello lovely Sue, so much work going into your allotment from you both and drying out your dahlia bulbs like that is ingenious. So much rain!! I have been asking for loving energy for those affected by the floods and fires. ❤ Yes, the need to retreat is so strong and I love your knitting. There are many blessings in getting lost in yarn and projects. Hugs for you both, with much ❤ ❤ ❤


  12. A pleasure to relax in your garden even if soaking wet, you always have something that grows no matter what. 43 degrees here today and we are heading into a very hot season, our winter was mainly dust storms but this is not unusual as these conditions have been fluctuating for centuries. Ana has been knitting prolifically and her results are magnificent, I will have to find a way to share some pictures with you.


    • Phew, that is hot HOT Ian, and I do not think I could withstand such heat… It got high here in the Summer but nothing like those temperatures.. Keep safe where you are my friend.. And I would LOVE to see a sample of Ana’s knitting talents.. I know you have said before she is a prolific knitter..
      Sending thoughts your way and Keep safe down under my friend 🙂

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    • Thank you Robbie, yes the rain has been relentless .. With just a few days of fine weather.. Thank goodness NO fires…
      Many thanks for your patience also Robbie… I hope to be back blogging soon when I feel more up to it..
      Sending Love your way and well wishes.. ❤

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  13. Love the knits! Very good! The strangest thing just happened.. swung by your blog haven’t been here in a while .. reading the title November rain and floods then the roof of the library I’m in just had a major leak and water came rushing in.. missed me by an inch! Ha the synchronicity!!

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