Dahlia’s are Growing

Remember when I planted the tuba’s of the Dahlia’s and they looked like this 

Well, now look at them,  I went to pick some for the weekend before the weather turned more stormy today and ended up having to tie them up as they were being so blown about in the winds..  Click on the photo to enlarge the photo’s 

So as per usual, every picture tells a story .  Here are the Dahlia’s and see how they have thrived. 

These were all picked today  I gave some to two neighbours and to  another allotmenteer, along with some courgettes .. I also took some Dahlias and sweetpeas to my daughter along with some veggie goodies. 

Sweet Peas with Apples in the back ground which will soon be ripe by the looks of them 

In between being in the garden and just relaxing and enjoying the Sun.. I have been busy knitting.. This is about the most simplest pattern I have ever knitted, never have I done a back and fronts in rectangles …. I got the pattern out of a book, from a bookstore on offer, with many other knitting projects inside. The book doesn’t use the normal pattern row by row instructions which I am used to on patterns and I found it  was published in the USA. Its not until you start reading the pattern that you find the differences within the references of shortened terms in Knitting jargon. Thankfully it had a conversion chart at the back of the book. 

 While the original had a pattern was a ‘Slip stitch Mesh’  in the pieces, as I was watching Tennis while knitting I made a few errors as it requires a 6 row of repeated different stitches,  so thought I do not need complicated right now.. So I undid it and started again, and instead of creating the pattern, I decided to do plain knit.. Its not often I only do a plain pattern . As you may have seen from other knitting projects.  more found on my other blog at the link provided  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and next time will be all about the Bees on my Hydrangeas and showing you the flowers on my Olive Bush at home. And I will be showing you how the sweetcorn is growing and the Butternut Squash. 

Happy Gardening!




72 thoughts on “Dahlia’s are Growing

  1. Your dahlias are lovely Sue. I just learned how to knit a mitre square from a lovely lady in the city who also showed me how to spin. She gave me some wonderful balls of her homespun wool to practice knitting my mitre squares on so finally I am learning to knit! I will be interested to see your finished knitting results 🙂

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  2. How wonderful and refreshing being back, my sweet friend! I’ve missed your lovely place so much and to come back to those Dahlias, ah…. Just returning from my long absence and I’m so happy to see you enjoying life. A big hug and love 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxx

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    • Well pleased to say the cardi is now made up with hem in crochet.. only one large button to buy..and all done.. 🙂 And it has been the most simplest cardi ever knitted for sure.. Never made one with squares front and back.. they have always been normally Reglan 🙂 So a first for me, I wanted simple as I did not want to tax my brain too much lol.. and it was.. 🙂 🙂


        • Haha… yes.. I have stacks of wool that was given me that has sat in the heaving wardrobe.. I was only browsing patterns yesterday as once you get the knit bug again,, It is craving to be listened to. 🙂 I may do a waistcoat next time.. I have a lovely pattern I have used several times, and I do love my waistcoats in winter. 🙂


  3. Everything is beautiful in your home Sue. I had a Bosnian friend who told
    me a rough translation about multitalented people lime you..Their hands make gold”. Thats what came to mind in this post. Besides being in awe at the beauty of dahlias, I have a question about the white dolls in your picture. The women with white simple clothing. Do they have a name or meaning? I like the simple elegance.

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  4. Love Dahlias and each year I go to the State Fair here I look for them. I did grow them once many years ago when my children were young but a gopher took a liking to the part under the ground so they didn’t last. But they were beautiful for a time.

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    • A shame the gopher took a liking to the tubers.. The Tubers do not last our winters as they rot underground if caught by cold and frosts.. So they are dug up and stored in our shed.. I am going to make the smaller tubers this autumn and replant them in my home garden for next year. Sending love your way Renee.. and thank you my friend xx

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  5. YOur flowers are amazing, Sue. My mother also likes to knit and she has make some really beautiful things for us all. She made me a thick woollen jacket with a whole lot of different coloured knitted squares and in different patterns. I am very admiring of you ladies that knit as I am not talented at this.


  6. Dahlias are gorgeous! They have such amazing colors and I’m so happy you included them in your garden, Sue 🙂 I saw my parents yesterday and my dad is quite proud of his two dahlias (one is a dark purple and the other a faint mauve shade). Hugs and love I send to you ❤

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    • Oh they sound wonderful.. I have since had a white Cacti one bloom and picked two blooms today.. They are as big as a small plate.. and I shall most definitely be adding more colours of Cacti Dahlias to my buying next spring ❤


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