The Benefits of Sage


Sage: Salvia officinalis~ Common Sage is a herb which was used often in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome right through the middle ages to this present time.

Properties of Sage: ~Tonifies both  Yin and Yang~

Sage strengthens the lungs, it is therefore very good for Coughs, Colds, and Flu. Especially if the symptoms include a Sore throat.

In Fact Sage is one of the best remedies for Throat Infections ,used as a gargle or tea, or in the form on an essential oil massages over the throat.

In the last century Sage was used frequently to help those who suffered from Tuberculosis, Especially if their symptoms included night sweats. It is thought it may strengthen the immune system.

Today Sage is recommended for excessive sweating. It also has astringent properties helpful when there is Chronic Diarrhoea.

Sage stimulates the adrenal glands if taken as a tea or in the form of essential oil rubbed over lower back. This is also helpful in strengthening weak of flaccid limbs.

The presence of Oestrogen-like substances also means that sage has beneficial effects on the female reproductive system, Increasing fertility. And is also helpful with sweating and hot-flushes during the menopause.

Also an infusion of sage, or the massage oil, perhaps with some Rosemary and nettle, can be rubbed into the scalp to help counteract hair loss.

  • Note: Because Sage tends to encourage menstruation, Sage should not be taken as a tea or used in the form of essential oil during Pregnancy or if periods are heavy, although it can be used as a flavouring in food, also during breast feeding it can discourage the flow of milk..

Preparing and Using Sage: To make Sage Tea, infuse a pinch of dried Sage or 1-2 leaves of fresh Sage, torn and bruised, in a cupful of just-boiled water. Flavour with a little Lemon and honey if you like.

The strong flavour of sage means you need to use it sparingly in the kitchen, Sage compliments Onions and also apples when used in savoury dishes.

I often use dried sage and boiled onions with fresh breadcrumbs to make a sage and onion stuffing, to add variety I also sometimes add chopped mushrooms to the mixture.

Smudging with Sage

  Smudging With Sage.

Many of us also know about the powerful cleansing  that sage can provide when we use it for smudging.

There are different kinds of sage that can be used, I like to use White Sage, (Salvia Apiana).  I think this is the most popular kind for this kind of use.  But there is also Common Sage, (Salvia Officianalis), and Blue Sage, (Salvia Azurea.)

I use it to smudge out negative energies and it can also clear out negative thought patterns, and clear our aura’s energy space.  It can also be used to cleanse objects.  Many still do not understand that our thoughts are energy and negative energy can collect to form dark pockets of energy not only around ourselves but in dwelling places and on objects too.  

The Native American Indian Tribes would burn sage honouring it as a sacred plant, and  use as cleansing and in ceremony often in burning it in specially selected shells.

For more information about Smudging There is a nice little book on Smudging  called

The Smudging and Blessing Book: Inspirational Rituals to Cleanse and Heal.

By  Jane Alexander

35 thoughts on “The Benefits of Sage

  1. The popularity of white sage for smudging, etc., has it listed at many of my seed/herb sites as ‘endangered herb’ – If the climate continues to change, White sage might just make it growing naturally on my place (many, many other varieties of sage love living where I do….) I was intrigued about your mention of Adrenal Glands – as in ‘tonifying/strengthening? or kick starting them? I tend towards ways that have routinely exhausted my adrenals – so always on lookout for things to add in to help support, but not certain if right choice for my tendencies/weak links in inner ecosystem and yours is the first I’ve run across that mentioned them under the Sage heading – interested if you have any info to expand upon the topic with/and share – 😀


    • Yes I suspect in many area’s over harvesting is creating problems, yet Sage grows quite abundantly, especially the common sage is abundant here in England. It is so long ago that I wrote these posts which I posted then as pages: You can find within the Herbs and Healing section on this Blog TamrahJo.. I have several good Herbal medicine sources in my library which at the time which was around 2015 gaging from the date of edit. I know I was also researching Chinese Herbal Medicine also at the time… So Sorry I cannot expand further for you TamrahJo. Except to say I wouldnt have added it unless I had researched it and was confident in the source.. ❤

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      • No worries – I too have started building a library of my herbals, Materia Medicas, etc., and have been doing various courses through HerbMentor – I had one book that was my fave, that I loaned out and never got back and now (sob) can’t find it – white cover with green accent – it was my favorite Materia Medica – have ordered in or downloaded pdfs of pamphlets put out by Dr in the West in the late 1800s – early 1900s but it is, slow going to read all of them and cross reference – 😀 So I NEVER pass up opportunity to ask, “Tell me more!” or “How do you use for that?” so I can jot down – Will check out the other section of your blog – If I had before, guess I forgot about that resource – sigh – No wonder I am scattered! Can’t even keep all my ref points/bookmarks organized! LOL Thanks!

