Spammed by Mistake.. What to do?

This is the reason I may be quiet for a while.. Awaiting Akismet to help release me from spam boxes.. I would appreciate it if you looked in your own spam boxes and if I am there could you please un-spam me please…
See you soon.. Love Sue

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Hello Every One.. Today I have had a bit of problem.. seems I left too many comments upon one of my friends Blogs in one session. As I often catch up in bulk.. So it seems that Akismet thought of me as a spammer..

I managed to get rescued from their spam box but now find I am still disappearing in comment boxes, So Until  Akismet sort me out, I have informed them.. which was a journey in itself, just to find where to send it too..

So if you find yourself spammed what do you do?

First I went to my spam page and found the Akismet Statistic page which you have for your site..

Then I scrolled down to the bottom of that page and clicked Support..

Which then leads you to here

I then Typed in what Help it is you need.. I typed in ‘I…

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8 thoughts on “Spammed by Mistake.. What to do?

  1. Hi my dear friend Sue!Maybe you remember that I had faced the same problem,but Akismet soon sorted it out.It’s so time-consuming and disappointing to see your comments disappearing …
    PS:Away from WP for more than a week now,I will do my best to catch up again.Happy weekend 🙂 ❤ xxx


    • Dear Doda, so lovely to see you, I am hoping it is all sorted, I left a couple of comments on WP blogs this morning and they didn’t disappear, so I am hoping all is now well..
      Yes I remember well when you too had a similar problem ..
      Enjoy your weekend.. and Lovely to see you xx 🙂 Big hugs Sue xxx

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