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          • You were – I looked back at courses, TCM, sound healing and tarot this morning – also did dream journaling – LOL – – I found the info I needed to – to move forward, for my adrenals, WITHOUT risking the depletion of White Sage species! See? It all turns out okay in the end – BTW – White sage is perennial in zone 7 (I’m still listed at 5 or 5b – make it to 6 on the south side heat sink I’ve spent 10 years building/improving/tweaking – but, sigh, you KNOW my reluctance to ‘cage/keep inside’ any wild thing that can only survive if I be a harsh overlord! Thus! No wild sage for me – I will honor Sage spirit by creating space of all it’s cousins that LOVE, absolutely LOVE living where I do! 😀 So, whether you think or not – um, yup! You gave me the thread that lead me to the tapestry portion I needed to see! Ta-Da! You’re Awesome! Thank you!!!!

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  2. I have this sage in my garden , Sue . Very abondant and even invasive . When we bought our house I planted a line of sage along the edge of the vegetable garden. At this present time it is in bloom . In the past I made infusion for Janine with that !
    The leaves give a good smell in the garden.
    Love ❤


    • Yes especially after the Sun has warmed up the leaves and then we have had a shower of rain, you can really smell Sage.. I also have Rosemary and Thyme two other herbs I use a lot in cooking.. It is pretty though when in flower..
      Thank you Michel for reading.. Our gardens, and nature hold a wealth of healing properties ❤


  3. At the moment I have had to settle for spiritual smudging Sue, I have a horror of horror’s…I can’t burn anything in my unit, the hard wired smoke detector is so sensitive it will go off even if I go out and burn some sage on my balcony. I’ve had to get an electric oil dispenser to put any scent through my unit…and of course its about as romantic as what it is. I have this huge bundle of white sage ready to burn when we get our next blackout…I’ll take the battery backup out and go nuts all through the unit. I’m going to beat this thing one way or another 😂 🤣 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    • I can just imagine that too Mark… Do you get many black outs where you are?…. Never mind.. you could always use Epsom salt baths or if showers I put in bottom and stand on salts which helps cleanse.. There is also Qi Gong, which has some exercises too in which you smooth down your aura cleansing and cleaning via thought… whilst grounding yourself..
      You could also crystal grid where you live in your apartment etc.. Setting intentions to clear your space and keep out negative neighbours LOL 🙂
      Good luck with the next black out cleansing spree.. 🙂 lol ❤

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  4. Hmmm I don’t know much about the benefits of sage but I do know that you’re a sage. Lol! I’ll try the sage tea recipe. Thanks for sharing, my dear Sue. Much love and hugs ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🌈🌈🌈

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  5. Hi Sue! Great information about sage. Interestingly enough, just 2 nights ago, I had an urge to have some sage tea. We have it growing in our garden. It was exactly what my body needed and felt great going down. I love the taste of sage in food and as a tea. And as you mentioned, it’s a great space cleanser. I’ve got some white sage oil too I use on occasion. Sage has always been a good friend! Much love, Donna

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    • Good to know Sage called to you Donna… Often our bodies crave something and we don’t always know the reasons why…. Its often our intuitive self knowing what our body needs… Yes I love the Sage tea… I have never tried the Sage Oil..
      Many thanks for your visit Donna and commenting 🙂 Much love returned 💚

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  6. Synchronicity, dearest Sue. Thank you for this informative post. Tim asked me what we could use Sage for on Saturday and here’s your post. He’s also bought me a beautiful book on growing herbs. Love flows and it is flowing from us both to you both. ❤ Xxx ❤ ❤

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    • Big smiles dear Jane.. Nothing is ever by chance as this world is orchestrated to the very finest details… I am delighted that the post about Sage was useful to you…. Your Book also sounds a delight…
      Much love returned dear Jane…. We thank you. ❤

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